>I touched my left breast and grip it.

”…I guess soon its goodbye to you as well. ”

I was surprised by the gloomy mutter that escaped my mouth so naturally.

Apparently, the days that revolved around nothing but Kira and my plan that had been one of the things I want to achieve before I graduate in this school, to think it was harder than I had thought.

That was probably the reason for the slight loneliness I was feeling at returning to my previous, peaceful everyday life.

In regards to the various happenings concerning my plans, I had come to a conclusion.

I won be able to achieve it if I continued this relationship with her. And that is..My revenge.


On went the days without Kira Miyoko.

The first day remained peaceful. On the second day, however, there was already a commotion in the class; everyone was now worrying about her.

As expected, their attention was immediately directed at me because I am her so called boyfriend. As planned, I played dumb.

And then what happened? Assumptions brought forth assumptions, which eventually turned into rumors. Some of the rumors are ”Her cold worsened. She has been kidnapped and is kept confinement. She is in the middle of filming a movie or become a model. A prince fell in love with her at first sight and took her to his country to marry her. Such absurd rumors were all over the place. I could only laugh dryly. Whether she was here or not, she was always in the center of attention. Once more I was shown just how much the girl stood out.

On the fourth day, however, some rumors came in circulation that weren funny at all.

But all of those rumors have vanished in an instant when our home room teacher announced why shes absent. And that is because shes been taking care of her mother.

Lunch break.

While sighing in my chair, I stood and go to my locker, I was planning to get my notes but what I saw in there was absolutely unexpected. There is a pink envelope in my locker that was place in my shoes.

”What the hell is this? ”

I picked it up and dangled it in front of me.

Then I opened and see something was written on it.

”Matsuki-kun, Its been a year…But thats not important right now. Come to the Rooftop right now! ”

The hell, is the one who wrote this seems to have a grudge on me? Is he trying to ambush me at the rooftop? It said its been a year? Whatever. It seems like I was going to get on the fight again…Or so I thought…

”Whats the meaning of this Satoro-kun ”

”Huh? I should be the one who should ask that? ”

My body is okay now and so I am now at the rooftop.

I came here because I saw a pink envelope letter in my locker, telling me to come here. I expected that the one who wrote that was a guy and the one who will show up here was a brunch of guys to beat me or something but it turns out to be a girl.

I don know her but it seems like she knows me.

”Y-you! You said that you
e only interested in 2d girls… T-thats why I didn make any moves on you and didn even bother waiting for your answer. A-and now you
e dating a girl! ”

”Huh? You know me? I don know you. ” I protested.

Who exactly is this girl?

If I have to describe her, She has an alluring looks like a Bishoujo in anime.

She has a pink hair, violet eyes that seems to be kinda blue and has almost enough height to have the same as mine and now shes trying to push me against the wall.

Really, whats wrong with her?

”What? Youve already forgotten me? You
e mean! ” She stared daggers at me.

”Like I told you, I have no idea who you are and whats with this? Placing a love letter in my locker as if its still norm today and asked me to come here, sigh. Who are you! ”

”I-its me Naruki Minami! ” She yelled like a baby whos about to cry and blushed.

Huh? I didn misheard that right?

”What did you say? Naruki Minami? ”

”Y-yes, its me, long time no see, Satoro-kun. ”

”Youve gotta be kidding me! ”

”Why? ” she looked me in the eyes and asked.

”Why, you asked? Why are you wearing a females uniform? And what the hell, ” I pointed my hand at her chest.

”You have a voluptuous breast as if it was already there before! Whats more, Your hair grew up that its already reached your waist. ”

Calm down, Matsuki! She must be playing with me, shes just joking, right? I mean, Naruki Minami is a guy but…

”Don tell me you went on a surgery! ”

”Eh? No I didn do that! ”

Then She held her chin up and looked at me.

”C-could it be..Satoro-kun, thought I was a guy? ”

”Hey, Are you really Naruki Minami? ”

”Oh right, ” He rummage her bag in search of something and brought out an I.D? ”Its me, see it for yourself. ” Then whats shown in front of me was his face before and now. A two I.D with the same name, same information and so on.

Is he really a girl?

” Wait, Are you really Naruki? I mean, You
e not pranking me are you? ”

”So Matsuki-kun, really thought that I was a guy before, Hehehe, Sorry but Im a girl. ” She wickedly smile.

If hes really a girl, Does that mean, I was interacting with a girl before all this time?

”Who wouldn think you
e a guy when you
e wearing a males uniform before and theres no way you could be Naruki! I mean it! ”

This is really unbelievable if he or she? Wait, wait don tell me he already gave in and become a gay, whats more, his appearance is totally different!

No, lets check it, I moved my hand, aiming at his groin, I grabbed Narukis crotch.

”Kyaa!! ”

What I was expecting was to grab his balls but I didn feel anything that a guy would have. What I felt was a soft sensation that Ive never felt before.

What the! Feeling confused I unintentionally moved back. Why I didn feel anything?… You gotta be kidding me!!

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