Months have passed since Tofu died people who knows him especially Nuts family and friends already the sad fate of Tofus death.

Nut already dating Tatarn while his friends Ken and Prib already busy with their own lives especially their lovelife.They haven much time to hangout with each other besides talking about their work.

Tofu remains in his original form which is a teddy bear who barely seen and Nut began to be busy lately due to his new series which he wrote.

Na (Nuts mother) began to experiencing the lost of his memories while kuncheai really improve its behavior towards Tofu. Though sometimes it play along with tofu especially when Nut is not around.

*Ring! Ring! Ring!

Nut just woke up by the sound of his phone, ringing…

Nut immediately find his phone and then press the answer button.

”Good Morning Nut. Are you there? Yoohoo… ” A voice of a girl in the phone resounded. No other than Prib.

”Prib, why you call me this early?! ”

”Nut, you haven check your email right? I think you need to open that since Junjuea wants you to revise it. ”

”Another revision? In this early morning?! ” Nut said in his sleepy voice.

”Yup and may I remind you Nut, its already 11:30am in the morning haha ” Prib says in the next line while laughing. She definitely know that PNut is just saying that its early morning while its not.

Nut check the time in his phone and laugh immediately scratching his head. Its already past a minute or two since he talk to Prib. He is happy for Prib coz she truly find his own Tofu.

He may seem agree of dating Tatarn but in the back of his mind, he really misses Tofu that much. Remembering the past they have together and how they become close and closer towards each other. He feels really sad about it. He knows that Tofu occupies a lot of space in his heart. Knowing how he died in front of him while knowing his Uncle Saen is the one who poisoned Tofu is unforgivable matter to him. If he could go back the time before it happens but he really knows that its impossible.

”Nut are you there?! ” Prib voice sounded in the phone.

”Uhm, yeah. Okay Ill be opening it. Thanks for reminding me. ” Nut answered briefly to Prib.

”Yeah. See you around later. ” Prib replied and ended the call.

Nut stand and walked towards the bathroom. He knows that he needs to work right now or else Junjuea will call him later for the revisions of his script.

[Satjarees House]

Tatarn and Satjaree is sitting in a long table while facing each other. Satjarees face especially her eyes os full of resentments and you can guess that she is not happy rigjt now.

”Tarn, you are such a bastard. How can you

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