The Last Moon

Chapter 1 : The Night When it All Started

table. Keeping the mug just behind me as he used his index finger to lift my chin. ”Mrs Inez James Agustine? ”

”Mr Agustine, Inez Weisser is your wife, not Inez. Inez is her own person. ”

”But both of them are you. ”

”They are parts of me. With Inez Weisser being your lawfully wedded wife and Inez being a free bird who can never be caged. ” I said as I kept my hand on his chest and pushed him backwards. Creating just enough space for me to escape the claws of this cunning fox.

Escaping from his claws, I started walking towards the room but before entering I turned around to look at him once more. ”Mr Agustine, I will only be your wife in name. I will fulfil all the duties of a wife except your personal needs. You can find someone else to help you out with those. And moreover, your family doesn accept this marriage and I under no circumstances, will be dealing with the bullshit theyll be causing. ” Finishing my little speech, I turned around but as soon as I stepped inside. But how can my fighter husband go down without a fight? He said something which made me stop right in my tracks.

”Oh! So you wouldn mind if your husband would go around sleeping with other women? ”

”I wouldn . But I don think my husband would be that characterless to go and find a woman to sleep with. Or would he? Shall we make a bet on his integrity, Mr Agustine? ” I replied back to him with a smirk on my face. Satisfied with his defeated expression, I turned around and walked towards the bathroom to refresh myself.

Today was a long day. And tomorrow according to the customs, I have to go and check up on dad and others.

With that thought in my mind, I took off my clothes and turned on the shower as the cold water drops hit my skin one after the other, soothing all the burns of humiliation I received today at my wedding. Their mere words were ringing in my ears, refusing to fade away.

”Look at her! Nothing but a mere prostitute and gold-digger who somehow managed to marry into The Agustine family. Even my daughter is better than her. ”

”Didn you know her father went bankrupt so he sold his daughter? Mr Agustine was kind enough to uy her. ”

”Indeed kind and great of him for buying such a characterless girl and then giving her a status which cannot be looked down upon by marrying her. ”

”Hahaha! What a joke! ”

”Such an attention-seeker! ”

”Must have also blackmailed James. My poor James! ”

”Such a cheap woman. ”

”Indeed. ”

Irritation. Frustration. They were two words that could perfectly describe how I was feeling right now. And in that frustration and irritation, I punched the glass panel in front of me, shattering it to pieces. The broken pieces of glass stabbed my hand, bruising them as they started bleeding.

”I AM NOT SOMEONES POSSESSION! I AM NOT A PROSTITUTE! I AM NOT A GOLD DIGGER! NO! NO! N- ” I shouted, trying to justify myself to the walls of the bathroom. Hot tears made their way down my cheeks. As I started to lose the strength in my knees.

And just when I thought I was about to fall, a towel was wrapped around me as I was pulled in a warm embrace. Those magical hands covered my ears, stopping all those whispers at once.

Turning around, I looked at my husband with tears in my eyes. Those tears were the evidence of the pain I was feeling from those words.

”I don know what happened to you because you never told me anything but I know you are hurting a lot because of whatever the hell it is. So don you dare say you are fine. ” Saying that he picked me up in his strong arms as we exited the bathroom.

He slowly made me sit on the bed as he went to switch on the heater. I was shivering from the cold and the towel wasn helping at all.

”Who knew you would be dumb enough to have a bath in cold water during winter when theres snow outside!? If you want to die, just go sleep outside! Dumb woman. ”

Crouching down, he started rubbing my feet to warm them up. ”Sorry. ” I said, my teeth were clattering because of the cold.

”So now you know how to apologize. Let me get your clothes. Get in the blanket. ”

”You… You saw me na…naked. Who… Who… Who asked…asked you to barge in? ”

”The shout was enough, for even a dumb person to understand that something is wrong. ” He said, irritated as he ran his fingers through his silky hair.

”I… I am not du…dumb. ”

”Of course. ”

”Don … Don… Don be sarcastic… ”

I guess he was too irritated to argue with me any further. Because the next thing he did was throwing my clothes beside me and pinning me down on the bed.


Those were the words he said but even though it felt as if he was shouting because of his expression but I wasn able to listen to anything except the word don . I could only catch the words from the movement of his lips.

And with that being the last word I heard from him, I faded into the pitch black darkness.

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