I wake up in a hotel bed while yawning.

That was a good nap. Franz thought.

Its already past noon but what can I tell you?

Anyone is exhausted by perfectly executing a plan that took 4 years of planning.

However, this feeling of satisfaction when everything goes as planned is the best!

The suspicions that the Jacinto kingdom is the culprit should have been confirmed by this time and a public announcement made.

”Considering the seriousness of the situation, the people of the capital will be dismayed but I estimate that we will at least have a couple of days to calm the public. ”

By the time the princess succeeds to the throne and the army troops arrive with me in the capital, the situation will stabilize.

Mainly the arrival of the army troops will help maintain control and provide security to the capital.

Luckily they should be arriving and since the announcement should have just been made there should be no problem.

In a nutshell. Easy.

Sometimes I am surprised at my intellect.

Satisfied with the situation, I get out of bed to open the window curtain to let in the sunlight.

On the other side of the window, you should have a panoramic view of the center of the capital.

It should have a great view of the main shopping district where people walk to shop and vendors go to work.

Yes. You should have a clear view.

But I can really see anything.


Observing the situation with a puzzled look, I hear a variety of screams.

”HAHAHAHA Get everything out of that store!!!! ”

”Burn everything!!!

”M-mommy where are you??? ”

”… ”




No, wait.

Isn this situation primarily my fault?

I endangered national security hoping that a situation like this could happen.

But not so soon!

I just hope no one died from this…

The mere thought terrifies me.

There is a big difference between killing enemies that endanger the future of humanity and carelessly causing the death of innocent civilians.

Anyway, I must resolve this situation as soon as possible…

Luckily I have a wide variety of combat techniques and weapons in my arsenal that help me win any fight.


Im not going to use any of those now.

Because there is a safer and more convenient option here in this world.

The magic.

Do you lack the physical strength to defeat an enemy?

Use magic.

Don have time to be in time to save someone?

Use magic.

You need to bring your bottle of Cola closer but you are lazy to get up to look for it????

Use magic boy.

In other words, it is a trap card that can be used to resolve any situation.

Of course only if you can learn magic and the mana needed to perform it.

Well with that being said…

”High-Level Magic – Omnidirectional Perception ”

In a microsecond, a huge amount of mana starts to expand from Franzs body surrounding the entire capital.

It was so fast and imperceptible that no one in the capital could notice.

Omnidirectional Perception is a high-level magic that allows you to receive a ”complete understanding ” of everything that lives within the abilitys area of ​​effect. Of course, the area of ​​effect grows according to the amount of mana.

For the Hero who has a large amount of mana, being able to cover the huge area of ​​the capital is not a big problem.

There are a large number of burned shops in the center of the capital but… I don detect any deaths.

To Franzs surprise and relief there have been no deaths.

This is mainly because the riots just started and the smoke generated by the arson alerted passers-by and workers to quickly flee the scene.

Of course, this situation would not last long.

Plan A to resolve this situation would be to wait for the Herssian army to arrive… but I don know exactly when they will arrive.


Plan B.

If I can wait for them to come by themselves, then I bring them with me.

How do I do it?

With the old reliable mass teleportation magic.

How to teleport people who don know where they are exactly?

The answer will surprise you guys.

”High-Level Magic – Long Distance Communication ”

There is a dialing sound in Franzs mind.

[ ”… Brigadier General, can you hear me? ”] A somewhat irritated female voice answers.

Could it be my imagination that sounds annoying?

”Yes, I hear you well, Lieutenant Colonel Angelica. ”

”Listen, I need to teleport the entire army to the capital as soon as possible. ”

”Riots began to break out and the army is needed to maintain control ” Franz replies.

[ ”…Roger…Ill inform the colonel of the situation immediately ”] Angelica replies.

”Great then Ill send you to the outskirts of the capital, Ill let you know when- ”

[Youd better get ready when we arrive and the situation is resolved… the colonel and the rest of the army officers have a lot to talk about with you] Angelica answers with a cold tone.

After Angelica says that the call is cut off abruptly.

”… ”

A chill quickly runs down my spine.

Forget everything I said about magic solving all your problems.

Its a lie.

A vile lie.

Just thinking about the conversation Ill have to have with the Colonel and the other army officers makes my hands shake.

Be the strongest hero that ever lived?

