amiliar with Eunich He, and she could not help but complain about the situation to him.

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“May I ask, who are you referring to?” Eunich He asked casually.

“Who else besides those people?” Lu Yi did not name any person, “They would not let go of the fact that Her Highness refused to speak of what happened that day, and they refuse to stop bothering Her Highness about this.”

Upon hearing her words, Eunich He frowned deeply as displeasure flashed across his eyes.

“His Royal Highness Qin arrives!” A voice announced from the entrance of the courtyard, causing Eunich He and Lu Yi to instantly straighten their backs in respect, before moving forward to greet the burly and tall man who was in the carriage.
Meanwhile, a monk with a deceitful demeanor followed closely behind him.

The two hurriedly knelt down and bowed in respect, “Your Highness Qin.” And behind them, the other servants and maids in the courtyard, too, knelt down in respect.

The man with the resolute face and a fierce and murderous aura was Prince Qin.

He was not Luo XuanMo’s brother, but his uncle.

“How’s the Emperor?” Prince Qin asked.

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“The Emperor’s injuries are recovering, but His Majesty is still in a coma.” Eunich He answered honestly.

“Alright.” Prince Qin nodded and landed his gaze on the monk that he had brought over, “Go ahead.”

The monk bowed his head in response and proceeded to make his way into the room.

Eunuch He and Lu Yi hurriedly followed in the monk’s footsteps.

Shao Yin, who had also heard of the commotion outside the room, stood up from the bed and looked towards the door. 

However, the pupils in her eyes narrowed slightly as soon as she saw the burly and imposing man, who wore only a thin shirt in such cold weather.

“Isn’t this the farmer that you use to sleep with?!” The system raised its voice in disbelief.

Shao Yin was also in so much shock that she could hardly maintain her facial expressions.

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“Uncle Qin.” She stepped aside and bowed her head in greeting.

However, Prince Qin paid no heed to her, and instead, landed his eyes on the pale and unconscious man on the bed.

The monk sat down on the chair where Shao Yin had been and grabbed Luo XuanMo’s wrist and he inspected his pulse.

After that, the monk flipped open his eyelids before checking the injury on his head, even opening his mouth to check on the tongue coating.

Ever since finding out that the Emperor was in a coma, Prince Qin, who had always lived a common and hidden life, had invited an eminent monk to enter the palace and treat Luo XuanMo.

Meanwhile, Shao Yin’s heart was thumping against her chest as she could not help but glance at the tall and burly man, How could he possibly be the famous Prince Qin?


In ancient times, the Emperor and the Empress would have their own palace and huge af courtyards.

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