Thursday at home.

”It still hurts, what a hassle. ”

My body feels so heavy before, thankfully I can finally move now.

”Sigh, its too boring here! ”

I yelled and stretched my body.

”Ahh! shit, What now? ”

Im at home now, but what should I do?

”Hmm… ” I looked at my feet and wondered in a few minutes.


Aha! Right? They gave me two days of break, that means, Thursday, Friday and weekends is equals to four days of free time ”hahahah! ” I happily laughed in spite of my injuries.

Well, isn this a bliss? I can now watch the new anime that has been airing since spring.

I get up from my bed and get the remote control, I opened the LCD tv and connected it to the internet.

”Wahh!! Thank you so much sister for delivering this tv, this way I can finally watch with a big screen. ” I bowed my head and pay a respect to my sister who always send me some stuff from time to time.

Even though we only meet once a month and I don know much about her, Im really grateful to her.

Ah right, I am now in my house, After the fight the other students helped me to get up and I was treated in the infirmary, Thankfully the school is nice as ever that they gave me a two days break from school so I could get a better rest.

Ah, and Ive heard that the four dudes was expelled into our school, well, thats to be expected from Nirwa intstitute High school. The school is renowned to its good moral students and good reputation, so theres no way they will let those dudes after they beat me ”Hahaha!! ” Sigh, Im really having fun now. Well, the infuriating guy is gone now, no need to worry about anything for the time being.

But to think that the President of the Disciplinary Act will take action and report them, Hes really doing his job well. And as for Kira, sigh.. I don know if shes an Idiot or just acting, I mean shes not like that when it comes to school works and activities, She also do things elegantly like a fine lady, so why is she acting like that to me?

When I asked her why she believe me and kissed me, she said ”W-well, my mother also used to kiss me whenever I get hurt when Im still a kid, so I guess what you said is true and so, I-I did it, hehehe ” She smiled cheerfully while rubbing her finger under her face and blushed for a bit as if she was a child or something.

What the hell? I thought, I mean… She was forced to date me, so why is she fine with it?

Shit! Her lips is really soft and.. ”Ahh!! Forget it! Idiot! ”

I flopped onto my bed.

Ah, right. Those two girls, what should I do with them? They look like some bitch. Should I find them and teach them some lesson?…But how? I didn saw their face. ”Sigh ” If it only not for those four Idiots, I may have seen their face.

For now, lets forget it and watch some anime to kill time and console myself.


*Ding-dong* Ding-dong*

Huh? whos that? I didn order anything today A neighbor?.. Well, whatever.

Ill just check it out.

I left my room, walked towards the entrance door and opened it, only to see that it was Kira. There she stood in the other side of the door, wearing her uniform and bag on her shoulder.

”M-matsuki-kun.. ”

My guess is that she came here after attending the morning class because shes still in her uniform.

Sigh, Why did she even come here for?

She stares at me and her eyes become teary.

Huh? Her eyes…Is she crying again?

”So, how did you know I live he- ”

I was about to ask something but Kira, hugged me tightly.

”Wha! ” Surprised by her action, I unintentionally let out.

”Hey! it hurts! ” I tried to get her off me but I wasn able to do so as she was holding me tightly.

Ugh!! My body is still aching, is she trying to make it worse?

”Geez! ” She rubbed her head against my chest and, ”You made me worried! ”

”Huh? ”

”Im worried!… I thought something have happened to you. You
e not answering my calls, you
e not replying to my message and you suddenly disappeared in the infirmary! ”

Huh? Worried, Why?

I am stunned and confused, Why is she even here in the first place? Whats her deal?

”Are you okay? ” She finally let go of me and touched my shoulders, held my hands as if she was checking my body and ”Geez! Don make me worry! ” She crossed her hands and puffed her cheeks.

So, what is she trying to do here?

”I told you to wait for me in the infirmary! When I got there yesterday, you
e already gone…

I thought those guys went to you again and hurt you, ” Sniff* Sniff*

e not answering your phone and…and..I. ” She punched me several times and I felt her slender soft fist trying to hurt me with a punch of a baby.

Although my body is aching, theres no way I would receive a damage from that. Shes more like a baby whos angry at her mom than someone whos worried.

”Next time answer my calls and don make me worried again.. ”

Hey, hey! Don do that, don act like that, you
e making me sick!.. I snap and angrily thought to myself and forced a smiled,

”Sorry, I was just a bit too tired yesterday, so.. ” I brushed my hair, lowered my head and acted a bit apologetic.

Now that I think about it, I haven used my phone and forgot about messaging her. Well, I thought she just need my number because thats one of her goals and thats all.

And I left early yesterday without saying anything to anyone because I felt uncomfortable in that room, I don like those kinds of room because it reminds me of hospital, any kind of room that resembles a hospital always made my head hurt and remind me of the day when I woke up in this body without any memories. Thats really an unpleasant feeling.

”So, what are you doing here? ”

”I told you, Im worried!.. ”

Worried my ass! Well, the reason why shes here must be because its one of her task.

Fine, fine. Whatever, Im not in the mood to deal with her right now, Im too tired for that. Sigh, Lets just let her come in and she will surely leave after a few minutes.

”Why don you come in? ”

I widely opened the door and offer her to come in.

”Eeh…Okay. ” While taking off her shoes at the entrance, I asked: ”If you don want then don force yourself. ”

Kira shook her head.

