Now that if I think about it, how would I get my revenge? All I want is to hurt them physically and mentally, but I don know what specific things to do to make them messed up.

Thinking about what to do and my plans to make my life of revenge interesting, I finally reached my classroom.

I headed to my seat, the only chair that is not occupied on the left corner is mine. I sat and bring out my smartphone, browsing on the web, I type and asked the Googolo website ”What will hurt girls the most mentally and physically? ”

There are so many sites that was shown but theres one that enticed me the most. An article that has the same question as mine.

[ What will hurt girls the most mentally and physically? My girlfriend cheated on me, so I want to get my revenge, any Ideas guys?

Anonymous: If you want to hurt a girl emotionally and physically. Just bang her!

Mister Revenger: No, no! Torture would be more accurate!

The Sly One: You guys are the worst, Just made the girl feel the love and leave her when she finally fallen in love with you! ]

All of their answered was totally good but what if I did it all? Hehehe..

I subconsciously smirk and hide my face on the table while laughing.

After looking at the results on the web for awhile I heard some footsteps and then it stopped.

”M-Matsuki-kun? ” a womans voice called my name and it seems so close, it was an Angelic and relaxing voice.

Wondering who is it, I rose my head and look in front of me, and I see Kira looking at me.

”Oh? Kira, do you need the assignment now? ” I rummaged my bag in search of the portfolio we need to pass.

”Here! ” I bring it out of my bag ”Its all complete so you don need to check it anymore like before ”

Our class rep job is to collect the assignments and check if everyone is doing it properly.

”Uhmm.. Yes, we need to pass it today.. ” She paused a bit and pouted, ” But this is not the reason why Im here…Y-yesterday, you went home as soon as you let go of me and didn even say goodbye. ”

”Eh!.. S-sorry, I didn mean to, I need to work early yesterday. ”

Ow, thats a perfect lie, Good job me! I don have a shift yesterday, but I don have anything on mind yesterday that I went home as soon as I finish hugging her..

”Y-you…n-number, I still don have your number. ” She bring out her phone out of her pocket, ” Your phone?..G-give it to me. ”

Isn she getting aggressive today? Yesterday shes trembling, but now she seems fine. Shes still beet red though.

Right we need to contact each other, I forgot that! Your still dumb Matsuki! I pinch myself to calm down. I gave her my phone and Kira saved my number as soon as I gave her my phone.

”Here.. ” She gave my phone back to me ”later…Uhm.. Uh.. Lets eat together. ” She turned her face sideways and blushed, she must be pretty embarrassed.

Our classmates is staring at us as Kira started going back to her seat.

Hmm.. They must be confused why Kira came to me and said ”Lets eat together ”. Heheheh… Their jealous and irritate face is amusing.

They probably don know that we
e now going out. If I remember correctly, the guys all over the campus like her because shes really beautiful and admirable.

Heehehe…. Ive thought of something really good.

Presuming that Kira doesn really like me and only was force to make fun of me because she lost on a bet or something, I don want to let her do what she wants. She must he hiding the fact that we
e going out because she asked me out yesterday when no one is around, then… Take this! I stood up from my chair and slammed my table, Everyone was surprised and look at me.

Nice! I managed to get their attention! hehehe

”Everyone! Listen, I, Matsuki Satoro.. ” even if its embarrassing and kinda lame for me to say this, I confidently stand and continue ”everyone of you that still don know! I am now dating Kira, our class rep, So if ever I saw someone flirting with her, Ill make you regret it! ”

Sigh, what a cringe thing to say, I think they
e gonna laugh louder or something, yeah, I bet. is what I thought but..

Everyone was taken aback, Kira of course stopped for a bit and sat in her chair. I can see her face because shes looking in front but Im guessing shes embarrassed.

And as for me, I suppress my nervousness and sat in my chair.

Looking at Kira, She turned and glance at me, her face is super red as if she wants to say something. hehehe…She must be angry.

Every girls looks at her, including the boys, I saw her

blushing in front of everyone; she started to waver as if she wasn expecting it.

Hehehe.. Hows that? Surprised?..

”Is that really true, Kira-san? ”

”Really? ”

”For real? ”

”Of course not, right? ”

Kira, just sat there silently and then nod.

All of them was shocked, some students came to Kira and asked if it was my delusional things: She simply nod at them and didn give any details. She was probably embarrassed, because I, the average student that doesn have anything to show off was now known by everyone that Im her boyfriend.

Other guys stared daggers at me and Ill probably get in trouble later on…

Once again, I hid my face and smirked secretly.


”Ah.. ” I opened my mouth, asking Kira to feed me.

”E-eh..! ” she shoves her chopsticks at the food that looks like some western food and feed it to me.

The morning class in now over and we
e now eating together at our classroom.

Actually, Kira said she wanted to eat lunch together at the rooftop, but theres no way Ill let her have her ways. So I said ”Why don we eat in the classroom? Everyone is not here, just a few of our classmates, Don tell me you
e embarrassed to eat with your boyfriend in front of everyone? ” I even acted as if I was a boyfriend whos doubtful about his girlfriends feelings.

”No! no, its not like that! I-I guess i-if you want it then lets eat here. ”

She bring out her lunch box and place it onto my desk with her bright red face.

It seems effective, I don know what kind of things she need to accomplish before breaking up with me, but it seems like having a lunch with me is one of the requirements she need to finish this relationship of us. Im not pretty sure if shes messing with me on her own volition or she was forced but whatsoever, Ill make her regret it later.

I also did bring out my lunch and thats where we are now. We
e now at the back, near to my chair we sat together and started eating using the two desk we combined.

”I-is it delicious? ” She flusteredly asked.

”No, it sucks! ” I lied, it was actually delicious, the food she fed to me was absolutely delicious but theres no way Ill said that. I want her be hurt. Hehehe, even if it were me, Ill be hurt if someone said something mean about the food I made.

”Eh! S-sorry ” she held her hands together and lowered her head ” I-its my first time cooking some food, t-thats why.. Ill try to improve later. ”

What, its her first time? then thats impressive, I have to admit it if thats true.

I just noticed it, but whenever shes close to me, she started trembling and her face will be full red.

Is she arfraid of me? And also why she always listen to me?

Is what I thought but I just let that question unanswered because either way its fine. However she seems to be calming when we get together for a long time, I track the time and she always stop trembling after almost seven minutes. I don know why though, maybe shes getting used to being with me?

”Finished, Thanks for the food. ”

”Are you okay? Did you got stomach ache?. ” Kira asked worriedly,

”Im fine, I just need to go to the bathroom. ”

”Really?.. Is it my fault? Did the food I made is really that worse?… ”

”Im fine. ”

”B-but your face, you
e sweating a lot and.. ” She bring out her handkerchief and gently used it to swept the sweat on my forehead, ”Look, you
e sweating. ” She gently rubbed her handkerchief that has a soothing scent onto my face, but I didn find it pleasant. I did stop her from doing it. ”Please don . Im fine ”

I unintentionally glared at her and she stop.

”O-okay. ”

I stood, get my lunch box and

went out of the classroom as soon as possible.


”Uwoahgh! ” I throw up at the basin that was located near the bathroom, it was a public uses for washing up our hands.

I reached my limit, I vomit and

the pressure that I am holding and enduring for a long time was enough to make me feel sick.

It looks like I can still stand being with a girl, Fuck!

”Haaaahh.. hah. ” Heavily panting, I washed up my face and get back to our classroom.

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