The Spearmaster and the Black Cat

Chapter 9: La Kerlada and the Black Cat

“nya” and jumps into my chest.

“Ji-chan, who is this person?”

“Mm? This? It looks like a human, but it may be a Mazoku.”

“Eeh! Is it safe to bring it?”

“I think it will be all right. Anyway, this is the person who brought back the Divine Beast.”

I opened my eyes while hearing such unfamiliar words.

Its a language I dont know, but I can understand it.

“Oh, they opened their eyes. La Kerlada! You woke up.”

In order to figure out the owner of the voice, putting my hand on the edge of the bed, I slowly sit the upper part of my body up.

“Ah, you got up?”

I turn my face to the owner of the unfamiliar words.

Mm? An old person? …….Its an old man with horns growing from his head.

Next to the old man is a girl with horns on her head.

The girl seems interested in me.

The chestnut eyes are focused on one point.

An old man and a child. Still, the horns on the old man are excellent. Unlike the horns of the child, the shape of tightly wound horns grew from the side of the head like a goat.

The Horned Race.

Winding horns with a sharp tip.

The strong horns seems to have high bone density and natural detail.

The white hair suitable for his age was mixed in with chestnut-colored hair.

Deeply chiseled features, and chestnut-color eyes too. Its a wrinkled but tough face.

The hair of the child is chestnut like the old man.

The horns are small and childlike.

The features arranged enough although she was young, shes a pretty girl.

I tried to sit in a comfortable position.

While shifting into a cross-legged posture, I purposely looked away from the twos staring eyes.

Eh? I, Im naked.

Which reminds me, Im wearing nothing.

Understanding, I should yawn. Theres no equipment or clothes I can pick up and wear.

Only the necklace with the decoration of the lady bug, its worn around my neck.

I, was seen in the nude…….

Well, its fine. So, here, I wonder where it is.

If Im not mistaken, I fought with the white monster and made a contract with the black beast……

Why am I here?

I look around.

Sun light comes through a wooden window, and wonderfully, its bright.

The dust in the room reflected it glittering silver.

Wooden shelves form a line in the left corner. Theres junk on one shelf over there, old dirty clothing, leather clothing, the oil of the lamp had been put in beeswax.

The cloth curtain where light leaks from the outside in seen on the right.

Theres a door way.

Here, it give the impression of a hut.

Rays of light shine in through the wooden blinds.

When Im looking at the light, I remember the fight with the monster like seeing a daydream.

The memory of sucking blood is recalled.

The eyes of the two people watch me curiously.

…Passing by the cat from the staring old man, looing at the girl–

Mm? Cat? I instantly look back to the cats eyes.

Its a black cat. Watch me while sitting on the incense box.

A cat, with ears pinned up, its the size of a kitten.

Its a kitten, but there was a presence.

Theres…….feelers growing arent there?

These red, characteristic eyes, by any chance……is it the black beast I contracted with then? There arent six feelers, however there are two.

I named her, Rollodinu?


I raised one eyebrow with a worried expression, and called the black cat so. Then, the black cat cutely calls “nya” and jumps into my chest.

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