”Everything is ready, Sir, and Miss Katherine are waiting for you downstairs, ” said a tall, well-built man who reported his duties to his boss. This handsome boss stopped moving his eyes which were constantly staring at the computer screen, turned to look at his assistant and said, ”Tell her to wait, Ill be down in about 5 minutes laters. ”

”Yes, sir, ” replied his assistant, bowing respectfully to this handsome boss. The bosss height is almost 2 meters, his hair is jet black, his white skin is shiny and smooth like a womans skin and even women will envy the softness of his skin which is not like humans in general. The eyes are large and the irises are dark brown. His nose was sharp and tall, his lips were thin and ruby-red in color as if he had been given artificial lip color, his body smelled of perfume even without being sprayed with perfume.

The shape of his face is square, showing how strong this manly jaw is. Around his jaw grew fine hairs as proof that he was a real man. After the assistant left, he got up from his big chair. Pulls out a drawer and takes out a rectangular gold plated box containing a diamond encrusted ring. He took out his cell phone and immediately called someone, ”Hello, prepare what I have planned … don forget the flowers and the songbirds hiding behind the trees, ” he ordered his confidants.

Today is his lovers birthday and he wants to propose to the woman, right in front of a lake in the forest. That forest was the place where he would build the big project he got from the Government of this country. His steps were certain, walking out of the room towards the elevator that was ready to take him to the ground floor. As the elevator dinged and opened, his lovers face was clearly visible before him, sitting on the sofa and smiling at him.

”Honey– ” the woman whined spoiled. This beautiful woman is 30 years old but looks 10 years younger because her slim and tall body makes her look charming. He quickly stood up and ran towards her.

”Sorry you waited for me for so long. ”

”No honey, Im happy to wait for you because you always don have much time even though Im willing to wait. ”

”Im sorry, ” he said while stroking the top of his lovers head, kissing and linking their fingers, walking hand in hand towards the car that was ready to take them to their destination.

”Where are we going? ” asked the girlfriend who still has not been told the plan. ”Somewhere beautiful, ” replied this man and the woman burst out laughing because she never got a surprise from him. She leaned back in the mans arms. Always feel comfortable when you
e there because it feels solid and hard to protect.

”Are we going out of town? ”

”Not really. ”

”Then? ”

”Quiet, dark and romantic place. ” This man still makes her girlfriend curious, she keeps guessing where they are going, but still always wrong.

”If you don give me gifts there because I always guess wrong, then I will go far away from you again, ” the woman threatened and this man chuckled softly.

”Oh, yes … can you live without me … two days I was out of town on business, then suddenly you had a fever … see … how could you leave me, ” he joked, giving a warm kiss right on the lips this woman. His love is very sincere to this lover andwilling to do anything.

”Heummm, you can always make me weak and helpless like this, Michael … but I will always be a strong woman if someone wants to take you away from me. ”

Michael the name of this man, the Handsome Boss who owns a real estate company, ”Really, who would do that? ”

”Velove, I hate that woman … when shes with you, you always take pictures of her and post them on her social media statuses and everyone thinks you
e her boyfriend and I don want that. ”

Michael laughed heartily, his low voice sounding so sexy as it came out. ”You could have, shes just my friend baby … theres nothing between us, don worry … you
e my only girl. ”

Their faces were getting closer to each other, their gazes were fixed on each others lips and when their lips were about to meet, the car stopped right where it was meant to be, namely a shady forest with large trunked trees full of branches lined up neatly as arranged.

”What is this place honey? ” she asked a little surprised, looking left and right.

”Come on out, youll know later, ” said Michael and took his lovers hand. They walked hand in hand, occasionally glancing and smiling sweetly into the dark forest because the trees were so shady, the sound of wild animals greeted them.

”Honey, Im scared – ” she squeaked, clutching Michaels arm.

”Relax, this has been checked and is safe, ” he said calmly because he had made sure that this forest was safe without any disturbances even though he had bad experiences in the forest here. But as their feet went deeper Michael smelled a strong, pungent stench, his eyes looked around the forest but found nothing.

”Why stop, whats wrong honey? ”

”Nothing, lets– ” Michael tried to get rid of his doubts and hoped there were no problems and again… he felt the same thing coming back, a pungent smell seemed to be following him from behind. Their intertwined fingers were tightened by Michael until he felt a hot shiver around him.

”Get out of here, we don bother you and you don bother me! ” he said loudly from the heart then the hot aura disappeared but there was a womans melodious whisper heard in his ear.

”Well meet again later. ” Michael sighed and tried to be normal in front of his girlfriend so as not to frighten her. Her hands gripped her lovers fingers tighter, walking through this dark forest with a plan that she had arranged in such a way and the beauty was already visible from the direction they were walking at this time.

”What is it honey? ” Her boyfriend pointed at the lake where there were already a pair of chairs across from a round table and on them were 2 glasses of water. ”Surprise for you, ” Michael whispered sweetly in her ear.

The two looked at each other and smiled shyly, Michael took his lovers hand and kissed the back of the hand, ”I love you. ”

”I love you too honey, ” answered his lover quickly with a smile that never broke from her lips since earlier. A round table covered with white silk was already in front of them, Michael pulled a chair to invite his girlfriend to sit.

”Thank you, ”

”Equally love. ” As he circled around the chair to sit down on the chair in front of him, his eyes accidentally spotted a tall building like a royal palace that was almost breaking through the clouds in the middle of the forest. His mouth was slightly open, his eyes widened in amazement at something he didn expect. (Since when did that building exist, why did I just see it.)

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