The Tea Scandal: Framing Jack Choi

Chapter 3: Trigger Night

The bustling sound of never-ending traffic, the honking of cars, the assertive crowd of people, the long line in restaurants and cafes, evenings in cities chip away at the last amount of energy left after the long day; even the convenience stores aren left alone.

An eyesore for people hating the crowd but a perfect playing field for disguise.

”Hello ” said a womans bold yet discreet voice picking up a burner phone, sitting among the crowd eating instant noodles barely noticeable dressed in a grey hoodie and black cap which covered her face

”Did you read the news? ” asked the voice on the phone

”Yep, I just saw it ” she said with mouth full of noodles

This newest controversy has the fans divided and enraged

Actor J turns out to be the newly famous actor Choi Jack. Unidentified source says he used to force is ex-girlfriend to buy drugs for him by sending her to dealers. The anonymous rumor posted on the platform also reads that he put her in danger when he had no money and the dealers warned to kill him and his girlfriend – You don know the real colors of Actor J says the anonymous post

”Another one bites to dust ” she sighed on the phone

”Aren you going to do anything? ” asked the man on the phone

”What can I do? People should know by now that for them this is just a game ”

”You always say this but you still end up helping the innocent ” said the man on the phone

”Do you know whos innocent? ” she asked

”Yep and I think you know it too ”

”So, will I use this number to make the contact or..? ”

”No, I will give you another one and it will last a week. That should be enough ”

”Okay, so we know the next steps. Did you start the process? and wait, what about the money? Do you think we will get enough? ” she asked

”Yes, you should ask for this investment, I will let you know about it later ”

”Okay ”

”For now you should plan to bump into someone ”

”Done. Text me the time and place. Bye ”

”Bye ” they hung up

”Ahh that was good ” she said chugging the last bit of her drink over a mouth full of noodles

She wiped her spicy face and wore her sleek black mask again

”Jack Choi, that half American scumbag! I knew he was a bastard! ” said a man sitting a few seats away aggressively typing on his phone

”This will surely destroy him ” he said and was about to press send

In his aggression he didn notice someone was silently standing behind him, reading his messages

”Invasion of privacy and spreading hate is a crime ” she said

He jumped and turned to look but these moments of life passed so quickly that he couldn know what happened that evening even for years to come

He found his face buried in the hot bowl of noodles and his coffee magically spilled on his thighs. He tried to scream but noodle bowl stopped him

”Ahh so you were fired from you job, I see ” she said checking his phone

”I am guessing you haven told anyone. Oh and you are cheating on your girlfriend. Too bad ”

”Mom, I was fired from my job for stealing ” she read the messages to him before sending

”Honey, I was fired from my job for stealing and I am cheating on you and I steal money from your purse everyday ”

Send send

”Ta-da ” she said happily

”But I didn steal anything! ” he tried to yell, his head still forcefully buried in noodle bowl by just one hand

”Thats what you get for spitting hate and ruining peoples lives, you dogshit ” she said and left him

Other people were left stunned by all of this. The man got up wiping his face, unstoppable rage pulsing through him

”Where did she go? Where is that witch? ” he yelled tearing through the store and neighborhood

But no one saw her. In the crowded night, she was invisible

Dark, long and very lonely sleepless night was ahead of Jack after he heard the news. He spent hours on the phone dealing with people or harassers explaining to them that he is innocent. His agency won leave him alone either.

Curling up in a ball, clutching the pillow with all his energy tears rolled down his eyes. Emotional hurt and humiliation ends up in physical pain like the guts have been ripped out

”I told you I didn do anything ” he yelled on the phone ”just let me clarify things ”

”But who is that woman making claims Jack? ” the dry tone of the CEO came through the phone

”As of now just stay at home, the media is in a frenzy. I will call you and arrange a meeting after ” he said

Sometimes having a phone call was worse than having none. Familiar feelings of loneliness and humiliation strutted towards Jack like ghosts of incidents past

Fear seems more frightening when you don have support and Jacks worst fears were coming alive and he was abandoned. Will the turn of events be favorable?

The mystery woman from the convenience store was truly a strange woman. Either she had a lot of part-time jobs or she was a master of disguise with an ulterior motive

She was clearly up to no good

”Grey Matter, I am in ” she whispered

Some would say its just a coincidence that one of her part time jobs as a cleaner was at Sugar Entertainment

Some would suspect something fishy

”The office is at the top floor right? ” she whispered. A small device neatly secured in her ear

”Of course, you know it ” said her ally on the phone

”By the way, why is your name Grey Matter? ” she asked wheeling the cleaning cart at the end of the passage

”Have you ever watched Ben10? ” he asked

”The cartoon? ” she asked surprised ”That was so cool wasn it? ”

”It wasn just a cartoon, the creators had deduced truths beyond this planet and it was amazing and.. ” he was about to continue his thesis on Ben10

”Ahh, so you picked up Grey Matter from there, clever ” she said in admiration

”Also, I am here ” her voice now extremely serious ”Are you sure he is in a meeting ”

”Of course, my research is amazing ” he said without a hint of modesty

With caution in her sharp eyes, she quickly glanced around confirming no soul on sight she slithered inside with a blink of an eye and in a few moments

”How much more time? ” asked Grey Matter

”I am done ” she announced

”Already? Wow you are good ” he asked surprised

”Of course, trauma screws you then you learn from it ” she said ”Check the feed, I am turning this off ”

