The Legendary Progenitor

The Troubled Introvert in the Party (1)

r first before heading to the bathroom as an excuse, so I could wait inside until the fireworks event, which was a perfect time to run away without anyone noticing.

”Of course. I am the representative of the Layton family. ”

”Is he the one, Alice? ”

Vince turned his head toward Harry with the same apathetic look.

Archduke Harry?

Harry was a 66 feet tall man who was a towering giant with a formidable aura.

Harry was looking at Vince with an observant expression, but from Vinces perspective, he looked like he was giving a death stare.

Are they related or something?! Dammit! I knew beautiful women were a bad omen!

Lord God of the Almighty…

From Vinces first impression of Harry, he looked like a giant that could snap him like a twig and use his bones as a toothpick!

”Uncle! No, we just met yesterday. We
e just friends! For now… ”

She covered her face again with a blush.

Its over. My life will soon be forfeit…

Vince inwardly sighed with the acceptance that his going to die first before the zombie apocalypse.

Ill get kidnapped, tortured in many ways, thrown to the underworld tournament to be used as a scapegoat in an opening show before being sent to an incinerator or meat grinder for a finishing blow.

Just when Harry was about to say something to the deadpan Vince. The Mayor got up to the stage and presented with a musical ensemble.

”Ahem! ”

The Mayor tested the mic turning everyones attention to him.

Nice one, Mayor!

”Everyone, I thank you all for joining tonights event. Elk City has only been here for one century but stood as the most productive city in the Alvarez Empire. The 100th year is the starting point for a magnific development for Elk City. The people of Elk City will welcome everyone here as their benefactors for being the pillars of the new age. At the end of next year, the people of Elk City will be reborn into a more peaceful state! ”

Huh? Reborn into a more peaceful state?

I furrowed my eyebrows at the smiling Mayor with a doubtful look.

Why do I feel eerieness from his last words? I knew what was going to happen next year. The thought of someone being happy about the 100 thousand slaughter somewhat gave me a disturbing feeling.

I didn have proof that he was a part of the Trinity Organization. But I should put him on the wanted list for suspicion.

”Enjoy the event. Dance and feast to your hearts final content. ”

The music harmonized with the environment, and everyone started to join the dance court.

They also enjoyed the unique cuisines of Elk City, with natural honey used on most desserts.

I was about to approach the Mayor with thoughts of running away, but Alice didn allow that. She grabbed my left arm with the face of you
e not running away from me.

I felt a squishy soft, and smooth sensation from her chest. She forcefully led me to the dancing groups of people.


What is this weird feeling? I felt my face getting hot all of a sudden.

Alice secretly glanced at Vince with a strange look.

Was he hiding his expression all along? His showing it this time. Hehehe. Take that as payback for what you did to me. Hmph!

”Where are you taking me? ”

Vince didn dare to look at Harry or the other influential men because he might start his execution date early on.

”To the court dance. ”

”I don know how to dance… ”

”Ill teach you! ”

Alice was feeling excited at this moment. She has never felt this experience in her life.


Harry stared at the scene with a happy yet sad look.

Alice has always been busy with the familys succession rights with no time for her private matters. After she succeeded as the next successor to the Layton family, no children at her age approached her because of her position.

But it seems she already found someone.

This Schneider child is strange. Why do I sense a faint aura of a spirit essence weapon? It is unheard of for anyone his age to possess a Hyperion Weapon. It takes a lot of essence energy and willpower to make it subordinate to you.

Although I have retired and no longer possessed any essence powers after the battle of the Behemoth War. I can still feel a faint power of semblance from him. It is weak in presence, but it is waiting for an awakening at the right time.

Child of Tiara, I wonder what path you will choose? I only hope for a good ending for you and Alice.

He remembered a happy memory of a couple. The brown-haired girl had emerald eyes, and the yellow-eyed boy had blonde hair.

They argued over who was more powerful, and a couple of other figures laughed at them for their childish behaviors.

”He truly resembles his mother and father. ”

He stared at the troubled Vince and the happy-goer Alice. He felt nostalgic looking at the two of them.

Tiara… Theodore.., I wonder why this world is full of such tragedies? The only thing I have left in this world are regrets of being unable to do anything. But the next generation won make the same mistake as we had.

Ill support the two of you when the time comes.

Harry nodded with closed eyes.

Little did Vince know, the Archduke was already supporting the two of them without a single clue.

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