”Matsuki! Matsuki! ”

She rubbed her head against my body as if she was a cat.

”H-hey, Stop that! ”

It turns out that the girl who suddenly hugged me at the entrance door was my sister.

My sister is Yuri Shikawa, We don have the same surname as what you can see. She said its fine to just use my name as it is but I keep wondering Why we have different surname? Does that mean shes my half-sister or something? But still, I still haven mustered up my courage to ask her such things cause it seems like she doesn want to talk about it. My sister is 27 years old, if I remember it right, shes a manager at some company. Shes a beauty brown hair girl and has a good figure of a matured onee-san like in anime. The low neckline of her bodice emphasized her plump, voluptuous figure.

Shes not usually like this when we see each other, but now it seems like shes drunk.

Ah, right. We
e now at the living room, sitting on the couch with my sister, while Kira is there, sitting on the chair before the table in front of us, looking intensely at us with her dignified posture.

”Why are you even here, aren you supposed to come home next month? ”

Probably noticing my gaze, ”Mh? ” she inclined her head slightly while wearing that caring sister smile of hers.

”Im drawing a little nearer. ”

She happily snuggled up to me as though we were a couple. As a natural consequence, her big breasts were gently nudging the region around my elbow.

Whats wrong with her? Is it because shes drunk? She looks like shes been enjoying seducing me.

But there was nothing I could do about it now. sigh

”Geez! Im worried about you! I received a call from your school yesterday and I was informed that you got bullied ”

I was bullied, huh? Well, I guess thats how it looks like.

”I plan to check on you yesterday but I have an appointment I neeed to attend and wasn able to come to your school, sorry… ”

Huh? I guess shes worried about her brother, I don know why, but I feel like my heart has skip a bit because thats the first time I heard that from one of my family. ”–Its fine, don worry about it. .. ” I rubbed my hair and reassured her.

”….So, why are you drunk, you usually don behave like this. ”

”Well— ”

Ate Yuri, brushed away the black hair that had stuck to her cheek, releasing a scent of roses

[ ”Ate ” is a Filipino language, meaning in English is older sister ]

”–I drank an alcohol, I guess. ”

”That doesn explain why you
e drunk! ” I snapped, although its true that youll get drunk if you drink an alcohol but thats not what Im asking.

”W-well…My colleagues forced me to chug a bottle of alcohol because its a celebration for my promotion… a-and I ended up getting drunk in the middle of the night. My colleague friends take me in their… ” She looked at me with her pleasing eyes, frown and moved her lips, ”Geez.. Im tired! I don want to explain anything! Matsuki….. Can I just rest here? ”

She plea like a baby and leaned much closer.

”I understand, but please stop cuddling onto me. ”

”Hummmn.. Why? It feels good. ”

Sigh, Who did this to her! They shouldn have let her get drunk like this, where is my upright sister now! Shes not her! Totally different from how she usually act!

”Stop it! ” I pushed her away but she didn let me and hugged me again.

”Ate Yuri, get off of me! ”

”No, I won ! ”

”Sigh, You reek of alcohol! ”

She looked at me and pouted as if she was a child.

”Geez! Just let me do this. ”

I put my hands on her shoulders, wanting to release myself from her embrace, but she immediately shook her head, stubbornly saying, ”No! ” and hugged me even stronger. Contrary to her childish attitude, her body was more than mature enough to give rise to some complicated feelings on my part.

Sigh, fine. Whatever. Do what you want, I guess this doesn feel bad at al–

”M-matsuki-kun! ” I feel like some chills was sent into my spine, A devilish aura, coming in front of us, I looked at it, wondering what was that chills I felt and then I see Kira with her dark aura around her. Seeing her unusual behavior, I asked: ”What is it? ”

”Her, ” She pointed her hand at my sister who is happily cuddling onto me. ”Whats your relationship? ”

”Ah, right. This is my sister. ”

”E-eh, Your sister! ”

”Y-yup, you have a problem with that? ”

”No, its… ” She stood up, bowed her head and then ”Sorry, I didn know, Uhmmm…Uhm ah.. ” Àfter wavering for a bit, she continued, ”Nice to meet you, Im Kira Miyoka, Matsuki-kuns girlfriend! ” Im sorry for barging into your house without you knowi.. ”

”What! ”

Ate Yuri, looked at her with her perplexed expression, then said in doubt. ”Matsuki-kuns girlfriend?! ”

Sigh, Do I have to explain it to her?

”I see, ” my sisters eyes sparkles. Then she shrugged her shoulders slightly upon noticing my sidelong glare at her.

”My Matsuki-kun is such an attractive boy, so I guess its normal for him to have a girlfriend. ”

Ate Yuri, don say something unnecessary, itll make her get the wrong Idea, and Im not attractive, I think.

”Nice to meet you too, Kiyara Miyokooo..was it? ”

”Uhmm.. Its K-kira ” Kira corrected.

