The Legendary Progenitor

The Strange Shopkeeper (2)

Early morning, I arrived at the top floor in the elevator. I was prepping up for the gym to improve my means of survival.

My footsteps echoed through the quiet hallway at a steady pace.

Vince tilted his head at the sight of a quiet gym once he arrived at the destinated facility room.

”Uhm. ” He glanced around with a wary gaze as if scrutinizing for a zombie.

It was the result of short-term uneasiness. Vince felt during his stay in this world.

”Hey there! ”

Vince shook like a frightened bunny before turning his head to the source of the voice.

A man with a distinguished beard and a smoother head surface only found in monks from temples was smiling at Vince.

”Hahaha, sorry for scaring you there. ”

He exuded a friendly atmosphere, so I wasn feeling any more uneasy.

”I am Roland, a gym trainer. You look like a new guy. Are you interested in joining the gym? ”

It was good that there was a trainer. I didn have prior experience or knowledge of operating gym equipment.

I gulped to clear my voice and nodded before answering his question.

”Id like to receive instructions on operating the gym equipment and counseling on bodybuilding. ”

”Sure! It is my job. Now follow me. Ill teach you the ways to build your muscles efficiently! ”

Roland took Vince to a counseling area with a whiteboard and a marker. Roland explained efficient ways to build muscles, improve posture, use breathing techniques, and construct diet plans.

He then led Vince to the gym and demonstrated the proper postures and movements using the gym equipment.

As I started my training, Roland corrected my flaws and negative habits.

I smiled and observed the increasing battle information.

[ Strength has increased by 0.001 ]

[ Speed has increased by 0.001 ]

[ Endurance has increased by 0.001 ]

[ … ]

[ … ]

[ … ]

-Battle Information-

Strength – 1.025

Speed – 1.032

Endurance – 1.015

Cognition – 1.020

My stats are improving slightly.

”Good job, Vince. Youve finally shown some enthusiasm from training! Just keep being motivated and never give up, and youll accomplish your goal of becoming fit! ”

”Thanks for your help, Roland. ”

I waved my hand to Roland and went away.







In bustling cities, traffic is everywhere, but province cities like Elk City were as tranquil as the drifting rivers.

I drove through the cozy road at a relaxed pace before arriving at my destination and then parked at the nearest entrance.

The nearby pedestrians gaped at the black car, Bugatti La Voiture Noire, with envy and wonder.

This car is too conspicuous…

I sighed and walked through the pavement quickly.

Creak.., R-ring!

The sounds of the glass door opening alerted someone.

”H-hello, have you come here to register for a firearm training course? ”

The girl questioned with a blushing face. Her eyes were momentarily dazed at the sight of Vince.

Is she a staff?

Vince thought with suspicion. This girl did not wear a staff uniform, and her looks were beautiful and comparable to a top model.

”… ”

Her heart was pounding rapidly at his well-refined face with biting lips.

So handsome…

Forget it didn care that much.

Vince shook his head and gave the staff a registered form certificate.

”No, Ive already registered. Do you know where station 07 is? ”

”Yes! Please come this way! ”

The girl staggered and turned her head to the hallway with hurried steps.

”… ”

Vince knowingly understood her reaction and remained silent.




”Uhm… not to pry into you, can I ask why you are learning marksmanship? ”

She asked in a curious tone, wanting to know why someone descent from a wealthy family like Vince was trying to learn how to aim a gun when he could hire a bodyguard.

I only found out about it through his information card. The Schneider family, was it?

Vince stopped in his tracks and closed his eyes with a calm expression. Anybody would guess he was contemplating a great cause.

But his inward thoughts were the opposite.

Shooting zombies in the head? How should I say it? No, shell probably think of me as a deranged lunatic preparing for a zombie apocalypse.

Vince stopped at a universal reason used by many ordinary people back in his world.

I am an ordinary person preparing myself for armed robberies. Thats a good enough reason.

”For self-defense. If somehow an armed robber tries to sabotage me. I can defend myself in unpredictable circumstances. ”

”Is that so? ”

She turned her head and stared at Vinces expression before turning her face back to the hallway.

His half-lying. Is he a Clocktower Student? That seems possible.

She rolled her hair strand habitually as if thinking of something else.

It didn take long to reach station 07. The journey was swift and punctual.

”This is station 07. The trainer should be waiting inside. Also, my name is Alice. If you need help, you can ask me. ”

Alice stopped outside the room while avoiding eye contact.