”Can you hear me and see me clearly? ” she asked waving at the side table

”Smooth like butter ” he chuckled

”Now get out quickly, some people are in the passage ” said Grey Matter urgently

Open enough not to block her essential vision her mask, cap and ordinary uniform and cleaning cart camouflaged her like a part of the wall or flooring

”Now just a couple of days and we will have enough evidence ” she sighed ”Any news from him? ”

”No, he hasn left home and stopped picking up calls since last night and wait.. ” paused Grey Matter

”They just arranged a meeting with him in the evening ” he said

”Okay, we make our move then. I got the phone you gave me ” she said

The sufferings of Jack Choi didn end as the night ended, dawn brought some more along with it

”Did you respond to some companies on call last night? ” fumed the CEO

”Yes, I told them… ” explained Jack

”WHY?! Why do you do anything without my permission? ” he yelled on the phone

”I had to tell them….wait ” a realization hit Jack ”Did you just say – without your permission?! ” Jacks apologetic tone made a blunt turn towards anger

”No, no, it came out the wrong way. You know how these people are, they will bend your words I don want you to get into this mess without a planned strategy and a representative ” said his CEO

”Hmm alright ” said Jack ”I will come today and lets sort this all out. Did you find out who did it? ”

”Umm, no not yet. But don worry well have all the answers soon ”

They hung up and Jack was left alone in that apartment with thoughts of fear lurking without a leash

He breathed a sigh of relief seeing the empty street as he left his apartment complex. He unlocked his car and moved ahead

”Oww! ” he yelled ”Walk carefully please ” he said firmly a bit irritated. A woman had bumped into Jack

”I am so sorry sir, please forgive me ” said the woman and left

His hand slid in his pocket again to grab the key

”Oh my key? ” he panicked. He reached the second pocket ”Ahh here it is ”

Even little things are giving me big shocks he thought feeling sorry for himself But I always keep it in my left pocket he wondered

and what is this card?

You deserve love and the world deserves the truth

If you have a little courage call this number: 245787

”Whose card is that and how did I get it? ” he wondered sitting in the car ”This shirt has just been washed! ”

The fine matte print card was easily crushed in his hand spending the next moments inside his pocket again and would be escorted to the trash can soon

These cults are getting creative he said shuddering and drove away, arriving at his agency a few minutes later.

”But I don want to wait anymore! This fear is eating me up and I want to act before things get out of hand ” Jacks strong hands left a large sound as he threw them on the table and stood in anger

”We have no other option. Do you want the tabloids to manipulate your every word? ” said the CEO

”There is nothing to manipulate. The truth is the truth ” said Jack

”Just wait a bit, let me get more information about that girl then the truth will be obvious to everyone ” said the CEO ”Till then you should get ahead with the renewal contract, this will ensure that I can save you ”

Jack lifted his head to glance at the CEO who was almost ready to sign the contract on his behalf

”Give me the details, I will review them at home when I am calm ” said Jack

Manager Kim jumped out of his skin as Jack aggressively pushed a chair on his way out

”I have never seen him like this. This incident is really challenging for him ” said his manager

”Lets see if he makes the right choice ” muttered the CEO

Jack Chois days of misery weren coming to an end anytime soon. His anger induced nights were turning into panic filled days and fearful, humiliating mornings ”

Choi Jack dropped out of all major ad contracts

Makers seek to replace Choi Jack out of upcoming movie

Producers drop Choi Jack out of the most anticipated drama

Jacks phone has been ringing with notifications all morning, he groaned and finally checked it and soon his dark, heavy eyes were filled with tears and his heart sunk into a dark place

”What is happening Mr. Kim? ” he asked his manager ”What is the boss doing? ”

But they failed to give him a solid answer, after a few minutes his CEO called

”Jack this can get worse. Stop thinking too much and sign the contract ” he said

”Hmm ” said Jack

His emotions had left him and what was left was a numb Jack, unable to process the wave of chaos in his life

A message beeped loudly attracting his attention

DO NOT sign any contract

This nameless cryptic message seemed too threatening

”Who is this? ” he wondered ”Have I seen this number before? ”

Unable to work his mind any longer he aimlessly walked out of the building

”I am glad you came Jack, but you…umm you could have come later ” said the CEO looking at Jack from head to toe who was directly at the office dressed in his night suit

”Where do I need to sign? ” he asked

”Oh here ” said the CEO ”bring the contract, quick! ”

He handed him the contract. Jacks weak body bent down over the table was barely making it through

”Oww ” he exclaimed

”Are you alright? ” asked Manager Kim

”I just have a really horrible backache suddenly, like someone attacked me ” said Jack

”Please sit down Jack, here ” said Manager Kim handing him a glass of water

Jack glanced at the CEOs fingers on the table, tapping restlessly. He let out a tiring sigh and signed the papers

”Great job Jack! Now you see how I make this all go away for you ” said the CEO and grabbed Jacks hand shaking it unnecessarily

Jack stood up and left like a ghost. The whole office was left surprised

”Hey, everything okay? You never call me.. ” the convenience store mystery woman said picking up the phone

”It has been 3 days, he isn picking up any calls and there has been no activity from him ” Grey Matter said urgently ”I think something is wrong ”

”He is depressed, thats.. ” began the woman dismissing

”But still, can you check. I have to follow my gut ” he said

”Alright. Ill go ” she said and hung up

No matter how much she knocked, Jack did not open the door

Where is Jack? Is he alright?

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