Like an ordinary human being, a mothers feelings are very sincere to love her child, as well as this one angel. She had felt the pain of giving birth, the tiredness of carrying a child for several months but when the time came for the child to come out, she was not allowed to hold or give the warmth of a mothers touch and hug. Sad, it does sound. But all of that is a punishment for the servant of God who sinned.

God is Most Good of all because even though she has extraordinary mistakes, this does not make this angel thrown into Hell with the Devils and devils who are eternally lost there in heavy torment and hot weather.

The fragrance of her body wafting before she got to where she was going to make the people who take shelter and rule in this place feel her presence. This handsome figure with white wings prepares and stands to welcome the arrival of a beautiful woman whose body odor captivates all creatures created by the Almighty, especially her clear face, as clear as dewdrops that cannot be touched.

”Greetings, holy and glorious servant of God, ” said the Angel as she bowed with one leg bent half down and one hand covering the chest, the other behind the back.

”Greetings, O the beauty of the Almightys creation, what made you come to my residence, an angel, ” replied this handsome figure who also bowed his head. His firm face greets the angel who looks upset and worried.

”My son, is in a land that will be ruled by Romeda. He doesn have any power, he only has something to protect himself from people who are not good for him. As for fighting Romeda, he really can . ”

”Then, what do you want to ask from me. Didn the Creator forbid you to help your child because he has been given abilities that exceed those of ordinary humans, ” said the Handsome mana, reminding her of what happened during the meeting that day which discussed this matter.

”The problem is, he has injured Romeda because of the holy water that comes from the dwelling of the Elves. Romeda is the first time to use Nargh to act, so far she has only acted with her troops without involving other creatures, I am afraid – afraid my son loves her and could become her loyal follower. immortal because Michaels aura is different from normal humans. Besides that, I also want you to help my friends affected by Romeda. The underwater kingdom was damaged, devastated and the shy creatures were half destroyed while the others were seriously injured. They don want humans to know its whereabouts, please — hide the corpse, lest humans find out about it first. And if any humans find out about it, erase that memory in their brains. ”

This handsome figure took all her worries out. She couldn possibly come down to earth now because she could get punished. This handsome figure took a deep breath, not knowing what to do. He descends to earth at certain times which cannot be known by earthlings even the devils do not even notice if he is already on earth. His mouth began to move, forming words, ”Nargh, beelgruf, dreghu are Romedas troops sent by her father. As long as within reasonable limits it doesn harm the earth then she is allowed to live in her territory. ”

The beautiful face of the angel looked objected to the expression this handsome angel. Choose to hear more detailed advice. ”Regarding, the beautiful half-fish-human creature, it is a mystery forever for humans. Even if someone saw the carcass but when held by humans, they were just an ordinary fish. Meanwhile, your child is a target to be possessed not to be destroyed so, you don need to be afraid. The charm of your child same with your charms, if Romeda is not strong — she will perish, you know about that and the King of Hell will grieve, ” he said.

However, the angel still begged this handsome angel, to be able to protect her child when he came down to earth. But angels are faithful creatures who will work according to the orders of their Creator. He has no thoughts about what is good and bad because he is not given the feeling to examine the lives of humans. Can only monitor not to help.


This beauty angels face still looked gloomy, her feet walked slowly towards where she was relaxing. ”Honey, you
e done and what did he say, can he help? ” Her head shook slowly answering her sweetheart and didn say much. Her mind was full of consideration and fear as well as what might happen beyond her prediction.

There was a little shadow that just came across and of course it made the angel confused. She doesn want his child to fall in love with a half-demon creature that will lead him astray, so hell is the goal of eternal life forever for sinners.

”Calm down dear, didn you say earlier that the half-demon would perish if she fell in love, I thought maybe Michael would seduce her so she would fall in love. ”

”And make love to her, then she bears a child half of my blood and half of the Demon King then we will be dragged into the Hell. ”

Jhonys eyes widened at that, he didn think that he too would be affected. Even though he didn do anything, it turns out that if one of the strongest family members, like a child, makes a big mistake, then the parents are also involved in this sin.

This angel nodded weakly, ”Although we will definitely be forgiven and return to heaven after being punished all-out there, but what is clear is that I don want to have half-demon offspring. I am willing to be punished for anything, so that it will never happen, forever ! ” A little selfishness overflowed in her heart, to defend the truth, which was obviously to save her son and all her descendants.

”Are you going to come down again to earth, then I – how can I be without you here. Meanwhile you forbid me not to interfere in Michaels affairs, ”

”Thats because you are a forgiven being, while I was created here. I can handle it, this is for our son Jhony. You will stay here and I will definitely come back if I have to act later, ”

The two of them hugged each other, under a shady tree. The darkness of the night made them not hesitate to hug and kiss each other without being seen by other residents. This intimacy ends on a bed made of soft silk cloth, covered by a white cloth that is smooth and slightly thick while their bodies are in a blanket that blends in there. Wrestling in eternal heavenly pleasures, has always been an opium for the residents of heaven who are in pairs. Love that is eternal and lasts forever.

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