My sister smile brightly and then

”Sorry, sorry, my bad, my name

is Yuri Shikawa, Matsukis sister.. ”

”…And..Uhm.. I feel…siiick. ”

After finishing, she suddenly drop on the couch and snores.

Sigh, I guess, shes really tired.

”Kira, you should start eating now, Ill take my sister to her room. ”

”A-uhmm, okay ” She nodded. I lifted up my sister and carried her to her room.

Now I have gained new knowledge about my sister. Shes way too different when shes drunk, I must not let her drink any kind of alcohol, so things like this won happen in the future. Its not good if she acted like this towards other people, they may take advantage of her.

I opened one of the doors alongside the corridor. The instant the door went open, I could smell the overly sweet scent of perfume.

Even though my sister had only sleep here once a month, she still keep her room clean and tidy.

The walls were covered with white wallpaper, a curtain decorated with lace, a dressing table against the wall that I didn know before because I don come to her room. And a dresser that was laden with countless makeup goods. It was obviously the room of a middle-aged woman.

”This room feels nice compared to mine, hahaha.. ” I mumbled while walking towards her bed.

On the nightstand by the bed, which had a flower pattern, there were several picture frames, each of which depicted me and her.

”I didn expect her to keep some of my pictures… ”

There was only one bed in the room – a bed for one person only, and so I laid her there.

”Lets see.. And there, done.. Phew! You better get some rest, Ate. ”

”Mnmm ”

She hugged the pillow and smiled brightly as if she was having a dream.

So my sister can be this defenseless and cute too, huh?

I feel like shes really different.

Whatever, lets stop staring at her and go to the living room.

I left the room, went to the living room and see Kira, still waiting for me and had already prepared the lunch on the table.

”Matsuki-kun, lets eat now! ” She happily said upon seeing me.

Then I sat on the chair next to her and started chomping the food I made.

”Uhm, is your sister okay? ”

”Shes fine, it looks like shes just tired. ”

”Is that so… ” Kira sighed in relief and started eating.

”Matsuki-kun is such a good cook, ” Kira complimented after tasting the food I made.

”Not, really. Its just Sinigang(Filipino dish) and some appetizers. ” I indifferently said.

Then Kira, shook her head and happily praise me more.

”Its really good, Compared to mine its 100% much better ”

Hmm? Being complimented like this doesn feel that bad, I guess.

”Just eat and don talk, you
e gonna choke yourself if you do so. ” I admonished and she simply nodded like a child.


”Thanks for the food ” We said in unison after finishing the food and Kira, laughed for a brief moment.

”Ill wash the dishes. ”

”No, I think, you better leave now. ” I said.

”-Eh!! Why?.. ”

Bzzzzt….! Bzzzzt..! Kiras phone vibrated and rang.

”Ehh, ” While making a confused face, she took her mobile phone out of her pocket and answer the call.

”…Yes, Kira speaking. ”

Her expression became earnest promptly after she had begun the conversation.

”…my mother? No, I haven heard of anything. She was at home when I left for school this morning. ”

As they exchanged words, her expression got darker and darker. I couldn perceive what the caller was saying, but it was obviously not good news.

”…Yes. I understand. Ill return. Yes. I will immediately give you a call when I got there. ”

She cut the connection and let out a tired sigh.

”Whats the matter? ” I asked.

She gazed at me with watery eyes for a few seconds, hesitating.

”…my mother collapse and was sent to the hospital, ” she replied at last, ”She is not really ill for the past years Ive been with her, but they said she collapsed while working. ”

”So, shes sick. She will be fine don you think? ”

I voiced a cheap word of consolation.

”I wonder… he told me that he saw my mom gets sleepy at work several times. Of course, he tried to ask her if shes okay but she didn said anything and collapsed after a few moments, so he called me, her daughter, since I might know something… ”

She cut off her sentence and started to ponder, furling her long eyebrows.

I let out a sigh. Somehow I sensed that nothing but trouble was waiting for me.

”Then hurry and go to your mom, want me to tag along?. ”

I grabbed her cold hand firmly.

”…eh? ”

I heard her confused voice from diagonally behind.

”Seems like you
e in for some trouble, so I won stop you any longer and go, ” I said quickly. ”—Saying that would have suited me better, I guess… But seeing you make such a face, how should I leave you to your own devices? ”

To my plain remark, she replied:

”Its fine, my father will fetch me at the station. ”

”Okay, ” I said in a low tone.

Then Kira, picked up her bag and restlessly moved.

I guess I don have the right to accompany her to her mother, and her father will be with her, so I guess she will be fine but after seeing her face, I feel like I want to accompany her for a bit.

Sigh, what is this feeling?..

Whatever. I grabbed Kiras hand and we ran towards the station near my house.


”Then, be careful ” I escort Kira until we reached the Station and see a black car open its door behind the pillar near the burger store.

”See you later. ” She happily waved her hand in spite of her gloomy face.

Then Kira, Immediately ran to the car and entered it.

As for me, I started walking back to my house with an empty feeling in my heart that I don get.

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