The Tale of Samuel

Chapter One||The Queen of Thievery


Long before the tale you will witness begins…

The first descended of wolves were born on the face of the earth. Seven mighty princes born from the daughter of an entity who lived in the moon.

They named themselves the Medicis.

A powerful family who had a drop of the moons blood in their veins.

Each of these princes have been given power and strength no being could ever imagine to have.

One of these Princes was an angel.

For he was the second born son of the Medici family.

An Angel whos halo once shone a light brighter than the sun.

He shared his halo with many others.

This Angel had the biggest heart and loved all. His blood was made of the purest gold, giving both life and love to all of those who were around him. For he carried the most broken of souls and rose them to the skies showing light to those that were lost in a storm of darkness.

This angel was both intelligent and wise, one who had corrected all rights from wrong as he was patient. This angel was also meek and forbearing to the world around him no matter how harsh it was. He was joyful, and saw the goodness of this world over the darkness that came after it.

Another thing about this angel was that he was the lady of the moons favorite child from all her grandchildren.

The woman who I presume would be me.

The young man who I see as of now who flies up in the sunsetting skies, the man whos mighty wings flapped against the wind and air in power will lose the halo that gleams from within his golden heart. The man who had once trusted his wings far more than his hands will watch his wings wither and burn before his eyes bringing pain beyond imagination.

He will be known as the angel who falls from grace.

He will be a casualty who suffers because of ones selfishness, he will become a victim of revenge.

A Tale which cannot be spoken as of now.

You humans hold the pen of history from within your hands and rewrite history in your own wordings when really none of you have witnessed the truths of the past. You praise who you want to be praised. You make people loathe who you want to be loathed.

You loathe my fallen angel and call him a beast.

You all know that he was once an angel.

So then by what right do you call the fallen angel heartless?

You pass on rumors from generation to generation until the truth fades away and simply becomes forgotten.

Never knowing that even he weeps when he remembers that he once had wings.

This fallen angel will become enslaved to his own pride, he will be blinded by his own self loathe as retaliation to his unjust corruption.

Only a reckless girl will fulfill the task to put his tormented heart at ease and correct the mistake of a cruel tyrants doing.

”Please… please don ” I hear a woman speak.

Peoples worlds end when they see fire, peoples world end when they see their world burn before their eyes.


This chosen young girls life had both ended and began from the sound of one gunshot.


I watch as a two year old child watch her mother whos life was fading slowly from her eyes.

Her Flawless Jet black hair drowned with a pool of her own blood. Her pale skin growing paler by the second, her blood staining the white pearls which rest on her dainty neck.

”My beauty… ” She managed to breath out looking at her daughter.

Fighting her heavy lids to stay open to just to admire her daughters magnificent features for just one final time.

”I love you ” She Whispered.

She sheds one last tear before her eyes lost all of life.

May the Tale of Samuel begin,

The most misconceived tale ever been told.

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