The Maid of House Jones

The Dream That Started With You

would shake one minute and the lights would flicker the next. It was only after that conversation that my curiosity piqued.

”What is that? ” I asked

They didn know at first what I was talking about. When they did figure it out, they told me that it was nothing to worry about. After a while, different maids started coming in to get something to eat. I was kept out of the way so that I wouldn get tripped over while the triplets worked. This gave me a chance to get a look at all of the maids.

They all seem to be around the ages of 15 to 40 with some expectations here and there. Something I didn notice before was that some of them had weapons on them. Those that did all had mini skirts and boots. Others had goggles as well as glasses with what looked like soot on their faces. Each of their uniforms had a different color and pattern like how the eldest had black, victorian uniforms; some were green, the younger ones had pink, but no one had a red uniform. It must have been a color unique to me and I wondered if the color would change at some point.

Once everything calmed down in the kitchen, Tina came to check up on me.

”It seems they
e putting you hard at work, ” she said, though I was doing nothing.

I scrambled to my feet. ”Im sorry. Ill help them clean the dishes– ”

”Done. ” They said in unison.

”–or help them put up the– ”

”Done. ”

”…you guys move fast, ” I said marveling at how efficient they were.

Tina giggled. ”You
e fine as long as you did something. ” Confirming that I did, Tina continued. ”Good. I just wanted to see how you were adjusting. ”

”Well, it seems Im now stationed in the kitchen and this was my first day. I guess I would like a more extensive tour of the estate. ”

”Oh yes. That is something we should get done. Youll have to forgive us. We haven had a truly new maid in a long time. ”

”What about the maids in the pink uniforms? ” I asked referring to the younger maids in general. We were walking and talking at this point.

”Their situation is… different. You were employed here whereas they were adopted. ”

”Adopted? As in they
e orphans. ”

”To put it simply. ”

”Were you employed or adopted? ”

”Adopted. I think only the oldest maids were employed, but thats a long story. ”

”Master Wallace is a pretty nice guy to do all this. ”

”He is, ” she said sweetly, ”but if you
e referring to what we were just talking about, that all started with his grandfather; Master Clifford Jones. ”

I thought back to the interview and the look on Wallaces face at the mention of his grandfather; uncaring. ”What was he like; the old master? ”

Tina tilted her head back. ”Master Clifford was… a great man. ”

I believed she meant what she said, but there was a complication in the comment. On this land was a story of a generation passed and the current generation. The history here was as rich as the house, yet, only since yesterday have I heard of this place. People pass the estate every day, but how many questions what goes on in here?

The first place we visited was the bathing room. It was drained for cleaning. Maids in wet-resistant cloths wore paddings and helmets as they slipped around on brush skates that scrubbed the floors. Some had brushes on their hands while others had mops using them like hockey sticks.

Next was the indoor farm. It was built like a greenhouse with gardens of vegetables, flowers, and a tree as the centerpiece. Roaming around were varying farm animals, as well as birds of prey, rodents, and so on. Tina assured me that this wasn where all the food came from. Though the thought crossed my mind, I keep feeling like some of the animals were off. I saw some with extra limbs, others had wrong colors, and so on. I figured these were all birth defects and this ”farm ” acted more like a sanctuary. All of the maids here wore more of what I thought was appropriate for outside work, but still keep the frills most of the uniforms had. There was one maid that was probably in her mid 30s with droopy eyes and autumn brown and curly hair. Animals seemed to flock around her more than the other maids.

The last place we visited was the gym. It was a huge place with now folded bleachers you would find on a high school football field, basketball hoops were folded mechanically on the tall ceiling, and volleyballs were tucked away in a corner. Currently set up were beat-up dummies of different kinds and targets for arrow shooting. Right outside the glass windows was a tennis court and the sounds of guns firing. The maids here were some of the eldest ranging from what I assumed were ages 25 and older give or take. One of the maids who was spectating was a tall, brown-skinned woman with long orange hair and big round glasses. The sides of her hair that would have covered her cheeks bent upwards. Wrapped around her waist was a chain that acted as a holster for the long sword on her backside. Beside her was another brown-skinned girl much shorter than the other and had short silver hair. Her skin was glossy and reflected any light that hit her. It was almost metallic in a way.

”This almost feels like a military, ” I note as my eyes trailed to some maid doing pushups. ”Will I have to do that at some point? ” I don know if I could have handled a drill sergeant in a maid uniform barking orders at me.