While I ready a pair of slipper for her to use, She walked in, ”Sorry for intruding. ”

I had taken the lead and she followed me. We passed the living room and finally reached my room.

When she went inside. Kira, turned and looked at me ”W-where should I sit? ”

”My gaming chair or my bed, Suit yourself and just sit on wherever you find comfortable. ”

”O-okay. ” She walked towards the bed and elegantly sat.

Why the bed?…

She looked around and seems to be examining my room.

”What? Are you surprised that my room is like this? ”

”Uhm..No, its my first time going to someone else house, so Im a bit…. nervous. ”

Nervous?.. Nervous she said? Its not like its really her first time, right?

”No need to be nervous. Well, unlike for someone like you, I only have a gaming set, pile of novel, manga and research books, so don be nervous because this room is just like any other rooms. ”

”O-okay. ”

I sat next to her and glared at her

”So, how did you know my address? ”

”Uhmm..I asked the teacher. ” She flusterdly said. Her hands are trembling as usual.

”Oh.. ” So our teacher gave her my address,huh.

”Kira? ”

”Y-yes! ”

”By any chance, do you know someone named Natsumi? ” I asked. Im curious what will be her reaction if I asked her so I went and said it.

”N-natsumi? ”

”Yeah, a blonde hair girl ”

”A-a girl? ” She intensely looked at me, the aura around her has become gloomy and I felt some kind of chills coming from her. Well, her reaction is a bit unexpected, but she probably got surprised because I asked her about that girl. I don know whats their relation but it looks like they
e not in good terms.

”S-sorry, I don know. ” She looked on the floor and become quiescent. Well, Im not surprise. Its normal that she won say anything about that girl.

”W-why are you looking for her? ”

She looked at me and seriously asked.

”Someone I know is looking for her. ” Good job self, that was a lame excuse. Ha-ha-ha.

”Is that so? ” Kira, sighed in relief upon hearing my answer.

”Ah, right! ” She rummage her bag, trying to find something, and then brought out a small white plastic bag. She then move and get closer to me, ”I bought some medicine here, lie down on the bed and Ill treat your wounds. ”

”Huh? No! No! ” I waved my hand as to refuse her but she keep insisting. ”I already did that, don bother yourself. ”

”Geez! Don move, It won hurt a– ” She tried to held my hand but I didn let her.

I pushed her against the bed,

”M-matsuki-kun?.. ” Kiras face has become red.

I leaned closer to her and I felt her breathing, Her white slender body is now right before my eyes.

”M-matsuki-kun, this is.. ” She tried to pushed me but I didn let her, I pinned down both of her hands and restrain her more.

”Its too soon t-to do this. ” she flushed.

Too soon, huh? Hahaha..

”What do you mean its too soon? ”

I bent my neck to meet her ear,

and whispered. ”I like you, Won you just let me? ”

Kira jolted and turned her face sideways.

I felt Kiras pulse beating so fast from her hands, I looked at her and noticed that her body is trembling.

A few moments of staring at her, I finally let go of her and sat.

I sighed and bluntly said: ”Sorry, I lost it because you
e too attractive for me. ” Lets stop the teasing for now, I don know why, but when I see her body in front of me, I got nervous and my heart beat at full speed, really. whats wrong with me?

The room was filled with silence for a few moments, but I break the silence by asking her a direct question.

”So, What is it that you
e trying to do here? ”

I already know that shes just dating me because she was forced, but what should I do now?..

”… ”

She didn answered me and brought something out from her bag.

”Can I use your kitchen? ”

”Huh? Why? ”

”W-well…I bought some ingredients, I figured that you can move for a while, so Ill cook something for you. ”

Cook something, huh? One of her task, I guess.

”Fine, use it. If you walked out here, there is a room next to mine, thats the kitchen. If you need some help just call my name. ”

”Then. ” she stood up, picked up something in her bag that seems to be the ingredients she was talking about and went to the kitchen. She must be really scared now, She even left the room with silence.

”Sigh ”

While Kira is busy cooking something, I laid on my bed and started thinking.

Theres something wrong here. Although I know that she was forced to go out with me, what could be the reason why she did it? Did those girls have something that can make her obey? Do they have something big that can ruin her life? Kira Miyako is a well known student that has a good personality, reputation, good grades, responsible and If I remember it right, Kiras family own many properties here in Manila, So why is she doing this?..If those girls threaten her, shouldn she be able to defend herself? ”sigh ” I don know. Thinking about it won do anything and I guess thats none of my business.


”EHHHH! Kyaaahh ”

What?.. Upon hearing Kiras voice, I immediately ran towards the kitchen.

What the hell is she doing?

When I reached the kitchen, an unpleasant odor is coming out from there. I see horrible things thats been happening in my kitchen, smoke is all over the place, ingredients and liquid are spilled on the floor.

”What happened here? ”

Kira looked at me with her expression of being sorry and scared.

”S-sorry, It isn supposed to be like this. ” Kira apologetic said, but my eyes are not focus on her cause I noticed something is about to fall onto her head.

Shit! ”Watch out! ”

I immediately ran to her, pulled her and placed my hand on her head.

”That was close. ” I sighed in relief and held her tightly.

Thankfully, we managed to avoid the knife but it still brushed onto my shoulder and scraped it.

Shit!…It hurts..

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