”Hey, hey did you already know that, isn that amusing?. ” Said the girl and giggled.

If you
e wondering where I am or who is that girl? Well, I don know her but I am here, hiding myself on the wall, sitting on the floor and peeking at two girls.

After the morning classes have finished, I immediately ran to the bathroom because my bladder is about to explode( well, not in a literal way). Fortunately, I managed to reached the bathroom before I reached my limit.

Then After that I started walking toward the Canteen to buy some food, but when I was about to turned and head to the stall thats only about fifteen meters away,

I heard some girls talking behind the laboratory building, Im not really interested in anyone conversation and whatever they
e talking about. I also don eavesdrop on someone elses business because their conversation is not that interesting,

but this one got my attention when I heard a womans voice saying.

”so she finally made some progress and they started going out, I feel bad for the guy though because hes being deceive by her. ”

The stall where my favorite bread is being sold was close enough, only a few steps and Ill be there, but I stopped. I hesitated a bit because that bread is limited but what Ive heard was really interesting, so I focus my hearing sense and followed where the sounds came from, then I found two girls talking behind the laboratory, I stopped moving, hid on the laboratory wall, and refrain myself from making any noise. And so, Im peeking at them right now. While sitting, I listened to their conversation

”Hahaha…You know! Its really hilarious! ” The blonde hair gal was about to Jump off as if she was some kind jack in the box. Is their conversation that funny?

”Yeah, right. I mean, he really believe that she likes him, Whats more, he kissed him too soon, ” Said the girl that has a black hair that extends to hair waist. I can see their face, what Im only seeing are only their back figure.

I don know who they are talking about but it seems familiar to me.

”Don you find it funny, She said that the way he kissed her was really disgusting. She said he sucks hahahah.. He must be a virgin. ” said the blonde hair and laughed.

”Yeah, yeah. To think that he was fooled too soon. Well, we can help it, Hes a loner. If you
e in his shoes and a beautiful girl asked you out, youll be totally like him, hes head over heels for her. ”

”Hahah…Thanks to you, Natzumi-san, the loner is in heaven. You
e the one who forced her to do that after all. ”

”Well, thats her fault, she pissed me off. ” They laughed together and get up from the bench and I think they
e about to Left.

Although they
e not saying the names of who they
e talking about. It seems familiar to me.

They said a beautiful girl asked a loner and his kiss sucks. It was too close to whats been happening to me. I mean they may be referring to someone else but theres no way its just a coincidence that we happen to have the same thing that has been going on, right? And whats more the black haired girl said. ”Lets see what will happen to that guy, If he knew that he was being deceive by an angel, what was his section again? ”

”Class 2..hmm, What was it again?? wait.. I think its Class 2C. ”

Yeah theres nothing I need to hear anymore. They were talking about me. I clenches my fist and punched the wall.

Im in class 2C and Ive been labeled as Loner by my classmates because I don interact with others. Theres nothing I need to know anymore.

Just like what Ive thought, Kira is just deceiving me and she was forced?… ”Hahaha… ” a low laughed escaped from my mouth.

No wonder her reaction was a bit unnatural. Shes trembling whenever she approached me, thats explain it, huh? Its not like I don expect to know it, but to think Ill hear it from those bitches. I must see their face an—.

”Oh, see. I told you, hes here! ”

A familiar irritating voice came from the left side. I looked Where it came from and see Miorowa with his gang.


This is whats Im taking about, the worst thing that I need to deal with are these Idiot thugs.

Miorowa, stood there for atleast six feet away from me with his fellow gang, Three bulky guys that look like some sort of a wrestle were behind him.

”Thats him! ” Miorowa pointed his hand on me. ”Beat him! He pissed me off earlier! ” Hearing his words, The three guys stepped forward.

This is bad! That really slipped on my mind. I forgot that Miorowa has a spoiled attitude because hes rich, having a wealthy and well known family. Even though his personality is unbearable, there are still guys who stick with him to suck up some money from him and of course they follow his orders to maintain their relationships.

Its not like Im not prepared for this but this was rather soon.

Its because I provoke him, huh.

Heheheh… A smirk was formed out of my face as if it has become a habit and I position my legs well to prepared for the worst. Whatever, Ill deal with them.

The three brawny tall guys surrounded me, while Miorowa stood there confidently with his sinister smile as if he already know what will happen.

He assumes that Ill be beaten here. Well…Hes technically right there. Theres no way I can win in this. There are three guys, if it only two I can take them down, but just by looking at their body, its obvious that they
e strong.

”Wow! ” I raised my two hands and waved it for at least five times. Why did I do that? Well, that is to make them confused and buy some time. Yeah, this fight, before this even started I already lost, but….

”What do we have here? Are you trying to ambush me, perhaps. ”

I smiled wickedly and without hesitation, I sprint towards where Miorowa is. In this kind of situation, like in the game, you should Attack the boss and thatll make you win!

”What? ”

I avoided and passed one of the big guy thats near him and Immediately landed a kick right in front of Miorowas face. His face was smashed into pieces just like what Id plan.

”Wha..t? Agh! ” He loss his balance and unsteady.

Without giving him time to recover. I punched his face with my full strength.

”Ahhh! ” He screamed in anguished and fell on the ground.

”Hahaha… Idiot! ” I laughed like an insane person and punched one of his three buddy who hurriedly tried to caught me.

I kicked his leg but he didn budge.