Tina laughed. ”Not if you don want to. I doubt Master Wally would have you do any of this, though. ”

”So why have it? I understand a need to protect your home, but couldn you install a security system? ”

”We do. Completely homemade and tirelessly tested. ”

”Im sorry, did you say homemade? ”

”With our satellite and wifi. Speaking of, is the wifi working well for you? ”

We were just leaving the gym and my mouth was agape.

”I could guess you guys were rich, but this is crazy. Where is all this money coming from? ”

Tina laughed at my shock. When she was able to calm down, she began to answer my question. ”It goes back to Master Clifford. It started when he found a deposit of an ore never before seen by anyone. After financially stabilizing himself, he went on to find ways to use the ore taking part in the research himself. After realizing that the ore could be used in modern technologies, he proceeded to dip his hands in creating his own brand of tech that we use in the house and other electronics. Appliances, vehicles, and tools were pushed out under his name, and companies came to him for technical guidance and improvements. In the meantime, the ore was fashioned for other uses such as weapons, but thats for more personal use than a sold product. ”

”Seems like he made a big name for himself, but I can remember hearing his name anywhere. His death must have weighed heavily on the world. ”

”It did, ” Tina said solemnly. ”Many lamented his passing. ”

”It just seems weird to me that Wallace seems to have so little respect for him. ” At the same moment I realized that I didn use the word master, Tina also looked confused at what I said. ”Sorry! I didn mean to speak so casually. ”

Tina only smiled. ”You have the right to question things. In that vein, it would be better to ask Master Wally in person. ”

I felt as if I struck a nerve when it came to the relationship between Wallace and his grandfather. I made a note to not bring it up, lest I create bad blood with my employer.

The tour had to end there as there were still places to see, but the time to see them was short. I was slowly mapping out the layout in my head, so I wasn afraid of getting lost. After one last meal of the day, I made my way to my room to turn in. Although this was just the beginning, if the days to come would be like this, then this will be a breeze to get through.

I pulled out my phone to check notifications I missed, listen to a Bible reading, and play games or watch videos. As I did, I realized that I never really unpacked my luggage. Some clothes and toiletries were all I had among other electronics. The room had a tv and a sink and mirror. The one window outside had a view of the lake and everything surrounding it. I thought about personalizing the place to better fit my style which led me to wonder when I would get paid. On that thought, I wondered if I would need to buy anything for this room. I would assume I would take whatever I buy with me, but at the moment it felt wrong.

I thought back to the conversation I had with the triplets. This opportunity gave me so many options to pursue, yet I couldn think of how to capitalize on it. It was like someone giving me a football field-sized pool but I didn know how to swim. Sure, I could always learn, but it feels like a waste on someone who can immediately appreciate the gift.

From my window, a bright, sparkling light filled my room. I tried to see what was causing it, but the light was too blinding. At some point, the light dimmed enough to get a good look at what was happening, and what I saw changed everything.

The lake was the thing that was glowing sprouting a beacon of light into the sky. From that light came a giant man with long messy hair that I assumed was blowing in the wind. The hair on his arms, chest, and head was almost as dark as his dark purple skin, but there was enough of a distinction to tell the difference. His body showed like the night sky with star patterns dotting across his chest. His eyes were empty but were focused on the mansion. In one hand, he held a club black and splintered. As he rose from the lake, he showed no signs of being wet.

I was entranced by the sight and lock in place by fear. Even if I ran now, by the time I would get to the first floor, he would be knocking the whole building down with that club.

An alarm went off accompanied by blinking red lights that came from the floor. I fell to the soft carpeted floor in a fright that snapped me out of my fear leaving my instinct to live to take its place. As I put on some shoes and grabbed my coat, I felt the house shake with multiple footsteps and soon after an earthquake level rumbling.

Taking what I could, I opened my door to find maids running in all directions. They each seemed to be moving purposefully to a destination rather than panicking at the thought of a giant as big as the mansion was on its way here. Not having a place to go, I decided to make my way out to leave the estate. I was constantly running into maid after maid until I finally ran into the triplets who held me in place.

”Eve, ” said Lana, ”are you all right? ” After nodding to confirm that I was, she asked, ”Where are you going? ”

In a panic, I said, ”I don know where to go, so I figured leaving the premise was the best option. ”

”Well, it isn . ”

”But where can she go? ” asked Madison. ”It doesn seem like she was given a designation. ”

”Lets take her to the Master, ” advised Sallie. ”Hell know what to do. ”

”Are you sure? ” critiqued Lana. ”Hell be in the most dangerous spot- ” A sound like multiple cannons going off reverberated throughout the house nearly knocking us off our feet. ”I guess we don have any other options and we
e wasting time. ” Lana took my hand and ran fast up to the ceiling with her sisters behind us. With nothing else to do, I noted that their eyes were like snakes now. Many of the maids had extra details about them that were more than human.

