(——Don’t come here!)

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Wisteria thought that so earnestly that she felt as if she was going to burst into tears at any moment.

What weakness.
How foolish.

Even if she tried to mock herself, her heart couldn’t regain its original strength, just as a thread that had been ripped to pieces could never return to the way it was.

She didn’t want to see the face of the man who she continued to pine for, not even for a moment.

Because he loved her younger sister, not her.

(Why now?)

Why would he want to see her and talk to her?

——Maybe…A faint hope rose in her heart.

Even if she squeezed her fists and told herself it was impossible, her heart pounded stupidly and wildly.

Because if she kept silent, her sister would disappear.

And then, he would…

Even though she knew it was a shameful and repulsive hope, Wisteria waited as if she was bound by a spell, not running away or refusing it.

And so, the waiting man entered the parlor.

There was a shadow that couldn’t be concealed hanging over the face of the man, so deep that it was hard to imagine that this man was called the “living jewel” of Reuning.

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He had shining silver hair and golden eyes.
A high nose and well-shaped lips.
He looked as if he had stepped out of a famous painting, and he was tall, lean, and slender.
He was the “living jewel” of the Reuning ducal house, a noble family that had produced several renowned magicians.

His external beauty wasn’t the only reason why he was called that.
He was bright, kind, and treated everyone equally.
He, who was liveliness itself, radiated light from within as well.

He–Bright–was now losing his light.

——I wanted to see him.

——I didn’t want to see him.

Wisteria, torn between her conflicting feelings, urged him to sit on the sofa.

The parlor door was open to ensure that nothing untoward would happen between unmarried ladies and gentlemen.

Bright, who looked very tired, sat down on the sofa at Wisteria’s urging.

Wisteria also sat down across from him without saying a word.


A heavy silence fell over them for what seemed like an eternity.

“…Sorry, Wis.”

Bright spoke quietly.
He put his hand over his eyes with a heavy sigh.

Wisteria had never seen such a gesture from the openhearted man before.

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Finally, Bright looked up.
There was a resolve in his face that even be called tragically heroic.

His golden eyes, turned toward Wisteria, blazed like the sunset.

“I’ll be brief.
I want you to go to the ‘Land of Grey Dawn’ instead of Rosalie.”

His voice was subdued but cool-headed.

Wisteria’s breath caught in her throat.
For a moment, everything went black, and she felt as if she had been stabbed deeply in her heart with ice.

Bright laughed at himself and spat out the words coldly.

“I would gladly take her place if I could.”

The man who had once been called the Sun of Re

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