Shit, hes tough!

The two guys ran towards me and tried to caught me, too. I didn let them and distance myself for at least two meters, I picked up some ashes from the ground and throw it onto their face.

”Ugh! ”

”urgh! ”

Just like that, they were blinded for a few seconds,

”This guy knows how to fight? ” Said the bald one that seems surprised.

Of course I know how to fight, Idiots!

I practiced self defense and other ways to protect myself because this world is such a rotten place.

Don just suddenly fight someone when you don even know who are you trying face. But Well, even so, I don really care. ”sigh, you all are really dumb! ” I laughed to provoke them more.

”Isn there a saying that Birds with the same feather flock together? ”

They glared at me and they
e really furious now, hahahah..

”Beat him! Hurry! ” Miorowa whos lying on the ground pointed at me his trembling index finger.

”shit! ” there he stood behind them while stopping his nosebleed.

The three of them surrounded me and fight me all together, although It was hard, I still managed to land a hit on them more often than them and broke some of their fingers. Just like I thought, I can win against three big brawny guys. They didn stopped and eventually, I was caught. Just like what Ive thought Ill lose here because Im outnumbered.

”Hahaha! What now? ” Miorowa came to me and grabbed my collar.

I can move an inch because the two big guy is restraining me.

”Whos the idiot now? ” Miorowa glared at me along with his sickeningly proud face, I don know if Ill be scared or be amused. His face has the mark of my shoes. hehehe..

”Hey answer me! ” He slapped my face.

”Are you a gay? Do your only know how to slap? ” I snap and provoke him more.

”Huh? Fuck you! ” He yelled and punched me on my stomach.

Sigh, What a good for nothing idiot. His puch was not even worth screaming. I didn even felt it. To think he was this weak. Thinking about it, A smirked was formed on my face.

e still alive huh? ”

What?! Is he asking me that? Did he really thought that Ill die from that! Aww.. men this guy is… ”Sigh ”

He looked at me and made a demented smile.

”Take this, you Fuck ass! Hi-ya! ”

A sharp knee kicked me directly in the face. Blood was streaming from my nose. Ah what a bad day,

Will I be knocked out here?

As I thought with those words.

They started beating me and then

few moments later,

”M-matsuki-kun! ”

I heard a womans voice.

”Gehh? ” the four idiots said in unison while having a surprised looked in their face.

I looked where it came from and see Kira with the other students.

”Shit! ”

Miorowa along with his buddy, surprised and restlessly panic.

I noticed that they immediately loosened the way they hold me. I grabbed the chance to break off from them and stomped one of the guys feet.

”A-ahhh!! ” Screamed in anguished.

The yellowish haired guy lost his balance and held his foot.

”Stopped them at once! ” I heard a manly voice and see the Student Council President.

They tried to get away but they wasn able to do so as the President of Disciplinary act, Youhei Takashi, along with the other council students confronted them and caught them without a hitch.

”Sigh, What a bothersome. ”

I sighed in relief that I wasn beaten into death. I don know why the disciplinary council students is here, but I guess that doesn matter now.

I finally loosened myself and lay on the ground, it was a weird feeling, the grasses, touching my back, I felt somewhat comfortable, even though its not soft, its actually hard.

”Matsuki-kun! ” Kira came to me and she sounded very worried; she kneeled before me, immediately bring out her handkerchief and wiped the blood on my face.

”Are you okay? Is there any part of you that hurts the most? ”

She restlessly looked at every part of my body and gently touched me on my arm.

Don act like you really care..Why is she even here?

”Im…not fine.. ” Its obvious that Im not, just by looking at me, you can see that Im black and blue. ”Sigh.. ”

”T-then What should I do? Bring you in the infirmary or stay here for a bit? ” she looked at me and get close, so close I can smell her soothing fragrance.

”Ill be… fine.. if you do something. ”

”Ehh.. W-what is it? ” She worriedly asked.

It hurts…Now that my mind is not busy thinking, I feel like my body was smashed by truck. It pretty hurts than earlier when I was fighting.

What should I do to aleviate this feeling..Ah.. right. that..

”Ill be fine if you kissed me… ” What am I saying?

”Ehh! K-kiss? ” Kira, blushed and become really red, she must have remembered what happened last night.

”just kiss me and Ill be better, cough* cough* ”

”A-are you okay? ” Kira wiped the blood that streamed down on my chin.

”Just like what I said, Kiss me and Ill get better. Don you know the MC in Tokyo revenger, when he got beaten, the heroine kissed her and he have gotten better, I swear. ” I smirked in my mind and a brief laugh escaped from my mouth.

”Ehh?? R-really? he got better? ”

”Yeah. ” Hahaha… What am I saying, of course not. Idiot!

Im just joking to get off my mind and myself from the pain I am experiencing. And theres no way shell believe it though, so I guess its fine, sigh. Shes just dating me because she w-

Kira, surprisingly, my eyes widen and as I wasn expecting, Kira leaned closer and closer and then kissed me.

I felt her soft pinkish lips and her breathing for a bit. Even though it was just a brief kiss. I was taken aback and wasn able to move for a bit, it was somewhat sweet taste. Then suddenly, the noises around us that Ive been hearing have suddenly stopped and I heard my heart thumping so loud.

”A-are you okay now? ” She stammered. I looked at her and see her face is red as ripe tomatoes.

The hell?… Im just joking..

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