We finally got to one of the roofs and the sight was extraordinary. Immediately before us stood Tina, the brown skin maid from the gym, and the droopy-eyed maid from the farm. Past them, a formation of ice made its way to the mansion, but at some point rose from the ground as if it was encasing a dome. I could see cracks in what I assumed was an invisible force field.

”What are you doing here?! ” demanded the brown-skinned maid whose name was Edith Fox.

”We didn know where else to take her, ” Lana explained referring to me. ”We figured the Master would know what to do with her. ”

The giant was much closer now. Cannons from somewhere on the side of the building fired again landing direct hits for some. The giant barley slowed his pursuit. From higher up, machine guns fired at the invader with even little effect.

The droopy-eyed maid, Shirley Brown, spoke up over the noise. ”Even dragons would be wounded by this many hard-hitting attacks. ” Despite her home being threatened by a nearly unstoppable force of nature, she still kept her dopey smile. That said, she was shivering a bit.

Lights flashed on different parts of the giants lower body, but they did not come from the mansion. He swung his club at the ground kicking up dirt and trees. In the clubs wake was left with ice.

e going to be slaughtered if we don go now! ” Cried Edith.

”Master Wally told us to meet here. He will be here soon. ” Tina said with a bomber jacket in her hands.

”Hes here. ” the voice of Wallace came from behind me. His hair was spiky and naturally groomed. He wore a form-fitting red t-shirt and dark blue cargo pants. Noticing I was here as well, he asked calmly, ”What are you doing here? ”

My voice shook as I replied. ”I didn know where else to go. They thought you would have an idea. ” hey referring to the triplets.

Without hesitation, he said, ”I put you in the care of the kitchen maids, so you are under their protection. Sallie, Madison, Lana, ” each girl perked up at the sound of their names, ”Defend Eve with your lives. ”

”Yes Sir! ” they said in unison, and they took my hand to lead me back into the mansion.

Wallace took the bomber jacket from Tina who bowed in response. The back of the jacket had a nordic design of a crow encircled by runic symbols. A memento of his grandfather. It was described to be armor and a wearable symbol of the house of Jones. This would be the first time Wallace would put it on. Slipping the jacket on, he made his way to the railed off the edge of the roof followed by the three maids.

”Call back all of the maids on ground level, ” he ordered. ”If this is the same giant who took the lives of Rebecas party, then we will not give it the satisfaction of taking more. Edith, Shirley, Tina! We will take this thing down with the support of those behind the barrier. ”

”Basic weaponry does not affect it and we have yet to find a weakness. ” Edith relayed the order for the ground fighters to pull back. At the same time, her arms grew feathers and sprouted fox ears on her head.

”So this is the power of the legendary giants, ” Wallace commented. ”But if the legends are to be believed, then they do bleed. We can kill it. ”

Upon each of her joints, Tina grew an extra mouth with tongue lapping out. She looked out hungrily at the giant with a big toothy grin. Drool dripped down her face uncontrollably.

Edith produced a wolfs tail behind her and she drew her sword. It was edged with diamond amethyst the House of Jones was famous for. Light glinted off its fractured surface.

Shirleys arms and legs became like coal taking on its texture and color. Heat began to radiate off of her.

Wallace jumped off the railing and the three maids followed him. As he fell, charges of electricity flew from his mouth. He grew in size and shape until, by the time he landed, he was in the form of a brown-furred wolf the size of a pickup truck. With a howl that shook even the sky, he charged at the giant.

I tripped and fell on something (most likely nothing) trying to keep pace with the triplets.

”Come one! ” Lana tried to get me up. ”You can stay here. ”

Unfortunately for her, I was frozen in place. The house keeps rumbling from either the guns firing at the giant or the giant itself. Fear clouded my judgment to believe that anywhere in this house would be safe. Even if I believed the contrary, the look on who I believed were the head maids of the house and Wallace suggested that this was a common occurrence. Even if this only happens once a month, thats still 11 times Id have to experience this war-like atmosphere. I curled up in a ball covering my head with my arms. I trembled despite Madisons efforts to comfort me.

”Eve, come on. ” Madison pleaded for me to move. ”This will all blow over soon. I promise. ”

True as that may be, how could they expect me to stay after all of this? More loud sounds pummeled the air around us.

Wallace was knocked to the side with his dog-fitting bomber jacket now coated with ice. Landing on his feet, he again used his lighting bite to try and hold back the giants arm that held the club. From nearby, Shirley blasted a torrent of fire square in the chest of the giant. Her fire didn seem to even singe the hairs off.

