The Discovery Of An Incredible Power

One day Felix was walking through the school hallway alone and a classmate approaches him and says:

Classmate – You should not be friend of that monster he probably will kill you like he did to others.

Felix – I decide who will become my friend, after all who are you?

Nêmesis – Im Nêmesis Azevedo, the warrior of vengeance who will bring the hammer of Gods justice to the world and im here to warn you that all yudis friends are dead, but its up to you to decide if youll take my advice or not, even though you won survive in this world for long either.

Felix – Shut up! you really dont know nothing about us, you just want us not to be happy and you want us to live alone, really sad to have to tear others down to make you feel better hmm…

Nêmesis – You weirdo, you should have just taken this advice from me, actually you should thank me for giving you this advice! anyway don come to haunt me when he kills you.

Nêmesis kept walking down the hallway until he got out of Felixs sight, Felix kept thinking about that subject for the rest of the day wondering what kind of danger Yudi was and why his friends all died, if it was something that happened to them or if it was something yudi had done, at the end of the day when Felix was walking home together with his friend still with that conversation in mind he asked:

Felix – Hey! soo Yudi, why do they say all your friends have died?

Yudi – I really dont want to talk about it.

Felix – Ohh….ok, its ok if u dont want to say now.

A month had passed and Yudi still hadn answered those questions from Felix nor had he shown his powers to Felix yet, however everyone in Felix and Yudis class had managed to improve their powers and Felix just felt more and more distanced from the rest, and he was still a bit suspicious of Yudi for not knowing what had happened in Yudis past, so he felt like in the past before he met Yudi, lonely.

Then one day Felix thinks:

Felix – If he doesn want to tell me his past it means something has happened and he seems to be suffering about his past, I have to be his friend and help him overcome his past so he can face the present and be strong to the future he can realise his dream.

Later that day, when the two were walking home together, Felix decides that he would talk about Yudis past even if he didn want to.

Felix – Yudi! we need to talk.

Yudi – What u want to talk about?, says Yudi a bit confused.


Yudi – i already told y….

Felix – I dont care about what you did in the past, I just want to you be able to face your past, you seem to suffer whenever we talk about it.

Yudi – Okay, but i need you to make a promise.

Felix – What promise?

Yudi – You have to promise that you will remain my friend after I tell you my story.

Felix – Okay I promise!

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