In the middle of the capital of the Kingdom of Herssian, a party held by the high aristocracy of the kingdom is taking place in the royal palace at midnight.

All the guests who were chatting happily come to an abrupt stop as they see the crown prince heading to the conference area to start a speech.

Most of those gathered are already aware of the situation but are still looking ahead.

The 18-year-old crown prince with blue eyes, blond hair, and pale skin stands in the middle of the stage, spread his arms wide, and shows an expression of satisfaction and happiness.

”Dear guests, we have gathered today to celebrate an event that has been unprecedented in history and has been haunted by our ancestors since the creation of the kingdom! ”

”I am pleased to inform you that the great 4-year war against the demons is finally coming to an end! ”

Shouts of joy and applause from the audience are heard.

The prince waits for the publics reactions to end and continues with his speech.

”Although it is a moment of happiness for all of us, we must not forget that despite the alliance of the three great kingdoms, victory would not have come so early without the help of one person in particular. ”

”Of course, Im not talking about anyone other than our Hero! ”

”Thanks to his brilliant performance in the past 3 years we have managed to send our troops to the outskirts of the demon capital! ”

The three great kingdoms of Herssian, Jacinto, and Ramantha had allied and declared war on the demons on the Dark continent. Conveniently an oracle of the Goddess reported the possibility of summoning heroes. Without missing a chance each Kingdom managed to summon 1 hero from another world.

The 3 heroes who had the protection of the goddess had a rapid growth in their strength in the 4 years that the war lasted, standing out as the main forces of each Kingdom.

However, among them the Hero of the Kingdom of Herssian was special.

Strength, speed, mastery of all types of weapons, a large amount of mana in his body, and even great tactics on the battlefield.

Everything was first class.


It was superior to that.

It could even be said that there had never been such a powerful warrior in recorded history.

For this reason, the great war, which was supposed to last around 10 years, is about to end in only 4 years.

”The final attack on the capital is scheduled to take place at noon. ”

”Of course, the attack will be led by our hero. ”

Approaching the stage, the third royal princess who is also the heros fiancée interrupts her brother.

”Dear brother, I propose a toast to continuing our celebration, I have brought a shipment of the newest wine that is in vogue nowadays~ ”

Everyone gasped not only because of his proposal but because of his appearance. Like all members of the royal family, he shares traits such as having blonde hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

However, the beauty of the princess is well known to all the inhabitants of the kingdom, having a slender figure, a pronounced chest, and an extremely attractive face.

The prince who frowned for a moment when interrupted by his sister quickly returns to his cheerful expression upon hearing his sisters proposal.

”Thats a great idea, Isabella. ”

In this way, everyone toasted their drinks, the music started again and the celebration continued.

The mood was at its highest point and the dance was about to start.


”Hello everyone! How have you been? ”

The music stops again.

I hope everyone has missed me.


Five days ago.

Across the sea, outside the demon capital.

”Situation report! All forces are distributed and prepared for the operation! ”

”Excellent ”. General Damian Spinovich replied.

Damian is a middle-aged general, who is in charge of leading the unified army of the alliance. Currently, the entire army is ready and waiting for orders to invade.

”With our numerical advantage, invading the capital will be easy, we will finally defeat those rotten-blooded beasts. ”

When he finished saying this, he turned around and changed his expression to one of admiration.

”All thanks to you Hero. ”

In front of the general is a man who is in his 24 years. Black hair, blue eyes, and pale skin. With 2 swords attached to each side of his hip, and a bow and a spear on his back.

Only one man with that appearance would use that combination of weapons on the battlefield.

It is none other than Franz Alexander, the hero of Herssian.

”You overestimate me general, this victory is due to the combined effort of the Alliance. I have only contributed as anyone else would have done. ”

”HAHAHA, there you go again Franz, always so humble! Its thanks to your strategy of making a surprise attack moving at night through the forest that we were able to get so close to the capital without being seen! ”

It is true that as they began to use this method, they could avoid various fortresses and approach with greater speed and safety.

The general was in a very good mood while chatting with the hero for this reason.

”The only bad thing is that in this way the army has been disorganized and that we find ourselves without access to a supply chain but considering our numerical advantage and the surprise factor the battle should be won in just one day. ” The general said without much concern.

Despite the generals good mood, a nearby scream is heard with agitation.

Suddenly a soldier arrives with an urgent expression on his face.

”G-general while I was checking the condition of our army, I noticed that the number of soldiers did not correspond. ”

”A-at first I just thought it was due to disorganization and communication problems for having our forces scattered around the forest. But after re-checking in detail it doesn seem to be a mistake!

The general after crossing glances with me asks the soldier.

”How much do you estimate the difference is?! ”

”H-huh about 30% of the forces could not be found… ”

”… ”

”… ”


How is this situation possible…

Will the soldiers have been lost in the middle of the journey?


Have they been attacked by enemies?


An attack o

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