”At least they live up to the legends, ” Shirley said calmly. From between her hands, she conjured birds of prey out of the fire to try and distract the giant. ”But we can allow you to stand. ”

With the giant focused on the firebirds circling his face, Edith took the chance to fly Tina upon his neck. Once there, Tina unhinged her mouths and slammed her teeth on the bearskin. It was like biting into hard bread, but she continued to apply force until she was able to break off chunks of flesh for each mouth. Black ichor blood gushed out but quickly scared up. Tina gathered she could consume enough of this giant to reach his heart no problem, but with how tuff the skin was and how quickly it healed, the giant would have destroyed everything by then. Her actions didn go unnoticed as the free hand of the giant went to swat her like a nat.

Just as the hand reached its peak height, Edith conjured an air slash with her sword that caused a cut across the hand. It too healed quickly. Tina moved from her spot but had to think of another way to be of use.

Edith flew towards her master just as he was getting punched backwards with the recently injured hand of the giant.

As he got to his feet, Edith spoke in his ear. ”Tina can bite through its flesh, but its inefficient and the creature heals too fast. It seems my sword is effective but- ” Wallace shot a bolt of lightning from his mouth to intercept the club coming toward him and Edith. Though the club was repealed, it was enough to cut Edith off forcing her to get back into the fight.

The message was clear. Diamond amethyst was this giants weak point, but there needs to be an application of more force than what Edith could muster with just her sword.

”Eve Teodora Young… ” I heard my name, but no one around me said it. Tears had long since streaked down my face, but at that moment I felt determined. But what was that ancient-sounding voice and why should I trust? Go after it even? I didn want to be roped into this any more than I already had been. Like Madison said, this will all blow over, and once it does Im gone. Ill leave this place and never look back.

But when I looked up from my cowering position, I saw the faces of the three kitchen maids. I barely knew them, yet the concern on their faces was real. Maybe it was only because of the order their master gave them. I thought back to the time we had spent today. They worked so hard to teach me how to do what they did. I remembered the glee on their faces serving their fellow maids. I could tell that above all else, they would serve their master even in times such as this. Lana, the most logical of the three, received an order from her master to keep me safe and she didn second guess it. She took my hand even now as I burden her.

”Eve Teodora Young… ” I got up quickly and raced down the hall not knowing where I was to go. The triplets yelled after me telling me I was going the wrong way. I assumed they were right behind me, but somehow weren catching up. With every twist and turn, I grew more anxious about what I was doing.

”Eve Teodora Young… ” I ran faster. My heart drummed at my chest.

I hard stopped at an open door leading into a big room. The bed within was at least California king size if not bigger. It must have been Master Wallaces bedroom. Though my lungs burned, it didn stop me from taking a step inside. I was halfway inside when the triplets caught up to me.

”Eve… ” Sallie said gasping for air. ”We gotta… go. This isn … this isn the place to be. ”

I made my way to a drawer next to the bed.

”What are you doing? ” asked Madison. I didn answer.

”Enough of this. ” Lana stomped over to me. ”Eve-! ” she stopped dead in her tracks. Lana was looking over my shoulder into the drawer that I opened. Inside were many things, but what caught my eye was a spinning top. The rims had four-bladed edges with nordic symbols in the middle that looked like a spear. The edges were made out of a shiny amethyst.

I picked up the spinning top and showed it to Lana and her sisters. ”I can explain it, but we need to get this to Master Wallace. ” Sallie and Madison were bewildered by how pretty the top was. Lana was shocked; almost horrified.

Lana looked me in the eyes with a look I couldn understand. She said with little emotion to show how she truly felt, ”I don know how you knew where this was, but if you believe it to be so important, take it to the Master yourself. ” The other two sisters were taken aback. My heart sank. To take this thing straight to Wallace was to go to where the giant was. It was a death sentence.

Edith kept cutting at the damned thing, yet she couldn get any deeper. Even the places that were already cut seemed to be harder after the fact. Tina couldn find a place to sink her teeth in. At this point, every time she bit into the giant, it would go swat at her. Wallace and Shirley were practically useless. Shirleys fire stopped being a distraction and Wallace couldn even knock the thing off balance. The gunfire came to a crawl to minimize chances of hitting allies, but most likely with how ineffective they were at harming the giant, it became pointless wasting ammo.

Wallace knew that every maid would sooner die than evacuate while their master fought tooth and nail. That was the exact scenario he was trying to avoid. He could retreat now and force everyone to leave, but then the giant would be loose on the world with nothing to stop it.

