”So, Anthony, ” Jack had said as he was walking in with the younger one. ”Why are you stealing? ” Anthony just shook his head. ”Why exactly would I waste my time and tell you? ” He said. ” I mean…. Its not really your business. Just back off and let me leave. ” Jack had just smiled. ”I like you. ” He said. ”You
e….Really something… ” Anthony had blushed but he didn want anyone to see. ”And you really think I do? ” He had asked while he rolled his eyes. Jack had come a step closer. Don you wanna go out sometime? ” He had asked with a deep voice as he licked his lips looking submissive. Anthony, with his bad attitude, had kicked his private part! Jack had dropped down! ”Sorry but I don like guys that are full of themselves. ” Anthony had said while he was laughing at how hard Jack had fallen down. ”No offence. It wouldn really hurt anyway considering how you are a man with no feelings. ” He added while he was walking away. Jack had slowly gotten up with pain. ”Wait! ” He shouted. ”At least tell me something about yourself. It has to be full on paragraphs before you leave. You know I won let you. ” He said while he was holding his crotch. Anthony looked annoyed. So annoyed to the extent that he growled and turned back. ”Fine. ” He said. ”Follow me. ” Jack had said with agony and pain by his lower part.

The two had went up the stairs and Jack had sat by the balcony while they younger one had just stood by the rail. ”So, give me your full description. ” Jack had said. Anthony had looked down. ”Im actually stealing cause my mom isn ok. ” He said. ”She has some heart disease and the only thing that keeps her alive is some stupid pills and I don have the **ing money to just… Keep her alive… ” He began crying. Jacks memories of him and his mother then came in like a hurricane! He shed a tear as he saw the younger one crying. ”Wanna know a secret? ” Jack had asked. Anthony had slowly looked at Jack with red eyes. He had then nodded. ”I lost my mom due to the same heart disease. ” Anthony had looked shocked. ”Im…Sorry to hear that. ” He said. ”Maybe I shouldn have kicked you. ” Jack had laughed off the pain in his heart. ”Its ok. ” He said. ”You didn know. Besides I like this feisty vibe. ” Anthony had rolled back his eyes with a smirk. ”And we
e back to the indecent creepy vibe. Got it. ” The two had laughed. ”But seriously tho. ” Jack had added. ”You
e basically living the same live Ive lived 7 years ago. I never thought I would lose her until a week ago. I buried her by my special place. ” Anthony looked confused. ”You mean your heart? ” He asked. ”No you street fighter! ” He said. The younger one had laughed at the joke but had still looked confused. ”Then what the ** are you talking about? ” He asked while he was laughing. ”Ill show you. ” Jack had said.

They had left the warehouse. Before they had left, Jack had told Max that hell be boss for some time.

”Here we are! ” Jack had said. Anthony was sleeping the whole time. When we woke up, He was immediately alarmed! He took out is gun as he was saying, ”Hey Leave me alone!!! ” Jack had looked alarmed too. ”Anthony, Its just me, buddy. ” He had looked relieved and he dropped the gun. ”This is the second time I tell you to drop it. ” He said. Anthony had laughed. ”Well, Ive gone through so mu- ” He had looked outside and found the most perfect green grass with beautiful trees and cute flowers. ”Oh my **ing god! ” He shouted. ”Its beautiful!!! ” He quickly got out of the car while Jack was smirking. The younger one had plopped himself on the grass and felt the small little droplets that were on the grass. Jack had got out and sat by the bench that was nest to his mothers grave. Anthony had got up. ”So, this is her? ” He asked with a sad tone. ”Yep. ” Jack had said. ”Marcy Medrazzo was her name. She was such a queen to my heart. In fact, shes the one that made feel like Im a man with feelings. ” Anthony had sat next to Jack and he hugged him. ”Don make this weird. ” He said. ”Im only sad for you. I don want this to happen to my mom. ” Jacks eyes had lit up. ”Maybe we should see her. ” Anthony eyes had lit up as well. ”Maybe we should. Get back in that car of yours, man with feelings! ” Jack had kissed his mother goodbye before he ran with the younger one. Jack had switched on the ignition and quickly drove off.

As Anthony was giving Jack directions, Anthony couldn imagine the thought of losing his mother. He needed money to keep his mother alive. He needed a plan. He thought to himself, ”maybe if I date this guy for a few months, Ill have enough pills to keep mom alive. I just hopes this works considering how he already likes me. It should be easy. ” He had then touched Jacks hand while it was on the gear. Jack had then looked at him and said, ”Thats new for a guy I met not so long ago. ” Anthony had just smirked. ”Almost everything changes. My feeling might have changed too. ” Jack had pulled over. ”Are you trying to like me so that I could get your mom some pills to keep her alive? ” Anthony had nodded and looked down. ”Look, I just really don want to see my mom six feet under, ok? Im really trying anything for my mom to at least stay alive. I mean I can just lose her like that… ” He began crying Jack had hugged him and said, ”Theres no need to play my feelings. I was and still am going to pay for your moms operations and pills. I don want you to go through what I want through. I promise you. Shell be fine. ” They had let go of each other and the journey had continued.

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