The Spearmaster and the Black Cat

Chapter 25: Black Violet

o I will kill you-”

I ignore Yui and slap the popobumus rear.

With her on top of the saddle the popobumu takes off and disappears into the darkness.

It shouldnt go too far.

…It will return when I call for it.

Now, I will return.

I return to the shed where Rollo is fighting.

When I run up the short hill to the front of the hut Rollo and Theta are in the middle of an intense fight.

The jacket around Thetas shoulder is torn and black blood is pouring from her right shoulder. But, her quick movements show that she isnt bothered by the injury.

Seeing the figure receiving, I am rooted to the spot.

Thetas arm transformed to a point like a sword. When the word arm collides intensely with Rollos feeler swords they make a hard sound as they are repelled and the collide again. They have each other in check. The purple flower ornament in Thetas hair is shaking as she moves around.

Rollo shows a glimpse of the divine beast.

Powerful, throbbing limbs. Four claws scratch the ground and a cloud of dust rises.

Sharpened claws swing at Thetas feet. Theta receives a big cut above her knee, but doesnt seem to feel any pain. She quickly counter attacks with her sword arms and tarts running after Rollo. Rollo calms down and dexterously avoids Thetas attack.

Theta runs after Rollo who runs away.

The fight shifts from the entrance of the hut into a large garden.

I can see the fight from the little light leaking out of the shed, since it is night outside, when the fight shifts to a dark place, I can no longer see the fighting figures of Theta and Rollo, I can only hear the sound of a bone sword colliding with a sword.

I activate and ensure my vision.

The fight between Rollo and Theta seems to be equal.


“What on earth are you?”

The bald man approaches shouting with a torch in his hand.

“No, what, you mean…”

“You ate a lot of the food with the special medicine in it. Yet you can still more easily…Are you not human?”

“Whaaaat?” (TL: Whaaaat? Pft, watch chu talkin bout man.)

Ma, he is right.

“Besides, that black beast injured my wife, Theta.”

What? This old skin head in a robe…

His expression gradually changes.

Did too much blood rise to his head? And then did I anger him?

“Theta, that? Your wife…isnt she just a doll?” (TL: That wasnt a smart thing to say, Shuya.)

When the skin head man hears my provocation his face distorts and a blood vessel on his face pops out. It attracts attention to the unchanging mark on his forehead…he leans his head forward, and bares his teeth with a growing light of insanity.

“Aaaaah? What did you say!? My wife Theta, isnt a doll!!”

He speaks in a rough voice while spitting saliva.

“Is that so. Then that means, Theta isnt human.”

“Joke later-”

The bald skin head man mutters angrily and throws his torch into the nearby garden.

A small light source is created in the darkness.

The light of the torch casts the bald man in creepy shadows.

The right hand of the bald man is held out, and touches a fingertip to a ring on his left hand. At that moment, the ring reacts.

The helmeted black skull ring shines, flickering between black and red as two strings appear from its eye sockets. The threads extend into the ground, and the ground it touches suddenly begins to melt? Before long the ground begins to make a sound like boiling lava and the air begins to fill with a black and red smoke.

What appears from the smoking ground is two skeletons, one of red bones and the other of black bones.

He summoned these guys, skeleton knights.

The skeletons are only made of bones, but their formed ribs are large and their forms look like a soldier or knight. They have a long sword that shines with a black luster in one hand and a shield in the other.

The two skeleton knights seem conscious.

Though their bones creak, they move to protect the skin head who summoned them.

-I look with magic observing eye.

They seem to have come from the ring.

The ring contains mana. The thread coming from the ring seems to be mana.

They are connected to the skeletons. There also seem to be rings that hold mana on his other fingers, shining faintly.

The bald man is wearing a lot of magic tool rings.

As I am looking a strong voice comes from behind the bone knights.

“…Bone knights, protect me and attack when you see a chance! I dont care if his soul isnt captured!”

As the bald skin head man issues out his order with a burning heart he appears before one of the bone knights, letting his robe billow.

He turns a hand to me and points. N, hes storing mana in his hand? From a ring shaped like a beast a fireball is suddenly created.


I quickly drop down and the fire ball flies over my head. The fire ball hits the ground where I was and explodes. The darkness suddenly becomes bright.