The club bashed Wallace hard enough to throw him at the mansion. He flopped to the ground showered in stone and glass and he reverted back to his human form. Not taking the time to let the dizziness settle, he made his way back into the fight.

I should have known this job was too good to be true. Even though wearing a maid outfit wasn that bad, all things considered, it was still not something I wanted to do. But then all of this started happening and there was a real chance they were losing the fight. Then I was told to deliver a toy to Wallace that may or may not change the tide in the fight. But I didn know how and I couldn bring myself to believe that it was worth my life with or without the 1-year benefits in mind. When Lana told me to do what she asked me to do, I should have cut my losses and left the estate. And yet…

”Wallace! ” Wallace was nearly at the border when he thought he heard Eves voice. Was it just the ringing in his ears? ”MASTER WALLACE! ”

Wallace stopped dead in his tracks just near the border. Turning around, he saw Eve racing down the hill to him with speeds nearly inhuman. He tried to meet her halfway, but she got to him before he could move.

Master Wallace grabbed me by the shoulders with fear in his eyes. ”What are you doing here?! ” he asked in a panic. ”I told you to go with-! ”

”Take this! ” With my palms facing up, I offered him the top. Tears were streaming down my face from the wind as I ran and the fact that the giant was getting closer. To my dismay, he just stared at the damned thing. ”I know. I don get how this is supposed to help, but heard my name get called and it leads me to this. ” He looked up at me in surprise. ”Ive gone delusional. Im crazy or have a death wish but I didn know what to do I was scared and I wanted to save everyone. ” I was crying so bad that I could barely hear my own words. Yet, in my ugly crying, I heard myself say ”save everyone ”.

At that moment I felt his cold hands wrap around my somewhat warm hands. I felt him kiss me on the forehead and he took the top. I was speechless and was crying no more. When I looked at him, he smiled so sweetly and proudly.

”You are truly a great maid. ” He said to me. ”For your bravery and the maids of House Jones- ” Just then the giant busted through something like glass that once separated us and him. Wallace turned around. His face was now masked with a frightful determination. ”-I will deny my grandfather no longer. ”

Wallace extended his arm to the side with his hand open. The top miraculously did not fall but hovered right on the palm of his hand.

”Gungnir! ” As if on command, the top began to spin with increasing speed. The giant raised his club, ice covering the whole thing, and practically dropped it on top of us. I screamed and hid my face preparing for impact, but not wanting to die.


I was forced to look up when something shook the ground. Not only was the club parried, but a good chunk of it was cleaved off the top. But how did that happen?

With a swoosh, I saw that Wallace was holding a spear whose handle was now crossing his back. Said handle was a pearly white with a gold nub at the base. Between the staff part and the spear part, there was a golden circle reminiscent of the edges of the top, but there was practically nothing in the middle. Still on the staff but right below the circle was tied up, a red band with another golden circle at the end that floated in the air like it was underwater. Finally, the spear blade itself was generic in design but was completely made out of the amethyst crystal.

Wallace on the other hand had a wolfs tail sprouting out from his back, wolf ears popping out of his head, and jet black wings floating over his shoulder blades. He then jumped into the air and started floating a few feet above the giant as lighting javelins encircled him.

Wallace could feel the power of Gungnir stitch into his very nerves. Every pulse gilded his movements as if this was always his subconscious instinct. He could see Edith caring Tina off the beasts body and he knew Tina was gawking at him. The giant abandoned the club and frosted up his fist. The air pressure seemed to drop as well as the temperature as the giant threw what could have been his most destructive attack.

”You definitely deserve the name Giant, ” said Wallace with an empowered voice that echoed through the whole estate, ”but will not allow you to cause any more suffering! ”

Asgards Wrath!!

With all his might, Wallace threw the spear at the giants heart. The lighting javelins followed in delay. Though the javelins didn seem to affect the giant, the spear effortlessly pierced through the creatures hide. So hard was it thrown, it managed to lodge itself in the ground behind the dead giant creating a thunderous clap throughout the area.

I didn watch the giant fall. Didn care about the cheering in the far distance. I fell to my knees looking at Wallace floating in front of the crescent moon. I was in awe, but that was a poor simplification of how I felt. I was stunned. I was alive. Though most of the land was destroyed, everyone was fine. I didn quite feel Edith and Tinas hand on me to help me up nor did I care that a laid-back woman was riding a fire horse in my direction. I just watched as Wallace descend from the sky calling the giant-slaying spear to his hand. Not a single drop of blood could be seen on the majestic weapon.

I didn care what tomorrow would hold. I had no plans for tomorrow at all. I still had so many dreams that I had yet to find, but if my future self could send me letters, she would tell me that this was step 1.

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