I, Matsuki Sotaro, a sophomore Senior high school student is dating a girl, not just a girl, shes our beautiful class rep that was adore by everyone.

Although I don like her, I am dating her due to my own reason, I want to get over about this stupid phenomenon that looks like a phobia or rather a psychological hate that is making me sick, The reason why Im only making my moves now when I finally become eighteen and get my revenge on girls is because I don have the guts before, But now I don care anymore, If I don make a move I feel like Ill regret it later.


Yawn* I stretched both of my hands and lean against my chair, The class had finished and I was hoping to get home as soon as possible, but…

I noticed that everyone is going home really fast, I looked at my phone and remember that today is Tuesday.

Eh!! I have work today shit!

I looked at my phone, only to see that its already four pm.

Oh shit!

I restlessly put my notes in my bag and sprint towards the door but someone pulled my sleeves when I was about to leave the classroom, it was Kira.

”Matsuki… ” She tightened up the way shes holding my sleeves,

”Uhm..uh.. lets go home together! ”

”Huh? ”

”I-I mean.. W-we
e dating now, so…uhmm.. thats.. ” She leaned her head against my chest and hid her embarrassed face.

The hell? Don get embarrassed everytime. ”Sigh ” Another task that she need to do is to go home with me? I don have time to play around today, I have work.

”Sorry, I have a work today. ” I indifferently said and get her off me.

”Then, j-just hold my hand. ” She outstretch her hand in front of me ”H-here, Hold my hand. ” She stuttered. I looked at it, wondering why she wants me to hold her hands; I see her hands trembling.

”Sigh ” She must be forcing herself to do this.

”No. ”

”Eh!..W-why? ”

e hands is dirty. ”

”Eh!..R-really?. ” Of course not, you idiot!

she looked at her hand in wonder; she rummage her bag in search of something, I saw her found a sprayer that looks like some sanitizer and used it. after that, she wiped her hand using her handkerchief.

”Here, its all clean now, hehehe ” She happily said and outstretched her hand, asking me to hold it.

Isn she supposed to be a dignified princess?

Why does she loook like an idiot to me?

”Sigh ” It looks like Im gonna be late.

”Kira, y-you lewd girl!… ”

”…Don you know that holding hands is lewd? ”

”L-lewd? ”

”Why are you even asking me to hold your hand in the first place? ”

”W-well…Weve been dating now for almost two days but..but.. ” She lowered her head and hold her hands together; she also hid her face as if she was embarrassed or something.

”..We haven done it..h-holding hands! ” She stammered.

”No way! Thats lewd! ” I unintentionally yelled.

Shes asking me again something, its probably one of her task too. Lets see… How do I get out of here?.. Is holding hands something so precious?

”Kira, I think you
e underestimating the holding hands! ” I pat her shoulder and continue, ”Holding hands is much

more lewd than intercourse! If you just look at it just normal you
e not gonna feel it, but holding hands is also a way for two person to become one, theres more to it than meets the eye! ”

I confidently said as if I was some sort of philosopher. Of course Im embarrassed but this is the only way to get out of this situation.

I won let her have her ways with me and I don want to hold hands right now, now is not the right time, my hands is sweating a lot too, so this is the way! Hehehe, I secretly smirked.

”Eh?.. ” Kira seems surprised. Shes having a perplex expression and blushing at the same time. As for me, holding my chin up and unwavering.

”Then, goodbye! ”

I immediately ran off and left her in the classroom. She was saying something but I didn hear it.


I immediately ran to my work as soon as possible so I won get scold later on, fortunately I managed to make it on time and the manager happily asked me to get to work as soon as I change into my uniform.

Ive been working here in this bar for almost nine months, I serve and pour some drinks to customer who would want to have a company while drinking.

I choose this job to boost my confidence and get over my low self esteem.

But Im still dumb sometimes, but what can I do? Humans are dumb enough to complicate things.

While putting the glasses back into its shelf, I was really in the mood to do everything.

Hehehe…I didn expect her to be flustered by that, but I guess it worked, right? I finally managed i, though. I didn expect her to be like that cause.. Sigh, whatever at least I didn let her have her ways. Maybe I can finally do something much more great things in the future.

”Matsuki, youve been grinning for along time since you got here, did something good happened? ”

A womans voice came from behind, I turned and see Toka.

”Not really. ”

”Ohh? Then Ill head over there, the customer is calling me. ”

”Okay. ”

She went to the customers and poured some drinks.

Shes in high spirit as always.

Toka is my junior in this work; shes a cheerful tiny girl, apparently shes the one who help me the most to get used at girls, and of course the customers too helped me and now I can finally have a normal conversation.

Although I hate girls, there are some people I don hate, like Toka for example, I don find her hard to communicate, Im somewhat comfortable around her too.

I just don know why I can stand it when Im with Kira. Maybe because shes beautiful and popular like that thot girl, ”Sigh ” Shit! Lets not remember the bad days.

