The Love of The Demon Queen

The Royal Palace in the Fores

The sound of forest birds in the dark of night makes the atmosphere even more eerie. The air is getting colder and the woman sitting on this big throne needs warmth to satisfy her lust.

”I want 3 people to serve me tonight, ” she said firmly without resistance and the soldiers carried out the rulers orders to immediately find 3 of his men who were willing to be body warmers. She stood up and walked gracefully through the halls lit only by large candles about 2 feet apart.

Entering her spacious room, towards her bed, the pillars of which were gold plated, right in the middle of the room. There is not the slightest beauty created in her oom. Because beauty only belongs to her. Her body and face but not with her hot and burning heart leading to eternal sins of heresy for her followers. The lovers of her body that will be lost forever.

The clothes she was wearing slowly slipped off of her body, then she crawled onto the bed and covered her body with a fine and soft silk cloth. Lying on her side waiting for the order that will bring her satisfaction.

Not long after, several men who were asked to satisfy their lust had entered the room and immediately took off all the clothes they were wearing in front of her. The Queen smiled, moving her index finger to select one by one the men who would climb onto her bed.

A man who fits her criteria, so strong, seductive and unafraid of what comes next. The door to the room immediately closed and the men who were asked to serve her were ready to become carriers of favors for the Queen, the incarnation of a devil who has high lust, can affect a humans faith. Because it was she and her followers, or humans who fell into the abyss of hell which was full of sin and were not saved.

The throne of the King of Hell is getting higher and unbeatable, making the candidates for Heavens occupants less and less lonely. For many years, humans have coexisted with demons on this earth. The devil was created as a test for greedy humans who want to rule with an abundant throne, but behind all that the devil is actually just taking advantage of circumstances, so that she can bring people to their knees under her power.

It was not that she became a slave to humans but she who enslaved humans to follow their evil desires. Feeling that they were created earlier than humans makes the demons arrogant with their strength. The existence of a demon who is said to be able to change shape from ugly to beautiful and is able to interact with humans.

The demons already have their own place on earth, their interaction with humans is very close. Asmodeus, who has lust and anger that often tests humans to sin, brings humans as residents of level 2 hell who have eternal sin that is cursed by God. His nature made him sow seeds into the womb of a beautiful woman he liked, eventually giving birth to a beautiful and seductive daughter, Romeda, taken from the word Andromeda which means ruler of men.

Romeda is a descendant of Asmodeus. Her character is not much different from her fathers, her physique is that of a human but an immortal human who will not age. Romedas growth became an ordinary human girl at the age of 17 after that Romeda was taken over byThe king of hell and crowned as the Queen of Demons who will settle on earth to mislead mankind on earth. Romeda was tasked with seducing humans through his lustful pleasures.

The more mature Romeda is, the more charming she is, its no wonder that many people become residents of hell because they are captivated by her. All men are seduced by her seductions and led astray by fiery passions. Romeda doesn need to change the shape of her face and body because she is already perfect.

The prettiest devil ever. If her lips are open to seduce, it indicates that the gates of hell are open for the target she is after and will never escape from her bondage. For her success in trapping nearly half of the worlds population in error, Romeda becomes even more arrogant. She feel proud to trap many people into the endless torment of hell. She was always on the move and now her goal was one land that was more beautiful than any other.

This country is filled with handsome men as well as beautiful women. Lots of love and affection sprinkled in this country. True love is loyal to her partner. Romeda always laughs when she hears humans say about love, what is love? It is not in her mind to feel love. Because for her, it was a very burning passion.

One day she meets a man who is different from other men. A holy man who is difficult to seduce, a man who ends up making his heart beat unusually, a man whose body odor constricts her throat, a man whose face is so beautiful that it surpasses the angels in Heaven. Who was that man and what powers did she have?

”Fragrant, soft, looks delicious … who is that man … his scent makes my desire soar high, find out who he is or if you can bring him to me now! ” she said to the guard who bowed her head ready to carry out the order.

Her eyeballs twinkled brightly, the jet black irises were framed by the flames of hell. Her fingers touched the smooth surface of her skin as she closed her eyes, imagining that the young man was touching her. ”Guards, quickly find out who that man is! ” she shouted again when her bodyguard had not yet come out of her bedroom door.

She couldn hold back the turmoil in her heart to get that man. ”Yes, Your Majesty. ” Romeda is increasingly curious, her soul feels excited, unable to wait anymore. She wanted so badly to get close to the man, but there was a barrier she couldn break through.


”Fragrance, beautiful and radiant face … is he really the son of an angel? ”

”Thats right, your majesty, his mother was an angel who was seduced by the King of Hell Asmodeus when she was on earth. Until she was punished, she couldn help her child even when she was in trouble. ”

Romeda let out a big laugh, the corners of her eyes twitched and her thin lips curved into a sly grin and said, ”If the King of Hell can seduce a pure celestial maiden why can I seduce a half-holy human like him. ”

”Excuse me if I am presumptuous. He is not semi-holy but he is still pure. He is a virgin who has never committed mortal sins. ” Romeda turned quickly to her bodyguard, not accepting that statement.

”Impossible, a human like him is not bound by sin. His handsome face is very alluring and …. ” Romeda paused her ords, her brain started to think about … Did that man inherit his mothers power that can control himn someone close to him. Interesting… Ill try to seduce him until he becomes my follower or my life companion.

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