Her beautiful body walked without a single thread covering it towards the bath on the top floor of her palace. The dimly lit place was only lit by candles along the walkways and in the bathing area. The floors and supports are all made of black marble, which is sturdy and shiny. The water in the bath had evaporated, warmer than an average human being a little close to hot but not boiling. Her graceful steps entered the tub, drenching her entire body, down to her.

A few minutes later, she woke up… a jolt of surprise when she heard footsteps approaching this room and then a knock on the door was heard as well as screams from outside calling out to her, ”Your Majesty the Queen, I have come with a message from the King of Hell for you … let me in. ”

The door opened instantly, commanded by her dark eyes full of determination. A tall figure with red eyes, long hair with tall horns and wide jet black wings came towards her. The door was closed again with the gesture of a drooping eyelid and this figure began to convey its message without prompting.

”Your Highness Asmodeus, congratulates you on successfully turning a quarter of Earths population into residents of hell and you are requested to carefully determine the proper territory to occupy, as it is currently. ”

”Whats wrong and careful, why should ?! ” She asked in a firm voice that echoed in this large and empty room and the herald was only trying to convey a written message from the Demon of hell.

”Be careful with the incarnations of holy beings, especially the incarnations of angels and fairies that are around you. Do not fight them for they will cause the destruction of your throne. ”

She laughed thunderously, ”Ha-ha-ha-ha — my undoing, who can bring me down? Go on tell to my father. Thanks for the advice! ”

”Don you want to know their characteristics and be wary of them? ”

”No one can beat me, no one can hurt me, no one can even fight me, I am the daughter of Asmodeus who has a passion that burns like the fires of hell, they will be burned by my charms before I am destroyed! ” she said arrogantly while standing up straight. this creature looked down in fear, afraid of the charms of this incarnate devil Queen.

Fear of being tempted to approach or make love to her. Humans who make love with her will die the next day, if the devil who made love with her will be burned afterwards but for half-demon beings will live eternally as her followers.

”Servant please resign … Your Majesty the Queen, ” he said obediently by bowing and immediately the door opened wide, then slammed shut after the ugly creature left.

The Queen was annoyed and did not accept that anyone could destroy her, every place she went she could always control and all the demons around her, from the inhabitants of the water, the air, and even the giants were subject to her. It was impossible for her to find defeat.


Challenged by the words of a messenger from hell who came to her earlier, she gathered her entire army of demonic followers numbering in the thousands to carry out her orders. The Queen walked proudly among the thousands of male and female demons to her throne. ”Listen to me, my followers, do all you can toseduce humans. Water them with burning passion, until they forget the name of loyalty. Whisper into their ears the pleasures of heaven on earth, make them never want to stop and never be satisfied in making love. Go and do your job! ”

”Yes, Her Majesty the Queen, ” shouted her followers in unison. Her mind still remembers about the incarnation of the angels that the messenger said.

”What do they look like, ” she muttered haughtily, her eyes twinkling and burning brightly.

”Take me around this town, what are the people like here. ” She ordered the guards who were always at her side. The Queen changed clothes in an instant according to what she thought, her appearance was that of a normal human. But her strength and soul is 100 percent demon who has no shame or guilt or even true pride.

They walked out of the palace which was in a dense and shady forest, this forest was very dark and wide. Located far from big cities but as a place for human travel because in the forest there is a beautiful lake. A lake that has 3 different colors, around the lake grows various kinds of colorful flowers.

This forest was sometimes used for military training but now it has been purchased by a successful businessman who wants to construct apartments and other buildings as a city development. The Demon Queens Palace was in the middle of this forest, protruding inward and only certain people could see it. It didn take long for her and the guards to arrive in the city.

A clean city with a fairly dense population. Her eyes scanned here and there, sensing the aura around her. ”I hate this feeling, why are they so happy, they should be dissatisfied and want more. ”

”People in this city are loyal and love their partners. ”

”Love … its unchallenging and boring, ” she complained and in an instant she stopped in her tracks when she saw a pair of human children expressing love in front of everyone.

”See, isn that a stupid-looking thing … shame, is this the act of a fairy giving them amorous darts … if so, banish the fairies now, find them. I hate that giggle of joy, I prefer the sighs of desire and a gaze full of passion, wild insatiable. ”

They walked closer, Romedas eyes watching from the tiniest angle, small flapping wings carrying heart-shaped arrows were among the people. Romedas hand rose and snapped her fingers at the intended target, until the little creature fell and looked around.

”Romeda … runnnn– ” One of them shouted at the group which turned out to be more than three. Like a fly that flew fast and away from the Passion Queen but the flying speed between them was not the same, one of them was caught and wanted to be destroyed by Romeda.

”Her Majesty Queen Romeda, don kill me, ” she begged with a pitiful face.

”You are small but troublesome, you must perish. ”

”No, Her Majesty Queen Romeda, ” interrupted the guard.

”Why not, weve never met this creature before and it really interferes with my strength. ”

”The fairies, angels and nymphs will protect them if one of them dies from being killed, then the inhabitants of heaven will come down to protect this city and we will be expelled. ”

”Then I have to catch you … so you don mess up my territory now! ”

A glass tube was immediately in her hand to restrain the little elf from acting as she pleased. The fairy gave up and cried when her fate had to be the Devil Queens confinement. The innocent fairy is finally brought back to the palace. Arriving again in the forest he saw several cars parked there.

A group of people stood guard by the car, making her wonder what was going on in the forest. Has anyone intruded into this territory?

”Who are they, what are they doing here, ” she muttered as she entered the woods and saw a pair of humans holding hands, looking at each other and smiling.

”Its love… eternal holy love, ” muttered the fairy in the mirror making Romeda roll his eyes at her.

”You want me to break your wings, hegh! ”

”No, Her Majesty Queen Romeda, Im sorry. ”

”Take this to my room, ” The glass tube that he gave to the bodyguard was reversed following a pair of human children who were making out in the forest of her territory.

”His smell – that man smells good – smell so strong it reaches my throat – what kind of creature he is. ” Romeda drew closer, circling those who could not see where she was. But the man looked alert, her eyes moving around him.

”You pulled me to you, who are you handsome? ” she muttered as she took in the mans scent until she coughed and then, ”Get out of here, we don bother you and you don bother us! ” Romeda was shocked, when the mans inner voice rebuked her loudly, only a holy figure could withstand her strength.

Romeda examines this man carefully, who he suspects is an angel or nymph disguised as a human but his eyes cannot penetrate the flow of sacred blood because this mans blood is red like a normal human. When her hand wanted to touch the mans skin, her bodyguard shouted, ”Your Highness the Queen our place will be destroyed. ”

Her curiosity was delayed and he would find out later, ”We will meet again. ” She whispered right in the mans ear.

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