she answered in a subdued voice.
The man in front of her clearly held ill will.

Bright was such a brilliant man that he was bound to attract jealousy from his own sex.
He had a cheerful and open personality and was well-liked, so he had more friends and supporters, but those who were jealous inevitably took advantage of his lack of magic.
But even then, the feelings that Kenneth exuded were too much to be mere jealousy.

——Bright certainly was incapable of magic.
Almost all members of the bloodline of Duke Reuning were capable of using magic to various degrees, so it was an unusual constitution.

But even such a shortcoming was easily supplemented by the brilliance that Bright himself radiated.

Wisteria was also researching the “Land of Grey Dawn,” and by extension, magic, for her own desire, and by extension, Bright.

——But Bright had never once tried to take advantage of her.

The eyes she turned on Kenneth naturally became a glare.

Kenneth gave her an apathetic stare, as though she had spoiled his fun, and then suddenly smiled a cold, dark smile.

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——Oh, there are some who would gossip so, he added, as if he had heard it from someone else.

“Reuning is a title given only to those who possess noble and transcendent powers–someone without magic is a failure of a Reuning, they say.”

Wisteria gasped at the words that suddenly and blatantly revealed his malice.


As soon as she raised her voice without thinking, a scream tore through the air.

She turned her head in surprise and widened her eyes.

The chandelier seemed to glow with a strange radiance, and immediately after she noticed that, something like a flaming arrow shot out and assailed the people below.

Among them, she saw a young man with dazzling silver hair.
Wisteria quickly shielded those nearby with her body, and as soon as she saw flames leaping at Bright all at once, she thrust out her own hand.


The moment she shouted that, the flames that were leaping upon Bright and the others twisted all at once and were drawn towards Wisteria.

As soon as the fire, which had been drawn and twisted, gathered in the palm of her gloved hand, it vanished.

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All the fire was extinguished in an instant.
It was as if they were crushed by Wisteria’s hand.

She lowered her clenched hand, her breathing slightly ragged.

After a quick glance to make sure Bright, who looked shocked, and the people he was protecting were not injured, she turned her attention back to Kenneth.

“What do you plan on doing? This is unaccepta—”

“What are you talking about? How terrifying, perhaps someone used magic to interfere with the fire above our heads.
It truly is dangerous.”

Kenneth accepted Wisteria’s harsh glare with no intimidation at all and even gave her a wry smile.

And behind Kenneth, who wasn’t even surprised, she noticed a gaze directed at her–not surprise, but of cold disdain.

That seemed to indicate that the malicious accident that had just occurred was not the result of Kenneth’s intentions alone.

“——With the Reunings’ magic, a mistake of that magnitude would have been nothing more than a stumble on the roadside.”

Kenneth scoffed coldly.

Just as Wisteria’s anger flared…


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