”Hm. ”

Her brown hair fluttered in the biting wind. This scene reminded Vince of a teen romance story he once read in novels.

”C-can I have your number? ”

Vince furrowed his eyebrows. I wasn someone that felt any sexual attraction toward anyone, no matter how beautiful or seductive they were.

”… ”

Right, I was more of an asexual. I have never once gotten into a relationship in my past life. I was happy with being alone for the rest of my life.

If I refuse her now, I might hurt her feelings. He sighed and reached his hand in his pocket.

”Here. ”

I handed a card with contact information to her with my number. It was something I prepared in case I needed contact with someone else.

But I never thought. Ill be using it in this type of situation.

”Hehehe, thank you. ”

She grabbed the card and ran away.

”??? ”

Vince shook his head without a clue why she ran away instantly the moment she received the number.

He turned to the room and entered. I needed to develop a marksmanship ability for the main story. I didn have time to dawdle with unnecessary thoughts.







”System, how long does it take to develop a characteristic? ”

[ It depends on the hosts time, experience, and enlightenment. ]

”Whats the estimation of days? ”

[ Within six months. ]

”Can you explain what this enlightenment means? ”

Vince leaned his back on the comfy chair. His eyesight moved to the ceiling with a blank expression while his body relaxed from an eventful journey. Furthermore, I was exhausted, and my body felt motionless.

[ Through experiencing a life-and-death scenario. ]

”….. does this include a near-death experience? ”

[ If the host can wake up from it, then your locked ancestral genes from the past will strengthen your senses and body. ]

[ Due to the originator virus defense mechanism, it will increase your chances of survival. ]

I tilted my head at the strange details the system gave to me. So did it mean past historical humans possessed superhuman capabilities?

If that were true, the mutant viruses in Revelation Evil weren human-made but naturally formed through the genetics they had stolen or developed from humanity.

But this was all just an assumption of mine. I didn have the evidence to back it up.

Also, using the question-to-system option would be a waste. I will need it in the future during situations that would save my life.

But most importantly, I wasn too weary of the training, and trying new things was an intriguing experience, but I felt complicated.

The people in this world aren just NPCs but real humans. They had human emotions and unique perspectives.

The thought of them dying made me distraught and guilty. I know there wasn a way to save them except for building a safe house and sending a radio message to everyone within Elk City.

Vince slapped both of his cheeks and left a palm mark. I needed to break away from these moral problems.

”There isn anything I can do to save them all. The Trinity Organizations plans are secretive. I don have superhuman capabilities like the main protagonists of the story. The best thing I can do is to do what I can do best. ”

Vince glimpsed at the luminescent city with a cold watery feeling. He was feeling the weight of something invisible on his shoulders and head.




I wore a black hood to hide my appearance in case the authorities tracked me.

I brought a knife along in case of danger and a pocket of money to exchange for my life.

I placed my credit card on my thigh and left my phone at the condo.

”Whew. Hopefully, I won run into anyone else. ”

Vince walked through the windy path pavements.

I turned around in several corners before looking at the printed map again.

I stopped at a path blocked by a group of hooligans.

Thud! Bam!

”Please, don kill me! ”

A group of gangsters pulled the adult man to the corner.

”You didn pay the f*cking money. ”

”J-just give me more time! I will get the money by next week! ”

”Pay the money?! Huh?! Its been five months! Weve given you enough time! ”

The head of the gang slandered the man with an aggressive face before breaking one of his limbs.


I turned my head away and slowly walked to the other side, ignoring the scene.

The sounds of the cruel scenario were ringing in my ears before they soon weakened until I could no longer hear them.

I am not a hero.

Vince continued in his steps with a lowered head.

I don have the means to save anyone.


A mellow sound of a door opening revealed a dark-haired man in his 20s.

I opened my eyes in shock like a crashing meteor. A man I wouldn expect to see was right in front of my eyes.

The man stopped in his tracks and stared at the hooded boy in front of him.

His amethyst eyes glowed like a star in the dim alleyway.

He turned to the right and ignored Vince, but he stopped again once he heard his name.

”Lucas Blackfield? ”

”… ”

As if a thunderbolt had struck, the loud banging of stone pavement broke from Lucas step.

”Ugh! ”

Vince felt his neck stiffen at Lucas grip.

”… ”

He was glaring at Vince with cold-blooded eyes.

Vince felt his neck about to snap,

”Stop. ”

A powerful voice that contained unfamiliar energy resounded from the shop entrance.

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