As the class went on, Eros didn look at the teacher and the teacher didn look at him, both didn want to bring up the last night, and if they did, just a rumor about Sienna having slept with a student would instantly put an end to her career.

Forgetting what happened was the best option for both sides.


Finally, the bell rang throughout the school, announcing that class was finally over. Eros was one of the first to suddenly get up, drop his books into his briefcase, and leave the classroom.

Suddenly his whole body suddenly froze. He couldn muster even a speck of energy, and all he could do was watch the magical pentagram appear at his feet.

The multicolored symbols on the pentagram were becoming clearer and brighter with each passing second, a situation that was inexplicable.

Eros noticed that not only was he stranded, but so were his classmates and even his teacher, but to his dismay his situation appeared clearly worse. His classmates could yell and ask for help while he was completely restricted in what he could do.

Fucking shit! he cursed to himself.

It was the first time he had come to school in months and it was only for a report because it was the last day of the school year and unfortunately he found himself in this whole situation.

It was as if luck itself had shown him the middle finger on the day.

While Eros did not panic, he could not move or speak, his eyes were fixed on the magical pentagram which was composed of language unfamiliar to him.

He had no prior experience in similar situations, so he was worried, his mind working on full throttle, searching for a solution.

What the hell is going on here!? That was his last thought.

While unknown how long it lasted, the moment the symbols on the pentagram became fully visible and the bright light emanating from them became so bright that it was blinding.

It was suddenly over.

But at that moment, when the bright light, the symbols, and the magical pentagram disappeared, neither Eros nor his classmates suspected that at that moment not only the magical pentagram disappeared but also themselves.

The classroom was empty, the students, the teacher completely disappeared leaving their phones, some clothes, and textbooks, but they were gone.

It was a situation for which science didn find a solution.


Its just a dream… After a while Eros woke up and looking at the white room in which he found himself, he thought it was all a dream.

This situation in his dreams was a fairly frequent occurrence, and because of this he often had trouble sleeping, so he was convinced that everything that had happened this afternoon was complete nonsense that he had only dreamt about.

He wouldn be surprised if everything happened just because hed had a little too much to drink and was now at home in his bed, alone or with one or more beautiful women.

Eros squeezed his closed eyes tightly and opened and closed them several times trying to wake up. Unfortunately it didn work, so he pinched his thigh hard.

No better remedy than to get some pain and wake up right away, so thats what he did.

”Hey, where are we? ”

”What happened? ”

”Are we dead? Why are we in a white room? ”

”Calm down, stay calm! ”

At that moment, when Eros had already pinched his thigh several times, and it wasn helping at all, he suddenly heard several voices beside him. All the while he was lying on the floor and paying no attention at all to everything else.

But the moment he turned and looked back, his confidence wavered.

”Ahh!? ” Now he wasn sure if it was a dream, the pain wasn helping, but hearing his classmates speak made him realize that what had happened wasn just his imagination. In class he had heard these people screaming in fear, and now it was happening again, but in a completely different environment.

”Damn it… ” Cursed Eros.

Realizing that if this is not a dream and everything happens in reality, then he found himself in a really troubling situation which he could not avoid.

”Are you all right, Eros? ” – Suddenly he felt someones hand on his shoulder, and he looked over and saw Sienna looking at him with a confused look.

He nodded.

”What do you think is going on here? ” – She asked cautiously.

Sienna approached Eros for one reason only, all her students were screaming or panicking right now, but not him. In her opinion, Eros was the only one who could still think straight, and he was her only hope of keeping her from succumbing to fear.

Sienna was quite young, she was only 25 years old, and in such a situation it was already a miracle to keep her sanity as a modern, not used to such stressful situations, girl.

Hearing her words, Eros frowned and tried to think what should happen next. It was not to say that he was not worried at all when, he found himself in an unknown place, he panicked like everyone else, but unlike his classmates who screamed and called for help he had set priorities in which keeping his cool was the best option.

Hmm, a magical pentagram At that moment, when he remembered how a circle, similar to the situation in the novels he likes to read, appeared under his feet while in class, it was like a light bulb clicked in his head.

Summoning or reincarnation.

Those two words would be perfect to describe this situation.

I hope Im wrong, sighed Eros bitterly.

Just as he was about to answer Sienna, a bright light burst out in the middle of the room suddenly caught everyones attention, it was like the situation before, the magical symbols again gradually becoming clearer and the light brighter.

And the moment the room was blinded, something out of the ordinary happened.

What the **!?

Eros expected many things, such as that the moment the bright light that illuminated the room would disappear, bloodthirsty monsters would appear and start killing his classmates, a king who needed help against the demon king, or something else.

But all his thoughts dissipated like an empty balloon after the appearance of unknown people in the room.

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