I wake up the next morning feeling exhausted. I get up out the bed and start getting ready for my shift to start. I go to hercules door and said ”Hey hercules lets go eat breakfast shall we? ”

Hercules barked his agreement with me. We head to the kitchen to eat as Im walking threw the living room I notice something out the front window on the porch.

So I ease over to the window and peeked out, only to find my best friend, Clair Bush. She has blonde hair, and blue eyes. Yes everything a girl needs. She is 5 foot 5 inches. Shes a human. Lucky bitch. I love her though.

Shes actually a hunters child, but she doesn care about that life. She loves everybody, free spirited and happy most time. Until she sleeps and sometimes its so bad she comes all the way to my house because shes scared. I don know what happened to her. She doesn talk about it.

I open the front door, ”Hey bitch ” I said.

She jumped and said ”Morning bitch, how are you? ”

”Im great. You ready for work? ” I said. We work at the same place. Ive know her for 7 years. After getting to know her she really changed my life. Im not as scared anymore. More protective over her. She helped me pick out hercules. Shes been there for everything.

”Nope, but don have a choice do I? Lets go! ” She said gesturing with her hand for me to follow her to her black sedan.

”I haven eat yet ” I whinned. My stomach grumbling.

”Its ok Im stopping by the café shop on the way. ” She said.

”Let me feed hercules. ” I said. Turning to go fill his food bowl.

”OH hercules buddy we are you? ” Clair asked. Hercules ran up wagging his tail wanting to be petted. ” oh hercules I miss you buddy. Your such a good boy. Yes you are. ” Clair told hercules in her baby talk voice.

I dumped his food in a bowl and set it on the floor in his room and filled his water bowl with fresh water while Clair took him outside. Hercules loves Clair, loves to play with her. Shes always been there with him. Like I said threw everything.

I walked over to his window and made sure it was closed, because at night I crack it for him so him and Damon can hang threw the window. His window outcasts our big back porch. I have a big dog bed just under the window on the outside for Damon and one on the inside under the window for hercules.

When he finished up using the bathroom, he came barreling back inside to eat. I grabbed my stuff and headed out the door ready to go eat the best breakfast bagels on this earth. The café shop has the best bagel breakfasts ever made. And its 2 blocks from my house.


At the café shop Clair and I got in line to order. The café shop was old looking café. But behind the kitchen was priceless. The owner hit alot of money. Well money runs out when he spent his wife started robing him. Then she up and left him. He got left with a remodeled kitchen and run down everywhere else, only half remodeled.

He was mean to he anyway. So he deserved it. Nobody knows what happen to her. All any one knows is, she got in his car and never came back. Gone before he got home. Didn even say goodbye. No note. No nothing.

So me and Clair order our food and head to the outside sitting. Its the only place that nobody sit. The sun shines right threw the umbrella. So its really hot. But to us its perfect in jeggings and our aprons.

”I hope things go smooth tonight. I don think I can handle another breakfast rush that doesn stop even after lunch is way over ” Clair said laughing.

”Tips are great though all through the rush. ” I snickered looking at her. ”I got 100 bucks off tips yesterday. ” I leaned back taking my last bite.

”True. ” She sighed. ” ready to go? ”

”Yea. Lets go. ” We headed for the car.


After work me and Clair go pick up hercules we take him to the park where he likes to play.

Clair and I are sitting on the bench watching him.

”Octavia, have you decided to start dating yet? I know plenty of guys who would love to get to know you. ” Clair said out the blue. Completely serious.

Im shocked she asked. I look at her with wide eyes. She knows I don date she know why too. She is a gifted human. So i dont have to hide from her.

I haven dated because fairies have a soul mate, even if you haven met your soul mate yet, you still won be able to have feelings like that for anyone else. Just because I don have my fairy essence, I still can fall in love with anyone. I can even imagine myself with anyone. I can sleep with anyone. But I choose not too. Why if I can love them why should I screw them right?

Yea, being a fairy sucks ass. Big time.

”I don know Clair. I haven met anyone even remotely appealing, or that is my type. ” I said. Looking at her with envy.

”You haven tried either. You don even have a type. Give someone a shot. As ticky as you are you will never loose your virginity. ” She said looking offended. ” She passed. Looked me in my eyes and continued. ”Which to me you should have already lost. Your 23! You are absolutely beautiful. You could have anyone you want. ” She looked at the ground shame faced. ”I lost mine at 16. ”

”Its a fairy thing. I cant help it. ” I said. Not knowing the exact words she needs to hear. ”And I don feel right not feeling something for them. ” I feel as if I am getting cheated out of a normal life, because she can love anyone. I can . Shes got what I want. I just hope my soul mate is human. Because Im wanted in the rest of the species. As a matter a fact shes dating right now.

Charly Duke, hes 6 foot 7 inches tall with short, curly, red hair, freckles, and glasses. Hes far from a nerd.

Im happy for them, they are so happy together. She was very depressed before he came along. He hasn been around long, but he has her during her dark nights.

”I want what you have clair. ” I look her deep in her eyes. ”with charly. ”

”Really? ” She asked looking at me with hope.

”Yes! ” I smile. We get up and catch up with hercules to play fetch.

Hercules ran off after the stick when I threw it. Clair smile. ”Get it hercules! ”

Hercules ran even faster. When he got to the ball as it bounced, he grabbed it. Hercules then trotted back to us, well more like pranced.

He took the ball to Clair, and Clair then threw it as far as she could. Hercules took off after it.

Clair laughed, ”thats my boy! ” She shouted. She looked at me. ”He was such a great addition to your home. ”

”I know. ” I smile proudly. He runs up to me wagging his tail.


After about an hour of throwing ball with hercules we headed home. And Clair left before it got dark.

Me and hercules are on our normal jog threw the woods. Its starting to get dark, so weve turned around.

I hear the leaves rustling behind us at the same time hercules attacks something.

I turn and its a goblin.

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