”Pour me some! ”

The usual old lady customer came towards the counter, shes such a bothersome as always.

”Ill be coming there, maam. ”


”Phew ” that was exhausting, Im glad its finally over.

I leaned against the wall and breath.

”Good work you two! ” Said the manager while tapping our backs.

”We managed to serve the customers just like usual, keep up the good work ”, *sigh* ”If it weren for you two I won be able to continue this business. ”

The manager is a middle-aged woman thats around thirty five, Im not sure though, she doesn want to tell us her age after all. Despite her age, she looks charming enough to attract guys.

I think shes running this bar for a long time and it seems to be losing its fame before, but when we came here, so many customers have started to come, thats why whenever we finished our work she always thanks us.

”No worries, hehehe… ” Toka cheerfully smiled, and as for me, I just bowed my head as a way of respect, and thanks.

If it weren for this job, I may not be able to have confidence like today. This job really helps me a lot.

”Then, Well be going now, thanks for today! ” We both said and bid a farewell to our manager after we change into our clothes.

I was about to cross the road, but then Toka pulled my sleeves.

”Hmm..? ” Is girls like this? They always pulled my sleeves, Im now worrying, what if it gets torn off later, that would be a horrible experience.

”Matsuki, uhm.. You see.. I need some help. ” She bit her lips ”You see, I felt like someone is stalking me, the way on my home is really dark and scary, c-could you please walk me home. ” I was taken aback, not only because of what Ive heard but because her way of talking has become different. Her hands are trembling and shes stuttering, its unlike her to do that.

”A stalker, huh? ”

”Please! You
e the only one I know and can rely on..pl-please! ”

She held my hands and I felt her hand pulsing. Hey don make that face! if you do that, I won be able to refuse.

She must be really scared, its unlikely for her to do this. Sigh..

”Okay, Ill walk you home. ” Even if Toka didn really help me on her own, shes still the one who helped me got used to girl, so I guess Ill help her a bit.

Its already nine pm so I guess this time around is dangerous, huh.

I held her hand tightly and we started walking. After a few minutes of walked, we reached an Alley and she said its the only way to her home. So we had no choice but to continue to walk in there.

Just like what she said its dark and creepy, its full of tilted trees and branches and wilted grass.

I felt Toka hand trembling, she must be really scared.

I looked around from time to time to see if the stalker is around, but I didn saw anyone following us.

We finally exit the alley and Toka is still silent and hiding behind me.

I stopped, turned and looked at her, ”Toka, we
e finally close to your house, we
e now at the convenience store, so its not dark anymore. ”

”Really? ” she peeked at the road, ”Heheh..It looks like we managed it. ” and then removed her hands on me and smiled cheerfully.

”Yeah, thats how you should act, thats the usual you ”

”Usual me? ” She tilted her head and got a confused expression.

”Nothing.. ”

”Ah! Lets go into the convenience store, Ill treat you some snacks. ”

She pulled my hand and we walked towards the convenience store.

When we finally found ourselves in front of the door, the door opened and a figure of girl was near, so we let her first and then

A familiar girl standing on the other side was Kira, wearing nothing but a cardigan over her pure white negligee.

She stared at me with wonders, I felt surprised and stood there without moving an inch.

”Matsuki? ” She seems surprised that we happen to meet like this.

Well, I was surprised too to be honest.

”… ”

”You know each other, Matsuki? ”

Toka break the silence and asked.

”Oh, Oh right, I know her. ” I rubbed my hair and just laughed it off.

”Matsuki.. ”, I feel like Kira is giving off some sort of devilish aura and it sends a chills into my body.

I stared at her and notices that shes looking intensely at my hand where Toka is holding my hands interlock with her fingers.

”Who is she, Matsuki? ”

Oh well, its not like I need to tell her but I just remembered that I blabber something nonsense about holding hands earlier.

”Oh, Im Toka, Matsukis friend. ” She smiled dazlingly and tighten up the way shes holding me. ”And you? ”

”I-im Matsukis gir..gi.. ”

”Shes my class rep in school. ”

Before Kira finished, I get in the way and said.

I blinked and gave a cue to Kira.

Its not like Toka need to get involved, we
e not also dating for real. I think shes just dating me for some reason and I presume its not because she loves me or something.

”Huh?.. ” Kira seems surprised.

”Then, well be going now, its pretty late now so see you tomorrow… ”

I let go of Tokas hand, turned and walked, but I felt like someone is plucking my sleeves again.

”Sigh ” I turned and see Kira with her teary eyes.

Huh? Is she crying?..

”I-uhmm..I-I..I am Matsuki girlfriend! ” She loudly said. She pulled me away from Toka and cling onto my shoulder, ”Don steal my boyfriend! ” She yelled, it was enough to be heard by everyone around us and she seems so angry.


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