soon as father Patricias list of warnings takes an end. There is no way even in hell that Iris will allow him to visit Iannae in his whole life but Ryan is not in a position to argue.


He agreed afterward and get back to his daily schedule which was personally set by Iris for him.


Days pass by and there is still no sign of Iannaes recovery, she has been unconscious for 5 days now its made Ryan listless and unhappy lately. He does not even ask for iris permission. He knew well that Iris could never allow him.

he deeply ”sighs ” while sitting in the garden with jo(Joseph) and JE(Jeremy). They were playing with butterflies. Joseph notices Ryan, who has been motionless for the past few days Joseph asked ”brother? Is everything alright you do not look so good ”

Ryan replies ”its because I am unable to see Ms. Iannae for 5 days. I don know how she is. if she is not alright then, I will never forgive myself because she is in a situation like this, its all because of my incurable disease ”.

then Joseph said ” Ahmmm… hesitating for a while ”brother sorry but I cannot help you with this, instead, Jeremy knew where Ms. Iannae is currently resting ”


At the same time, Joseph and Ryans heads turn in Jeremys orientation, who was playing with a butterfly, Now they both have the same feeling about something ”


The main corridor Hall of the church

”brothers why you both took me here, I do not know, Where is ….Ms. Iannae, ” Jeremy said, but Joseph and Ryan are even more confident now. Jeremy must comprehend where Iannae is.

They did not even bring up that they were curious about Ms. Iannae, then how would he knows,

Jeremy who was struggling from the clutches of his dear brother Joseph begin to move his limbs hastily but it is useless.

while Ryan takes this opportunity and starts tickling around Jes weak spots such as he sole of his foot. He cannot endure his laughter for long and got busted by both of them afterward he exposed the whereabouts of Miss Iannaes room.


Ryan and Jo were shaking hands with each other like they had accomplished a great goal and whimpering to one another that we caught Jeremy

It makes Jeremy feel guilty because this was a secret that nun Maratha told only him and it was a promise between them.

Jeremy swears to himself, that he will never at least in this life ever help any of them in any case…

.In the next movement he is the one who is guiding the corridor for Ryan and Joseph to not get caught by Iris.


”Hey, Is everything alright??….said, Joseph ”.


Jeremy replied with a nod .


Joseph said, ”great now keep your eyes open …..if anything happens then we will tell Martha everything . . . understood.. ”

Je nod again.


Jeremy makes a horrible expression. He just agreed to all the terms and conditions of these devils while cursing both of them inside his heart, he murmured to himself that ”Seriously, how come? I get stuck between these two devils who never understand me, I had never agreed with them unless Jo would not threaten me. Joseph will reveal the promise between Martha and me ”

its better if he just guides the corridor rather than let Martha finds out that he broke the promise first.

Ryan and Joseph get into the main hall and left, Jeremy on guard. They walk towards the corner. There is a sneaky room inside which a narrow passage is visible that leads to Iannaes room but its a secret passage that must be only known by detailed workers and nuns such as Martha.

She is the highest one among some of them, thats why she knew about the sneaky door

Ryan does not think that Iris and their father Patricia know about this, otherwise, they will lock this room, just in case someone might find it.


Ryan left Joseph on standby for guarding the door and begin to move alone inside the sneaky passage. It was dark to the extent that he could not see his own hands. There is no sound he was thankful for the lalten that was handed over by Joseph to him.

He is a bit afraid regarding his surroundings Ryans mind was covered with all kinds of negative thoughts he tries to shake them off implying that he must be overwhelmed by the adverse energy of this room, but then he saw a dozen of eyes staring at him as red as fire. Ryan got startled and then the lantern in his hand fell off on the floor…


To be continued.

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