Able to face any adversity with your wits and skills?

Pffff. Faced with social relationships with a group of enraged colleagues, none of that is useful!

Anyway, Id better head to the designated area to bring them here.

The hero sighs heavily and quickly disappears from the hotel.


”… ”

”What is the meaning of this? ” Franz asked shocked.

After performing the teleportation magic, the army quickly withdrew throughout the capital to stop any illegal acts that were taking place and keep the citizenry safe.

But I decided to separate from the troops since when I previously used Omnidirectional Perception magic I was able to detect the presence of a magician with a gigantic amount of mana in the capital.

Which I found very suspicious for obvious reasons.

So I went to the place where I had detected the magic and what I found was…

2 women who appear to be sisters chained with Unbreakable Chain surrounded by at least 20 menacing men and an… Archmage?


This situation looks like something out of an adult video with tags not appropriate for most people! (I hope so).

”Stay away from my sister!!!! ”

The one who looks like the older sister tries in vain to resist and protect her sister but under the effect of the spell, she is unable to move freely.

Well, I can let a couple of girls get kidnapped anyway.

Ill just find out the situation later.

While the sisters tremble with fear, a man appears out of nowhere next to the older sister.

”Uhh? ” The older sister responded with surprise.

”Hello, nice to meet you. Im Franz. ”

”H-hello ” He replied without thinking.

”Hhmm just to be sure… aren you criminals prosecuted by the law? ” Franz asked as he exchanged glances with the girls and the Archmage.

It is important to look at these types of events without prejudice.

It is not going to be that just defending some supposed defenseless girls ends up obstructing a criminal capture.

After all, I believe in gender equality.

”Boss, what do we do? ” Says one of the men who work for the Archmage.

”Get rid of him, its not good to leave witnesses. ” The Archmage answered.

The group of nameless minions quickly point their swords at Franz.

Well I guess this answers everything Franz thought as he sighed.

”Die bastard!! ”

One sword attack goes for his neck while another goes for his heart.

Franz draws a normal-looking sword from the right side of his waist and deflects both attacks without much trouble.

But before the criminals can react.

A roar is emitted from Franzs sword as it changes into a new form.

Out of nowhere a short sword with a bright red hilt and a rusty blade appears in Franzs hand.

The sudden large flow of mana and the unexpected transformation leave the group of men frozen in surprise.

”DONT HESITATE NOW, KILL HIM!!!! ” Shouted the one leading the attack.

Franz and the group of men quickly start exchanging sword blows again.

Its as I thought..

The level of swordsmanship and teamwork are top-notch.

Franz only needed the brief initial exchange of blows to realize the strange and high level of the opponents he was facing.

Initially, he planned to fight unarmed but given the strangeness of the situation, he decided to use his sword.

Antihuman Sword – Geronimo.

As his name says, his specialty is killing people.

I know.

It may sound redundant for a sword to do that. But in this fantasy world, there are creatures like goblins, orcs, and even dragons.

Ironically, the first weapon the Kingdom gave me upon becoming a Hero was this sword.

Its ironic considering the slaughter theyd expect him to carry out on the other continent.

Well you know.

He needed an ANTIHUMAN sword to kill demons.

Either way.

Id better deal with this group quickly, who knows the Archmage will try if Im late.

Luckily I have a technique to capture all these guys quickly with the minimum level of destruction possible.

After capturing them we can do an investigation.

”Im sorry, but this is over. ”

”With the next attack Ill end the fight ” Franz said as he exchanged glances with the pair of sisters.

It is important to calm the pair of sisters who are shaking with worry. This is also part of the Heros job after all.

”First skill – Original Sin ” Franz yelled.

Geronimos first ability allows all humans who have been cut down and have less mana than the user to become unconscious.

In this way, a strong red light is emitted by Geronimo together with a great discharge of mana that covers the entire street.

The bodies of more than 20 men all fall unconscious on the floor…

”… ”

Or that should be the case.

But actually, nothing happens.

The sisters look at me with faces of absurdity and disappointment.

”Ehhh…I promise this should have worked! ”

No. No. Really.


If Geronimos ability doesn work on them it can only mean…

”Hey guys, by any chance… are you vampires or some other non-human species? ” I say with an expression of disbelief.

Their gaze becomes more threatening than before.


Now I don know where all this is going.

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