The Legendary Progenitor

Chapter 1 - Revelation Evil

The sunrise rose to the sky with a luminescent orange glow giving warmth to the world.

The trees of the surrounding city swayed with a gentle breeze as a deer drank from a lake with rippling water.

The birds sang, and the animals welcomed the morning with open beaks.

The ebb and flow of the crowd overflow the city with harmony like porcelain art from a museum.

Among the moving cars of the tranquil city was the highest condo within Elk City.

The echoing sounds of an alarm clock glowed from the window of a lavish condominium.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

”Ugh… ”

I felt a slight headache waking up from a hangover.

I outstretched my right arm to face the ceiling while holding my head with an exhausted complexion.

My eyesight was slightly blurry after waking up. I had a baffled expression.

I suddenly recalled the previous major accident that had transpired.

”Thats right… the plane crashed. ”

But why am I still alive?

Did I get rescued from the burning airplane?


I shook my head in denial.

It wasn possible because the plane had exploded mid-air.

I was as good as dead.

So, what is this situation?

Beep! Beep! Beep!

The sounds of the alarm kept on disturbing me, so I turned my head to the side.

Damn, so annoying.

I reached out to the alarm clock and turned it off.

But I froze with a stupefied expression.

The tall silver mirror was visible, and I saw my appearance.

I had blonde hair with emerald eye color and pale white skin.

”What… the hell? ”

I didn know how to react except to be shaken.

The appearance I was staring at wasn the past me before the plane crash accident.

I was only above average in terms of facial attraction in the past.

But the past me looked like a squid to this handsome appearance.

Most importantly, this appearance was oddly familiar.

It was similar to Vince Schneider, the reputable mid-boss of the game Revelation Evil.

”Ahhhh!!! No way! Revelation Evil?! That crazy game?! ”

I quickly ran to the mirror and grasped my face with a panicked expression.

”Is this reincarnation, or am I going nuts? But if it is true, then. ”

Wait… if I am Vince Schneider, won I be turned into an ugly mutated grotesque monster during the Elk City epidemic outbreak?!

My face turned even paler after thinking of such a terrifying situation.

”I have to calm down first. Stressing out things won solve anything. ”

I slapped my face with both hands and then walked back to the bed and sat with a gloomy expression.

I contemplated the truth of this situation.

The sensations of smell, taste, touch, hearing, and vision were facts as I went to the kitchen, bathroom, and different places in this condominium.

I tested all sorts of things in this luxurious place.

And the main factor of this proof was that Vince was wealthy.

Expensive jewels.

High-tech gadgets.

Stylish rich catalogs of clothing.

”It must be real… ”

The reason why I was fretting over my identity as Vince Schneider wasn because I was overreacting.

It was because Vince Schneider was infected with the originator virus when he was born.

It was a project done by the Trinity Organization.

He was genetically modified when he was still in his mothers womb.

The Originator Virus was the first virus artificially created by humans through the Qlipthoth virus.

It was a virus that had the potential to attain immortality when three scientists found the virus proliferating through evolution by consuming other viruses to gain specific abilities.

But this held a high risk to the infected because the virus would override the nervous system causing the body to mutate into an aberrant life form.

So, he was more likely to mutate due to this virus while retaining barely any human consciousness.

But in the end, Vince turned into a walking aberrated meat flesh during the emergence of the outbreak.

Even if Vince wanted to escape far away, the Schneider family wouldn have allowed that.

”F*ck. I don even know if this is real or not. But one thing is for certain. ”

This situation felt realistic, which full-dive VR technology can yet replicate.

It was ludicrous to be in a situation where you get reincarnated into a soon-to-be-dead person.

”Hahahaha! ”

I started laughing frantically. I couldn believe what was happening to me.

But before I could say something else, a buzzing sound resounded in my mind.


[ Ding! Registering host in the Messiah System. ]

”Huh? What is this? ”

I moved my hand to the strange blue panel of text.

”What the… f*ck? ”

My hand passed through the screen while I was making a perplexed expression.

The screen displayed a loading screen.

[ The Messiah System is synchronizing to the hosts consciousness. ]

[ 11%… ]

[ 12%… ]

[ … ]

[ Whi

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