The Innkeeper

Chapter 68 Marital problems

Lex watched silently as the gardener carefully started digging potholes for the cuttings he had brought. The greenhouse had few special features that greatly aided in the growth of plants. Firstly the soil was filled with concentrated spirit energy, which would not only increase the speed of growth of plants it would also improve their quality. Even common plants grown here would absorb spirit energy. Secondly, the chances of transported plants or plant cuttings dying was reduced drastically.

However this was only the first level of the Greenhouse and the benefits it could provide were limited. It pained him to learn that for more valuable plants, such as those that granted humans extra strength back on Nibiru, he would need to provide special fertilizers and spirit water. Both of those things would cost him a lot of MP. Fortunately, for now he could make do without them.

He told the gardener that he wanted him to focus on growing a lot of the vine Tiffanys treasure. Using the system he could get the proper name for the plant, but hed decided to stick to the name the little girl had told him.

He was just about to leave the garden when he received another notification.

New Quest: With a garden available in your backyard, its time to improve the quality of your food. Grow spiritual vegetables for the Inns kitchen

Quest time limit: 2 weeks

Quest Reward: Rare plant seeds.

Quest failure punishment: -1000MP

Remarks: In certain parts of the world common farmers have abs, but you even as a cultivator only have flab! Roll up your sleeves and put some work in!

Lex was incensed! He had abs okay! Maybe not to the level of Instagram models, but he was getting there! Anyway, he ignored the ignorant, insensitive system for now and focused on the time limit. 2 weeks! It was too short, could he grow anything in this time?

“You dont need to worry and just plant normal seeds, they will grow quickly enough. You dont need to even have a large variety at the moment. Even if just a couple of ingredients in a dish are spiritual then it will have a completely different result. Just look for whatever is easily available.”

Lex nodded, and decided to make this his first priority. This was a relatively easy quest, he wanted the quickest reward he could get, along with hopefully some upgrades!

He returned to his apartment, already planning on getting seeds with same day delivery, but the moment he returned all thoughts of vegetables were thrown out the window. He was standing in his room, but everything had been overturned. His mattress had been ripped up, his things were cluttered on the floor and his clothes thrown out of his closet. Warily he crept outside his room to find the rest of his apartment in the same state. His first thought was robbery, but that didnt make sense. His tv and gaming consoles, the easiest items to steal, were still there – they were just broken. His furniture was either broken into pieces or ripped through with daggers. Someone had clearly ransacked the place.

He was standing still, trying to figure out what the most appropriate reaction should be. He couldnt report this incident to Bluebird, his token was at home but he was not there during the incident. That could only mean that he had left his apartment without the token. Whether Bluebird would be able to find the culprit was an entirely different matter, they would most likely prosecute him first. For the same reason he couldnt go to the police.

He was still thinking of what to do when he heard his ringtone, and traced the sound to his phone which had fallen underneath his bed. A glance he was able to tell that he had missed a few calls, all from Larry. He picked up and heard an urgent voice from the other end, “Lex? Lex! Is that you? Are you alright? Ive been trying to reach you for hours.”

“Im fine,” he replied. “But something tells me that you think I shouldnt be.”

“I ran into some goons from Ultimate Fighting Fortress, and suffice to say they roughed me up. So did Matilda, and that ended really badly. Shes in Bluebird custody right now, and I heard quite a few people were sent to the CCU in a hospital. When you werent picking up I feared the worst, but Im being monitored so theres no way I could come to you.”

Lex frowned. What did Ultimate Fighting Fortress want with them? Their fight should be with Marlo, and he hasnt even been on Earth in a while.

“I just got back to my apartment, and the place has been completely trashed. I was wondering what happened, it looks like they paid me a visit as well. Do you know what they want?”

“I looked into it. Apparently Marlo has disappeared, and thats caused some people to worry. When he didnt reappear after the Alexander incident in Egypt, some of his enemies started worrying that he was planning a move against him. They picked a fight with his family as well, and I heard there was even an incident with his mother. Someone is trying to provoke him into reappearing. You, Matilda and I are just collateral damage.”

“So what now? Wont the Bluebird do anything?”

“You dont understand. Hes a very high leveled cultivator, his sudden disappearance makes all the ICPAs nervous as well. They wont directly act against him, but as long as no one goes too overboard, they wont interfere in this matter.”

“But God only knows how long Marlo will be gone,” Lex said exasperated, for more than one reason. Everyday that former giant stayed away cost Lex MP!

“What are we supposed to do in the meantime? I cant get pulled into a fight like this, I…” before Lex could continue someone kicked in his door and three shady looking men walked into his apartment.

“Well well well, look whos finally returned,” said the short man who was in the lead. He was wearing a tracksuit and a few chains and was covered in tattoos. Lex didnt mean to stereotype, but the guy definitely looked like trouble.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Lex asked forcefully. Deep down, he really wanted to avoid trouble. Earth was supposed to be the place where he layed low, without attracting any attention. He didnt mind getting into trouble in other places, but his family was on Earth! He absolutely could not risk them. Before the man could reply, Lex reached into his backpack and pulled out the Heavy Harley. He did not aim it at anyone, but the threat was evident.

The three men stopped in their tracks when they saw the gun, but didnt leave. The short man let out a whistle as he admired the weapon.

“You know, its pretty hard to get a carry permit for one of those in New York. You must have friends in high places. But thats okay, we just want to be friends too.”

Lex eyed the three, still a little hesitant. He wanted to avoid a confrontation if possible. He put the phone back to his ear and said, “Let Bluebird know I have a few guests in my apartment.”

He shut the phone and threw it away, his stance still hostile towards the three.

“Ill ask again, who are you and what do you want? The authorities will be here soon, and Im sure itll be in everyones interest if youre not here when they arrive.”

The short man was still looking at the gun. “You know, I vaguely recall that Marlo registered one of these guns recently. Thats a pretty strange thing, that he would do it himself. Hes a big man, he has secretaries for stuff like that – even minions. I wonder, could it be your gun that he registered? You guys must be close.”

The short man was smirking now, and looking at Lex with eager eyes.

“I sold him a treasure, in exchange he gave me a weapon. However, thats none of your business. Please leave, before I get agitated. My finger starts twitching when Im nervous.”

“Hey, alright alright. Were leaving,” the man said, signaling his men to slowly back out. “But I believe we got off on the wrong foot. We only want to be friends, and have a little chat if at all possible. You know what, Ill give you a call sometime. Well meet outside, somewhere in public, so you dont need to be nervous. I believe itll be in your interest as well. After all, you dont want rumors spreading around about yourself. You know the internet is a crazy place, people love cooking up conspiracies about illegitimate children and what not.”

“Buddy I dont know if youre saying that I have kids, or that Im someones illegitimate child. But someone broke my TV and Im pissed, so if you dont get out of here right now I think I might decide to keep you till Bluebird shows up.”

This time, Lex aimed the gun directly towards the man. The man didnt retort, and left the apartment, giving Lex a wink right before he left. Lex waited a while, and then checked the hallway outside to find it empty. He let out a sigh. Was this the famousget into trouble for no reason protagonist halo hed read in so many novels?

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