One step is equal to the speed of two knots of wind which leaves no traces on the ground even though her feet are on dry leaves. After all she is still a living creature but very extraordinary, traces left no trace because the weight of her body drifted as fast as the wind did not have time to make the ground sigh feel oppressed.

Her sharp eyes were directed at her opponents who wanted to destroy the palace that had just been built by the soldiers of the Hell kingdom. ”Akkkh, what is this! ” She hissed as her skin felt like it was being pricked by needles from the holy water splashed through the drone right above her head.

The Queen stepped aside, away and highlighted the small object which was now crashing down with her little strength that shook the wind by moving her hand downwards. ”What water are they pouring in this place! ” Her head turned to and fro, her eyes focused on the entire contents of this forest. Her dense aura to dominate this forest slowly became biased and weak.

”What happened, didn I have locked this forest to be dark and dense. Why is the suns light slowly coming through to the bottom. ” The Queen stepped back and the sunlight continued to follow her.

”I hate the light, Hi luminous round, stop your light! ” she shouted in annoyance but still, the suns rays continued to shine on her until her skin was a little smoky, blistering like it was on fire.

”Unlucky! ” The Queen ran at a speed exceeding the tornado winds making the workers cutting trees in the forest take a hit. She ran towards the sea which was right behind this forest to soak her body whose skin felt peeled off.

”Gosh, the whirlwind is terrible because suddenly there are no overcast clouds or a dark sky, ” said one of the workers who had stopped what he was doing.

”I don think its just any wind, theres something in this forest. Should we stop and continue after lunch? ” answered one of them and directed all the other workers to stop.

”Thats fine, lets go … everyone … lets rest first. ”

Romedas passing between them made the tree trunk they wanted to cut down suddenly bend towards them, but when they left the big tree trunk straightened again as before while the tree that had been cut down looked withered and yellowed as if poisoned.

Its not the plant poison they use, but the holy water from 9 springs in the city is a tool to drive away the evil spirit of the Demon Queen. Meanwhile, at the end of the forest there is a beautiful lake, where a pair of lovers are enjoying a romantic lunch.

Surrounded by singers using traditional instruments, humming love songs. The woman looks very happy while the man looks worried because there is something he is worried about. ”Thank you Michael, what a proposal I am touched by your love for me. ” This handsome man smiled and in his heart muttered, ( ”Yes, love me Katherine but when you get married, is that smile still on your face? ”)

”Which do you prefer, lunch, engagement ring or singing this song or even this 3 colored lake which will be the lake in our yard, our mansion to be precise. ”

The woman was shocked as she covered her mouth with both hands. Happy twinkle seen fromher bright eyes. Her lips continued to paint a smile and her hand held the hand of the handsome man while stroking the back of her hand with his thumb.

”You are amazing honey, Im a very lucky woman to have a lover like you. You … well, I don know what to compare you to, are you an angel sent by God for me. ”

”Ha ha ha ha ” This man laughed out loud but not as far as in his heart, ( ”The Angel who will give tears for you Katherine until you regret deceiving me ”)

”But we
e not getting married now are we? ”

”Why not, wouldn it be more exciting if we were married and you could get pregnant and our child was born when our mansion was finished. ”

This womans face looks angry, a little disappointed with the narrative of her lover. There are considerations that made him not agree with this idea. ”Um, Michael … I think if weve worked things out then, ”

( ”You want to get away from me and take what you have planned with that man, you sneaky Katherine, you sneaky! ”)

Michael can read his lovers mind because his mother gave him a dream. Michael is an innocent man who really loves his girlfriend who wants to deceive him. Now he wanted to teach this woman he loved a lesson. That love can fade even though Michael can know whats in his lovers heart and head.

He wanted to make his lover truly love him but in his own way. And if the lover can love him then Michael continues to make this woman miserable with him. ”So you don really love me? ” asked Michael in a surprised tone, so that the lover still feels she is the one who is loved.

”Of course I love you Michael, but …. ”

”A moment, ” Michael stifled the womans words with one hand going up and received a call from someone who had called him and was worried about him.

”No, everythings under control … oh yeah, alright, Ill be home in a bit. ”

Katherine frowned and asked, ”Who? ”

”Velove, she said if theres something on the project work. Lets go home, youve done it. ” Katherine rolled her eyes lazily, her thin lips smiled sarcastically and replied, ”Enough, you bully … shes been close to you in the office for weeks, still not satisfied and want to be together now! ”

Katherine was jealous, it was clear on her face but Michael still smiled and was as good as ever. ”You are too jealous honey, but I wonder, why you don want me to marry you soon. ”

”Ah, you start again. ” Katherine looks embarrassed by Michaels demands that he wants to marry her soon. Inside her brain she kept cursing and planning, (You can marry me Michael because I will only marry a man who is stronger than you who is nothing. You
e just a cowardly beautiful man who can please the ladies. Velove, shes just a sycophant who likes your handsome face but if she finds out you can kiss then she will definitely give up and leave you. ”)

Michael smiled hearing all the words of the lovers heart and he proudly said, ”Dear, ”

”Hmmm– ” Katherine turned to Michael and waited for Michaels lips to say something as she stepped out of the woods.

”I want to be frank with you. ”

”What? ” she smiled sweetly.

”But you
e angry aren you? ” Michael said.

”Depends. ” she answered flatly.

”Um, or you
e going to leaven me, maybe. ”

”You mean? ” Michael stopped and pulled his girlfriends hands up to look at her as he said, ”Yesterday, when I went out of town with the Velove, I was drunk and– ”

”And what? ”

”And I slept with her. ”

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