Movement of her hand flickering when paddling to the bottom of this ocean. Her head turns left and right to find her guard who always follows her wherever she goes. ”Nargh! ” she shouted making all the fish near the Queen immediately flee in fear with the anger she released. ”Nargh where are you! ” Her call this time caused vibrations in the bottom of the ocean until all the corals were awake and prepared to perish.

”Eeeeughhhhhh, ” The voice echoed as he answered the Queens call, slowly his large body wriggled across the surface of the sandy ocean floor. The water that originally looked clear became slightly opaque, mingling with the sand rising up.

The beautifully arranged coral reefs were even a little shaken by this unusual movement. This large and long body makes it difficult for the owner to move quickly. His head with a golden-red crown began to slowly sway left and right.

His long neck flexed slightly. His beard danced in the water and his eyes began to open, fiery red … glaring at the bottom of the ocean in front of him. Its two large forepaws were planted straight and its long middle body was also lifted and hung, accompanied by its two hind legs which were now standing straight. Its long tail wags left and right until the fish around it move away, afraid of being blown away because its sharp, rock-hard scales can injure those innocent fish.

The Queen who had detected his voice, now found the whereabouts of this ocean ruler. she no longer swims, now walks on the ocean floor and stands before this creature with anger. ”Greetings, Her Royal Highness, Im sorry I fell asleep, ” he said while bowing his crowned head respectfully in front of the Queen who looked at him annoyed.

”You are the ruler of water in this world, why can there be water that makes my body hot like the hot embers of hell fire for humans. You know that I can get burned but why can I feel heat just because of water, isn that unreasonable, ” she said without Chit Chat.

This creature snorted then coughed and offended the Queen, ”You
e laughing at me, after I struggled to find you! ”

”Im sorry, Your Majesty Queen Romeda, I just woke up from a long sleep, my nose is a little itchy because of the little fish here. The problem with the water that can burn your skin is not the water in my power but it is the holy water from the Shugrya mountain where the Elves and other sacred beings in this country. ”

”What do they do with the water, doesn all the water drain into the sea and they also get the same water even though its from underground water. ” Romeda continues to argue with the logic of a human who argues about what he knows, but not everything is true.

”They do not use groundwater, sea or rivers, but mountain water obtained from rain that falls from the sky, then they pray there to purify the water they use for their health and purity of heart, ” explained this creature.

Romeda still doesn understand, in her mind she keeps thinking about what skills the elves have that can hurt her. This is bad news for her. All this time, Romeda felt that she was an unchallenged ruler wherever she was, but now its a matter of waterbecame a frightening thing for her because it burned her smooth skin and could not heal.

”How to get rid of that creature? ” asked firmly, but was prevented by this creature.

”Not allowed Her Majesty the Queen, because they are not allowed to be disturbed by you. Gods agreement with us is only limited to humans not fighting the Elves who are protected by the angels in Heaven. ” Romeda looks irritated, the hot aura inside her bursts out. Instantly the cold sea became slightly warm making the creature in front of her squirm restlessly.

”Your Majesty the Queen, weaken this power of yours because it might boil the innocent fish inside and my scales will fall off my body. ”

”Then what about me! My skin is blistered and probably won be able to get rid of the marks! My residence is about to be destroyed by humans who are greedy to rule the forest. Some of my troops have been wiped out, dry and yellow. How are you going to stop this! ” Romeda continued to express her anger until the sea water started to get a little hot and the ruler of the ocean was increasingly moving uncomfortably, the small fish floated up helplessly. Innocent clams opened from their shells and their flesh turned white.

”Your Majesty the Queen! ” he complained as well as growled because this warm water slowly entered the gaps of his scales.

”Think or Ill boil you in here! ”

”You only have to be human when dealing with that water. Aren you half human. ”

”But my power is nothing if I become an ordinary human! ”

”That is a privilege of yours Her Majesty the Queen, this country is not like any other… huh… hot Your Highness… you … must adapt, you must not force your will or you will perish! ”

This creature wriggled up to secure itself, feeling unbearable because the water seemed to boil in this vast ocean. He raises himself to the surface of the water so as to create a rare phenomenon for humans who see his appearance.

”Wow… theres a dragon… theres a big dragon! ” shouted someone who captured the Nargh sightings with his cellphone camera.

Everyone flocked to see him, making Nargh inevitably enter the water again and resigned himself to being boiled to death by Romeda. But slowly the temperature of the water became cold again and he moved down again, meeting again with Romeda the selfish charming Devil Queen. ”So whats the solution? ” demanded Romeda sternly and loudly.

And this creature thought hard to find a solution and finally. ”If you don want to be an ordinary human in disguise. You have to seduce and control the hearts of humans to come to that holy mountain. Take them there and make them compete in committing sins then the Elves will leave that place. They don like it their place is defiled by the sins of humans because they are holy beings without sin. ”

”All right, I accept your suggestion. But think about how I can protect my forest from the water for now! ”

”Or you really boiled me! ” the dragon asked in a soft voice.

”Sure and think about, if you walked on land without scales, ” Romeda answered with the threatened.

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