The sound of the air conditioner was the only noise in the room.

Any passerby would think that the room was empty but just a peek inside would prove otherwise.

The spacious room, designed by expert hands and minds, was as silent as a graveyard as everyone present held their breath in anticipation.

It was quite an odd sight to see seven grown men frozen in trepidation as they all faced the woman at the head of the room-length rectangular table.

Dressed elegantly and looking as delicate as a newly bloomed flower, she sat up straight in her chair with narrowed eyes on a non-expressive face.

The slight movement causes a few of those present in the room to squirm in their seats, probably wanting to bolt out of the tension filled room.

As she spoke, they all held their breath.

”Why did this happen under your supervision? ” she asked and the baritone in her voice caused a few to shiver.

The man in question gulped and used a handkerchief to wipe the sweat that had accumulated on his face.

The rest of those present in the room slumped back in their chair in relief but a sharp glare from the woman caused them to straighten up.

”Well the thief had a few other people helping them so it was a little hard to catch them in time, ” the sweaty man explained in a shaky voice and thankfully he did not stutter. The boss hates it when they stutter.

”So youve caught them? ” She asks with a raised brow which is equivalent to a loud shout.

”Yes Boss, we have caught them and have arranged for some men to go and retrieve the ones who dared to steal from you, ” he replied and licked his lips.

This was the moment that would determine if he would be punished or not and the boss isn known to be forgiving, quite the opposite.

”How long did it take you to find them? ” she asked as she unclasped her fingers and started to tap the table with her nails.

”Three days Boss, ” he said and the room held its breath for the announcement.

”Jacob, put him in isolation for three days, ” she ordered the man to her right who stood along with a disheartened Jacob and they walked out of the room.

”The rest of you get back to work, I have a meeting to prepare for, ” she said and everyone exited the room in haste, save for one man.

They both sat in silence for a few minutes before the man decided to break it.

”You went easy on him, ” he said in curiosity.

”Sometimes ruling with an iron fists can do more harm than good, ” she replied with warmth in her tone.

”Do you really have to go with them on the raid? they
e quite capable if you ask me, ” he said and his sister hummed.

”Well I didn ask you little brother, ” she replied and stood to leave the room.

”You know we would have to recruit new members to take over the empty slots left by the traitors, ” he said to his sisters back.

”I know and I trust you to make that happen, ” she responded before walking out the door and toward the exclusive elevator that would take her to her private quarters.

Her brother remained in his seat with his hand to his chin and his eyes stared into space.

After a few minutes, a smirk tugged at his lips before he stood and left the room.


”Are we ready? ” the leader of the raid team, Paulo, asked in a voice that constantly sounds like a growl. He was even suspected of being raised by wolves.

The group behind him nodded their heads and pulled on their masks.

The group consisted of five men and three females, all dressed in black leather that clung to their body like a second skin.

”You know the plan, move out, ” he snapped and everyone was quick to respond.

Two of the men enter through the front entrance with their hands up as a distraction. They all had bullet proof vests on so they were safe just Incase.

The rest of them scattered around the small warehouse and took their places at the other entrances.

They all counted exactly ten seconds in their heads before they opened fire and hell broke loose.

A lot of bullets, blood and dead bodies later, the raiders cleared out the warehouse of all the merchandise stolen from their Leader and loaded them in the two SUVs they came with.

After doing a clean sweep of the area to make sure that there wasn any escapee and there wasn anything that could implicate them, they got into the vehicles and drove off.

”Those idiots have no sense of self preservation to steal from the boss like that, ” one of the women grunted as her companion applied pressure on the bullet wound on her arm.

”Don talk, Layla, save your strength for when they pull that shit out of you, ” the woman in the drivers seat scolds.

Layla scoffed. ”Ive had worse. I wonder what reward well get from the boss this time. I hope we get some vacation time, Im starting to miss my little panda, ” she says and turns toward the last woman beside her.

”Why do you always hide your face behind that mask? Don you find it hard to breathe? ” she asked but as always the woman ignored her and stared out the window.

”Let her be Layla, Boss already vouched for her and besides you always ask every time and every time she ignores you so quit it, ” the man in the passenger seat said causing Layla to grumble under her breath but adhered to his instruction.

They drove back to the manor in silence but it went without saying that they were curious about the masked womans identity.


”The reports for the retrieval of the stolen items are here and everything is ready for you to check them, ” Jacob said as he stood at attention in front of his boss and her second in command.

She nods in acknowledgement of his words and he half bows before leaving the room.

”So? ”

”Spit it out Jason, ” she snapped and anyone else would have flinched for fear of their life but he just laughed and shook his head.

”It isn nice to lie to your subordinates Marie, that is called deceit dear sister, ” he taunted and let out a snort when she rolled her eyes.

”How else am I supposed to get in on the action when you all want to smother me with pillows and boundaries, ” she said with a rare smile on her lips.

”We have good reasons and you know it, ” he said in a serious tone causing Marie to sigh and she stood up.

They were back in the conference room to look through the reports of the families under their organization and to allocate salaries, rewards and bonuses.

She goes behind her brother and starts to massage his shoulder and neck.

”I know and I appreciate your concerns but I am very capable of taking care of myself, ” she said and Jason relaxed into her hands.

He nodded and made no comment since they always fell on dead ears.

”Have you gotten the list for the new influx of recruits? ” she says and walks back to her seat, sitting down with the grace of the queen she was in the eyes of those around her.

”Yes, they will arrive the day after tomorrow, ” Jason replied and his sister nodded.

”Good. ”

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