That moment- A blade of mana comes from a different ring? But it flies. I hurry and swing down the black spear at the mana blade. The mana blade is broken by the black spear, divided-the wind blade goes to the left and right. A trace of a sword cut marks to ground to the left and right and a cloud of dust is kicked up.

Yes. I was able to cut the mana blade.

“What!? To move so fast, to see the wind blade in this dark night…you, after all you arent an ordinary person. Perhaps the guild?”

So it really was a wind blade.

Because it shines with magic observing eye I can still see it at night.

Besides, what guild?

“…No, Im just a traveler.”

Unlike the question that appeared in my heart, I answer normally.

“Fu, maa-”

Ue, another fire ball.

Like that, I continue avoiding flying fireballs and wind blades.

He shoots the magic continuously so I have to be careful.

They are endless. I move and knock down wind blades.

Since it has come to this should I use ? The bald man saw that I stopped moving, and thinking it is a chance, the corners of his mouth lift in a smile.

He holds up a different ring.

Then with a *pika* and a blinding light and intense pain runs through my body like my heart is freezing.

Ita- Theres a rumbling sound in my ears and the smell of burnt meat flesh reaches my nose.

I am also surrounded by smoke. There is a black scar spread from my stomach to my chest.

It buuurns, that guy, he used lightning this time. Too fast, all the rings on his hand seems to be magic rings.

Not needing an aria is too inconvenient.

Indeed, I can smell my flesh burning…

Making a crackling sound, some of the leather clothing has been burned to cinders, and part of my body seared black is visible.

But, despite how it looks, the condition of the burn was healed in an instant.

Only the black tiger leather jacket I received from Shisho is intact.

“I did it, I did it, I did it. Pitch black.”

The bald man is hopping from foot to foot turning about in a dance. (TL: Okay, now he just seems sad and pathetic.)

His face is pale, and because his lips are discolored abnormally red, with the corners of his mouth pulled back he looks just like a clown.

This man is a crazy bald clown.

Without delay- I yell out.

In response the robe wearing mans expression collapses and he lets out an ugly “Uiiiii!”

I will kill him with one blow.

I eagerly thrust out my black spear.

-A metallic sound.

My stab is blocked by a shield. The shield the black bone knight is using.

“-Ooh, quickly, bone knight!”

The bald man cries out as his expression shifts.

As he recovers he puts on a weird smile while he spits out saliva.

I smile back.

Decent reflexes- I move to the next action while thinking such praise. First, I activate .

I make a fist with “distorted mana hand” and hit the red bone knight.

With the red bone knight unable to hold up its sword after the sudden blow from the mana fist it retreats.

I activate on my left hand at the same time- the chain first goes for the black bone knight that prevented my stab with its excellent reflexes.

The black bone knight cannot keep up with the chains speed.

The chain drills through the black bone knights jaw faster than a bullet, shattering it.

Like that, I change the trajectory to smash through the head of the black bone knight and then destroy the neck and spine one after the other.

On the other hand, the red bone knight struck by the big mana fist from has an indent in its chest, touching one knee it is downed.

Big mana fist. It is strong.

The red bone knight with the caved in chest somehow rises, and approaches while holding its shield.

I send the Kukri sword to such a red bone knight.

But, since the red bone knight was injured so much already, I turn it into training and hold the kukri sword with .

I swing I move the kukri sword over to the red bone knight with a shaky sword attack.

The red bone knight holds up its shield and it turns into a defensive fight.

Now then. Without overlooking the gab in its defense I point the black spear at its lower body and fire of !

The twisting black blade penetrates through the thick foot bone, destroying it. -Next I destroy the thigh bone. Then I destroy the back bone followed by the sternum.

The red bone knight immediately collapses. Its knees give out and it falls to the ground.

Furthermore, the chain that destroyed the black bone knight goes around and around to the red bone knight and penetrates its head. (TL: This is what I wanted to see the chain do. I feel really satisfied.)

I crush the bones into pieces.

The kukri sword, together with the chain and spear smash all of the red bone knights bones with synchronized attacks.

Finally, the bones pieces are crush and strewn about.

After having beaten the bone knights in only several seconds the bald man raises a frightened voice, and with a dumfounded expression his teeth chatter.

That face, I am going to punch it.

I ran at such a bald man.

