”You know how dangerous raids are yet you still insist on sneaking out to each and every one of them. What is wrong with you, Marietta? ”

A middle-aged man yelled into the room used as a liquor bar for the residents of the manor.

His cheeks are flushed an angry red from all the prolonged shouting.

At that moment though, no one but the Mafia queen, her brother and their last remaining relative were in the room.

Marietta sighed and resisted the urge to roll her eyes while Jason forced down a snort and leaned onto the counter on his elbows with a drink in hand.

He looked between his sister and uncle in amusement, already used to the argument that always happens after every raid that had been done since Marietta turned sixteen.

”I can take care of myself, uncle Lucius, ” Marietta said as respectfully as she could but her voice still sounded cold and the baritone gave a commanding effect.

One can only imagine what it would sound like if she yelled.

”We have had this conversation a thousand times over but you
e too bullheaded to listen. ”

”Well then you should give it up already and let me do what needs to be done, ” Marietta replied in a clipped tone.

”You know the only way Ill give this up is if you get married and give us an heir. ”

”That is not happening anytime soon so stop wasting your breath uncle dearest and drop this conversation. We are here to discuss how many recruits we might need and what to do with them, ” Marietta snapped, annoyance seeping into her tone at the repetitive argument.

Lucius blew out a frustrated breath and looked up to the ceiling, silently praying for strength and patience.

Jason watched and sipped from the glass in hand while Marietta twirled hers, not really a fan of the strong drink.

”Marietta Georgia Javier, listen to a voice of reason for once in your rebellious life. If your mother was here, Im sure she would have… ” Lucius started to say, missing the dark look that fell on his nieces face and the way Jasons laughing eyes turn cold.

”My mother is dead! ” Marietta bellows, hitting the glass in her hand on the counter and even the house stops breathing.

She stood up and straighten out her already neat signature three piece suit to calm herself.

”The recruits will be here in a few hours and since our dear uncle is not in the state of mind to discuss the more pressing issue, I think its time we go elsewhere, ” she stated in an even tone and walked out of the liquor room.

Jason swallowy the rest of his drink, placed the glass on the table and gave his uncle a short nod before walking around the counter and out of the room.

Lucius sighed in exasperation and shook his head before walking out of the room and towards his quarters.

The siblings exited the manor and walked towards another smaller building at the edge of the property.

The distance was quite far and the sun was starting to take its place in the sky but everyone went about their business around the large property on foot.

If the sun was too much or it rained too hard, then transportations in the form of small shuttles would be provided.

Everyone in and around the manor was part of the Mafia that the Javier family ran and each person had gone through some training no matter who they were.

There was no discriminations, every person must learn some kind of self defense.

It is only if One wants to join the main force of the Mafia that more training would be administered and all of this is looked after by a group of the best fighters the organization had ever produced.

”Hello Boss Marie and Boss Jason, ” a five year old boy yells as he stops in front of the siblings and waves before running after his friends.

The siblings nodded to every greeting they received, only Jason returned a few smiles but it was a normal occurrence so no one complained.

The property owned by the Javier family was a very spacious piece of land that was brought to accommodate the Mafia and all the families under them.

If a person wanted to move off the property, excluding those in the main army, they would have to ask permission from their leaders who in turn would present their case to a Javier who would then check if said person is trustworthy enough to be left on their own.

The siblings arrived at the miniature manor used for housing the recruits until they were fully integrated into the family.

A tall man walked out of the building to greet them. He is about 6ft7, one of, if not the tallest man on the property.

He is the leader of the group that was in charge of the main army.

”Good morning our great bosses, we are honored to be blessed with your presence on this fine day, ” he greeted in an exaggerated British accent, causing Jason to snort and Marietta smirked.

”Cut the crap Xander, you sound like a dying raccoon, ” Jason said and his sister snorted out a laugh causing Xander to pout.

”You guys are so mean to me, ” Xander said and wiped a fake tear from his eyes. He led them into the manor and towards the basement.

”But since I love you both so much I decided to overlook your meanness and brought the recruits in early. Don worry about what to do with them and how many we need because I already got that covered, ” Xander said with a smug look on his face as if he knew that the siblings wouldn have time to arrange it.

”Oh dear, what would we do without you Xan Xan? ” Marie asked in a flat tone and a smirk on her luscious lips.

They had stopped in front of the door to the basement for Xander to finish his dramatic reveal.

”I hope you never find out Ta-ta, ” Xander replied and Jason chuckles at the nickname they always used to annoy his sister.

The three of them had been best friends since birth since Xanders father was Jasons fathers second in command.

”Shut up and show me the recruits, ” Marie said in a light tone that she only used on her loved ones.

”I thought youd never ask. ”

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