I am cleaning the black board, a black board Thats color green, I sighed while thinking Why people always make us get confused, Don tell me the one who name this board is actually colorblind?

”Hahaha… ” I laughed in a low tone while putting the eraser on the table.

”M-Matsuki-kun! ” A stuttered womans voice came from behind

She called me? Thats right, my name is Matsuki, Matsuki Satoro, a sophomore High school student at a renowned school.

She walked towards me and stood elegantly in front of me with her dignified look.

I was about to leave our classroom because I finally finished everything. Did she need something from me? Shes Kira, our class representative,

we were both left here to clean for today, of course we
e not the only one who are supposed to clean Today, but they gave us an excuse, saying that they have club activities and ditch the work on us. Our class rep that is nice as ever let them and thats why we
e the only one here.

If I have to describe her, shes a beauty, shes what you called a Bishoujo; She has a nice personality, good grades and reputation.

”Do you need something from me? ” I indifferently said.

”Ah…Uhm..eto.. Matsuki-kun…I-I have something to tell you. ” Shes playing with her hands and trembling at the same time, ”You see.. Uhmm… ”

”What is it? ”

”Eh! wait…its.. ”

”If you don have anything to say, Ill go now. ” I turned and walked towards my chair where my bag is. Shes still standing there beside the black board and fidgeting, and then when I was about to leave the classroom through the door. She hurriedly went to me and pulled my sleeves.

”Huh? What is it? ” I turned and

get her hands off on my sleeves.

”W-wait.. ” She Inhaled and exhaled then ”M-Matsuki- Kun! I-I.. I like you! Please go out with me! ”

”Huh? ” Feeling surprised, I unintentionally let out.

I looked at her closely and see her hands trembling,

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