Leading with my left shoulder, I hold the black spear in my right hand and deliver a shoulder tackle with a shout.


As expected, the bald man is a magician. Raising a ring with a scream he releases a fireball to counter attack.

While advancing I use to break through the middle of the fire ball with the black spear.

I dispel the fireball by destroying its core with thrusting.

To the bald man, from the fireball he just released, my left shoulder appears.

-It is over with this.

Once again, taking strong steps, I at the chest of the bald man.

That moment, “-Master,” Theta leaps in from the side to the bald man.

The sound of meat tearing echoes out, and together through Thetas back, I go through the heart of the bald man.

The two skewered people fall down like marionettes with their string cut.

“Ma, st, er…”

“Shi, shi, Theta…gufu.”

He is trying to talk but blood over flows from his mouth.

“…So. Zoru. D, dear…its enough.”

Then, the purple flower next to Thetas ear falls next to Zorus face.

“This violet?”

“Gua, th, thats right. A purple flower…eh, w, well, remember, Theta?”

The Zoru that is spitting up blood opens his eyes wide when he sees the face of his wife, Theta.

“Oh well…fufu, maybe this is the whim of god?”

“Its you. Its you…Theta. Her beauty is one that doesnt fade away like a purple flower…” (TL: I really pity these two.)

“Zoru always says that, you gave me the violet…” (TL: They should also be really dead, not having their final words.)

Are you serious?

I sneak around and look at Thetas face.

Then, the face of Theta which had looked like a doll face had turned into the face of a really beautiful woman.

Ooh, thats amazing.

Theta has had her chest penetrate by the black spear, yet she is smiling without showing any signs of pain, looking over her husband Zoru affectionately.

From the wound in her chest, black blood flows out unceasingly.

The black blood pours down the black spear then over Zorus robe and mixes with his in the mud, at last the black blood even ran down the affectionate eyes.

Thetas black tears mix together the tears on Zorus cheeks, the darkening tears flow over his cheeks, along the ground, and finally dyes the fallen violet black. (TL: Oh.)

“…Theta. I wanted…gu.”

Blood pours out of Zorus mouth again.


Theta shakes her head to Zorus words.

To bring her body closer to her husbands, she pushes herself along the black spear stuck in her chest, so that they may hug while each others blood pools.

When Zoru is hugged by Theta, and evil spirit slips out, and his insane expression changes to a gentle one.

“Zoru. Remember how we always strolled along the riverside of the Haym?”

“Ah…I remember well.”

“Fufu, me too. …my last moments are good.”

Theta drops her neck, and closes her eyes weakly.

As blood flows from Zorus mouth, he blinks gently, and looks at me.

“Theta. -There is…more…traveling.”

Patching together those words…he dies with his eyes still open.

He died…

Rollo also seems to have noticed and turns her red eyes questioningly.

After a short moment, while trudging along feeling empty, she rubs face head against by head, back and forth.

Ah, Yui…

Taking care of Rollo under my feet, I return to the place where I separated from Yui.

Whistling, I look for the popobumu.

I whistle over and over again and search.

Then the popobumu returns while snorting “bubobubo”

“Yui! Are you all right?”

“…Im okay. My body is numb and I cant move…but youre all right.”

“N? Were you worried about me?”

“Baka…if youre like that, should I kill you?”

Again, she says something like that.

She needs punishment, I sentence her to a bottom massage. (TL: No, stahp, my feelings arent ready.)

“Kya, he, hentai!”

“Hahaha, saying such a thing, arent you supposed to say I can never be a bride?”

Her face turns beet-red.

“Yui, your body shivers when I hold you.”

“Aan. Baka.”

It might be a result of the battle ending, but I repeatedly rub and massage Yuis buttock. Pulling myself together, I ask about how she is feeling.

“Which remind me, Yuis important swords. I left them here. I made sure to recover them.”


“Well then, take a rest, Ill take care of the bodies in the garden.”


I take all of the valuable rings from the corpses fingers.

There was no ring with the water attribute, but there was a ring with the darkness attribute.

I will test this ring later.

I dig a hole in the ground, and make a simple grave for Zoru and Theta.

I put a ring on the gravestone, and place the violet dyed black with blood as an offering.

Even though I killed you…

Seeing these two at the end affect my heart some.

I go to my knees, and pray Japanese style.

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