The Legendary Progenitor

Chapter 3 - The Strange Shopkeeper (1)

The Elk City Epidemic Outbreak.

It was a storyline released in Revelation Evil 3.

Its a haunting event that would terrify most players due to the grotesque details and storytelling of the game.

The main protagonists of the story were three characters.

The twins, Chloe Aubert, Claire Aubert, and Archduke Harry Lampropeltis, were the three survivors of the epidemic.

Chloe and Claire were both attending the Highrise School, while Archduke Harry was in the mansion located at the top suite street next to the bridge depot of Elk City.

”System Status. ”

[ Messiah System Status ]

-Basic Information-

-Battle Information-

Strength – 1.0

Speed – 1.0

Endurance – 1.0

Cognition – 1.0

-DNA Information-

-Ability Information-

I focused my attention on the battle information.

”System, how do I raise battle information? ”

[ The host has to undergo training. ]

”Like doing a push-up and studying? ”

[ Yes. ]

I turned my attention next to the ability information.

-Ability Information-

Occupation: Student

Characteristics: Comprehension

”Whats a characteristic? ”

[ It is a particular skill granted by occupation or doing a repetitive task. ]

[ A characteristic can also be obtained by completing secret achievements in a side or main quest. ]

[ A characteristic can grow through enlightenment via long experience. ]

”Hmmm. ”

I remembered that if a player survives the first scenario without any damage, the player can obtain a skill selection box.

That seems difficult to achieve when I have no experience in the military or fighting in a zombie apocalypse.

”How about an occupation? How do I change that? ”

[ The host can gain an occupation through achievements in a side quest.]

[ Note: The host isn limited to one occupation and can keep any occupation once obtained. ]

Its great to have multiple jobs. I won be limited to only a single type of job but multiple occupations that will allow me to master versatility.

”So, completing a Bootcamp training will allow me to obtain the occupation as a soldier? ”

[ Yes. ]

”Whew. I guess that explains everything for now. ”

I grabbed Vinces phone and used my fingerprint to open the lock screen.

I scrolled down to the search bar.


”Theres a gun shop near the alleyway. Hm. Its the only one here in Elk City. ”

Seeing as it is an area indicated with a black mark, it must be a place used for mercenaries or secret agents from the government. That isn only limited to them but also criminals.

I quickly tapped and marked the location.

I have to take the risk. Its better than exposing myself to ordering online, which would be riskier if the Scheider family were to find out. After all, they are somehow in cahoots with the Trinity Organization, and I don even know to what extent their relationship is at.

I also browsed through the internet and signed a firearm training program.

”There should be a gym here… ”

I called reception and asked a few questions here and there.

With that, the long-term development in preparation for the epidemic is in progress for completion.




”System. Is it possible to obtain an occupation through learning on the internet? ”

[ Yes. ]

[ But the grade of the occupation will be present. ]

[ The growth will depend on the hosts time and experience in growing the skill. ]

”Hacking… ”

I suddenly recalled an antagonist of Revelation Evil 1.

Amon Walkers, code name Viper.

He was an antihero that acted only in his self-interest.

He worked alone and managed to infiltrate numerous Trinity Organization branches with data on the projects of viruses.

Before he got killed by a Pro-Lucifer mutant weapon, he stored a large amount of data about the Trinity Organization as revenge in a buried cemetery.

He left all of the information in his USB 1TB database.

The database was somewhere in the country of Perlouche.

It was also the place nearest to the outpost mansion of Vince Schneider.

The database was later discovered by Isabella Blackfield, the protagonist of Revelation Evil 4.

But the database had numerous locks to diverse importance to the information. So, Isabella only learned basic information about the nearest project created by the Trinity Organization related to her lost older brother.

I needed to learn hacking to gain an advantage in the future fight against the Trinity Organization.

I couldve just hired a hacker to do this for me. But I couldn trust anyone to find out about the Trinity Organization.

Plus, there are merits in learning hacking as places of Trinity Organizations are littered with security cameras.

Busting your way in there would be counterproductive.

So, continuing.

The main antagonist of the series of Revelation Evil was the Trinity Organization.

The world nearly ended countless times through their projects of acquiring immortality.

But because of the protagonists of the story.

They managed to fend off every plan of the Trinity Organization.

But in the end, they couldn stop the final plan of intoxicating the world with a dangerous virus unknown in the story.

The players theorized it must have reference to the title of the game, Revelation, and that it mustve been a virus that existed far before the Qlipthoth virus that originated from the giant tree.

Similar to the historical story of the crucifixion of Christ.

It mustve been a prophecy foretelling a great evil in the future.

Although these were just assumptions made by YouTube Game Theorists and fans of the story, they still held some relevance.

”I am sure Vipers database has information about that unknown virus. ”

I strolled to the computer and exclaimed in surprise as I checked out the specs.

”Wow. What the hell! This thing is like a supercomputer. ”

My eyes dazzled with the spirit of a gamer.

”No, no. There are more important things to do. ”

I shook my head and removed the temptations of playing a video game as I grabbed a laptop.

I searched through the GoSmile browser and researched hacking.

”Hm… information of hacking is still similar back on Earth. ”

I downloaded a Virtualbox and numerous tools needed for learning to hack.

I also ordered external devices for a virtual private network setup and a database terminal Pi.

I had experience in my previous life, but due to my depression, my progress in this skill was stagnant.

Its gonna take a while.

I went for a cup of coffee and started learning everything from GoTube.

I also registered myself in online classes and had private tutors with professionals.

Damn, being rich sure is great!

It was something I didn have in my previous life. If I had wealth, my problems back then wouldve disappeared.

[ Comprehension has increased your cognition stat by 0.001 ]

[ Comprehension has increased your cognition stat by 0.001 ]

[ Comprehension has increased your cognition stat by 0.001 ]

[ … ]

-Battle Information-

Cognition – 1.020

[ Congratulations! You have cleared the beginner tutorial of hacking. ]

[ Occupation: Hacker Level 1 ]

[ Characteristic: Hacking (E) ]

”It sure is fast. This comprehension skill is useful. ”

Just like that, the day flew by as my senses focused on learning.

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