The Unexpected Action

In a world dominated by superpowers the protagonist of this story, Felix Duncan, was born in 1500 in a hospital located in the city of Tricosy, the doctors notice something strange and soon start to investigate Felix, a few hours later the doctors warn the parents, Ann Duncan and Levon Duncan, that their baby would die in 3 days and that the cause would be because he didn have superpowers and so his body wouldn last much so he would live at most up to 3 days.

That night something happened to Felix, Felix began to exude a radiant light throughout the city for a short period of time, so short that the doctors were unable to perceive the source of that light despite knowing that the source came from the hospital.

The doctors finding that event strange decided to review all the patients present there and the babies to see if anything was different.

After an exhaustive 3 days investigation, they concluded that nothing was different, but they noticed that Felix was still alive and that it was something that was not in accordance with their analysis, despite that they could not find out why Felix was still alive, they could only conclude that he didn have superpowers.

The truth is that in this event Felix was different and was chosen by the superpower The Ruler, The Ruler is a superpower that in addition to allowing the user to be immune to superpowers thrown at him, also allows the user to absorb the powers he observes in addition to giving physical attributes, The Ruler is a power that cannot be used by anyone he does not choose.

Years passed and Felix isolated himself from the others, mainly because everyone thought he didn have superpowers and treated him like he was a contagious disease.

The school in this world studies the superpowers that exist mainly and improves the superpowers of the students, the school starts when the children reach 5 years old and continues until the students are 16 years old, and after the age of 16 they are considered adults and can decide if they want to go for the university of superpowers that in that country only exists in the capital Berilo Urbs and the university has a selective process.

Felix when he entered the school at 5 years old at first he would already understand that it would not be such a cozy place since all his life he spent alone with his parents as the rest of the family and the people of the city moved away from Felix, but it was so that day he had a surprise that would change his life.

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