Above the high mountains towering through the clouds, there is a magnificent palace carved from clear ice. The majestic pillars that were cold and transparent stood firm, tapering at the ends, like spears that could instantly stab enemy attacks, surrounding this magnificent palace.

A man with a handsome face, has a sharp chin and nose. His lips were thin and his eyelids were large with the corners of his eyes narrowed. Walk hastily into the area of ​​the higher-ups of his people.

The holy beings who are not touched by humans or the devils who are on this earth. The Elves who have a beautiful face are a reflection of their pure and noble heart.

”Servant wishes to report todays incident, My Lord. ”

The high ranking officials started to line up neatly, their highest climbed the stairs to sit on his chair. While the others stood in a quarter circle and the reporter stood right in the middle.

”Whats wrong, tell me. ”

This man bowed respectfully then said, ”Nargh, have shown themselves to the surface and Romeda is throwing tantrums at the bottom of the ocean, they are complaining because Romedas anger makes the water boil hot until they lose their lives. Do we have to act? ”

”We can prevent, but we can fight back if he fights us. Have any humans been affected? ” he said wisely.

After a few seconds, from the direction of the door a bunch of tiny little creatures came to break up the conversation. They had come to complain about the loss of a relative.

The Elves were disturbed in their seriousness and accepted the arrival of the cute and usually cheerful little creature with a sad face.

”My Lord … we lost Mucica, how can we find her, please my Lord help us look for her. ”

”Yes, My Lord … please… help our sister, ” cried everyone while pleading with their hands clasped standing in front of their chests.

”How did she get lost, humans can see you guys? ” he asked in astonishment.

”There is My Lord, there is a handsome man who can see us but we think hes a nice man, ” replied one of them carrying arrows and bows.

The Lord frowned, ”Angel, who came down to earth? ” He asked confused because only certain creatures could see their whereabouts including devils.

One of them replied, ”No My Lord, the movement of the sky is always monitored every day. There is no white light coming down from the sky. ”

”Then who is he? ”

”Please allow me to answer My Lord, ” said the one of them in the palace, want to explain it. All pairs of eyes looked at him.

”Yes, please. ”

” He is may be the child of an angel from heaven who used to ask to live on earth for a while but sinned and then was punished and her child stayed on earth alone without her affection. ”

”Angel of the supreme ruler of heaven? Ive heard of it. ”

”Yes My Lord, her son is called Michael and his purpose in coming here is because of work. ”

”Well, protect him and keep an eye on him because Romeda will surely seduce him and don let him be consumed by the devils wild lust. ”

”With the pleasure My Lord, ” he said while lowering his head and body that bowed.

”And you little fairies, if a human sees you it is a miracle that God has given but will not harm you. We will find out where your sister is lost. Be careful and run if Romeda is around you, dodge don fight. ”

”Thank you, May Lord. May your live long. ”

The little creature rotated its wings, left satisfied complaining. Only the elves can find their sister. While the elves began to move and organize tactics to protect innocent creatures from Romedas negative influence.


This womans slender legs stepped wide with a sharp high heels stamp. Her hand held a piece of paper to show someone in the room before her eyes.

Without knocking on the door first, she entered the room and made the head of the handsome man who was sitting on the big chair look up, then stopped reading the file and greeted this woman.

”Hey, whats wrong … you look serious. ”

A piece of paper that was printed out from todays online news, landed on the table and surprised him to see the article written on it.

”South of the Krison Degras area, the creature appeared for about a few seconds and was captured on CCTV footage of a building located near the beach area. It is clear this city is not true Michael. ”

”Ive seen him a few months ago but only the body and apparently the head on the other end. Thats not surprising to me now but why did he show himself, what kind of creature he really is, ” Michael argued calmly because what he saw was not an illusion but facts.

”There is one more thing. Many fish in the sea float like in steam. There are fishermen who say, the sea water was hot like boiling water. This is irrational, what kind of country is this Michael. ”

Michael gripped his chin, rubbing it back and forth with his fingers. His brain began to think critically, one by one the problems beyond reason were revealed, crawling up to the surface.

Ever since he used holy water to clean the forest and easily cut down the trees one by one, one by one problems were now arising. Not included withthe anger of the lover, because it was outside the plan when he came here.

”So what do you want to do? ”

”Get out of here, this country is strange and unsafe. ”

”Wherever you live, death will still target you because everything that happens to us is Gods will. ”

This woman snorted and threw herself onto the swivel chair in front of Michael, ”But this isn normal, I don want to deal with something thats impossible to fight against. A strange forest, a huge dragon-like creature that is the incarnation of mythological creatures. They can be resisted, impossible to resist. ”

Michael chuckled softly, ”V, if he can be fought with man-made weapons then the best way is with the saints who will bind them. ”

V is the nick name, the true name is Velove … blew her breath roughly, ”Oh, yes … you are very wise in thinking Michael. Is it because of your love for that woman that you don want to leave the project? ”

V stood up and leaned right in front of Michael with sharp squinted eyes, ”Remember your life is at stake! ”

e my husband-to-be, I have every right to be worried but if you choose her — what can I do, besides die here with you even though I can escape before its too late, you
e too smart Michael! V continued silently then left Michael who was silent. Staring intently at V then closed his eyes.

A woman who loves him sincerely but he doesn feel the same way. The future wife that the saint told him about always accepted what he did.

Even if he had to kiss Katherine his girlfriend in front of her. Without a doubt, his ability to be able to read someones mind has become a boomerang for him at every opportunity.

Inner V is always screaming and desperate, but what if there is no love in his heart for V.

V is a figure who becomes the object of his lovers jealousy. Just by hearing the lie he said yesterday that he had slept with V, Katherine was furious and didn want to meet him since returning from the forest until today.

Michael didn coax and he didn care either, he wanted to see what his lover would do to him.

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