I gave them some fruits and snacks.

It seems like since Ioannis is the eldest among them, he let the others eat his portions.

As they ate he spoke.

Ioannis: Your highness, do you wish to know about your past or do you wish not to?

I mean, sure I would kill to know what is happening, but I am also kind of scared of the responsibilities it might bring with it.

There is always a price to be paid.

As he asked, the 2 stopped eating and gave full attention on me.

I can say no but I can say yes either.

Ioannis: Your highness… If its too hard of a question to answer at the moment, there is no pressure. You can answer us in years and we wouldn mind. Even though your highness is a few million years old, the body your highness currently hosts is still of an 18-year-old.

His words are pretty wise. If I have lived more lives before then I see why I would pick this guy as my right hand man.

Myra: Can I see this thing first?

Ioannis: I will need to cast a blessing on your highness before that. A human body can not perceive such holy artifacts.

Myra: Go ahead, the stage is all yours.

He bowed and started coming closer to me.

”Uh..? ” I was a bit confused.

He put his hand on my head as he closed his eyes and started whispering.

As he casted the blessing the room started to glow bright and then went dim.

Ioannis: I am done casting the blessing on your highness.

I nodded in response as he backed away.



Ioanniss eyes glowed with a blue aura as he chanted louder.

”..oh dear trident of the Queen! Appear before the Queen and I! Reveal yourself to the Queen! ”

As he chanted the same thing over and over I watched a golden trident appear before me.


I was so invested into this trident. It sparkled like the beauty it is.

The beauty of this trident is so breath taking that I didn notice my mom waking into the room and gasping.

I stared at the trident as Ioannis spoke.

Ioannis: Your Majesty, The Queen of Atlantis, please accept your trident.

Myra: Okay. Uh..How?

I watched Ioanniss face turn into a ”what ” kinda face.

Lylin: J-just hold it your Majesty.

She smiled after saying that. I nodded and held the trident.

I have accepted my trident.

I felt a strong gush of energy in me. It was suffocating yet welcoming, it was scary yet entertaining. It felt like I was unlocking new levels in a game. Except, the new levels are my powers. I glowed like Ioanniss eyes but way brighter as I levitated.


I heard my mom panic as I floated with the trident in my hand.

”.. its fine mom ”

I said in my head and she calmed down but was conflicted by what was happening to me, her daughter.

Everyone watched in an awe while my mother watched in confusion.

The trident suddenly felt heavy as I dropped it and it penetrated me. I thought it would hurt but, it was transforming into a different trident as it went through me.

I heard my mom banging on the invisible barrier set up by the magical circle as she repeatedly screamed ”stop it you monsters, you are going to killing her, stop it. ”

The trident showed its true form as it went completely through me. There is a scar on my body now that is permanently engraved on my back.

I slowly floated back down as I was greeted by Ioannis.

Ioannis: Welcome back, your majesty.

I am yet to remember what happened. I am still as confused as I was. I heard 2 kids cheering for they had witnessed a glorious moment once more.

Wait, why did my speech suddenly become formal as well?

I looked over to the trident that was again held by me.

Magnificent and glorious. The trident of The Queen Of Atlantis. It is mine.

The magic circle slowly faded away.

My mom rushed to me but I was dazed. What the hell just happened.

All I could hear was my mom panicking and asking me if I was fine and kept yelling at the 3 to stay back.

Am I worthy of this historical piece of artifact which has essentially been used to save humanity for millenniums?

Is it okay for me to accept this trident?

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