The Unknown Shadow

Chapter 2-Introduction

”Dr Fill, this is very dangerous, ” a guy wearing a white coat said while running from one place to another.

”There is only one option left, ” replied Dr Fill shivering to death.

It looked like a doctors office and two people were running from one place to another trying to do something.

Everything went dark and the only thing that could be heard was ”kill him ”.

The 13-year-old youngster, who had long silver hair and silver eyes, awoke with goosebumps all over his body. He was drenched in sweat, and his heart was beating quickly. His exposed muscles were all wet as he wasn wearing a shirt. He heard footsteps approaching his door.

”Good morning, Caliber, ” said an old man from outside his room while knocking on the gate. It was his grandpa, Eminence.

Caliber got out of bed and answered the door, ”Good morning, grandpa. ”

”Did you take a shower in your clothes or were you working out? ”

”Neither. I just woke up, ” replied Caliber tiredly.

”At this hour, you
e going to be late. When will you take a bath, work out, and eat your food? ” said Eminence.

”Don worry about me, Ill manage it. Now let me go and work out or I will be late, ” replied Caliber while closing the gate slowly.

He then sat on his bed and thought to himself, That dream again. Why today? Lets leave that right now and exercise or I will be late. He then picked up some body weights and wore them then started to exercise in front of a punching bag and weights.


He came out of the room and instantly his sister said, ”Perfect timing, brother. I just made breakfast. ”

”Eh, Grandpa… I told you its my first day, didn I? ”

As he spoke to his grandpa, Caliber suddenly turned his head toward the direction of his sister.

”I wanna eat a proper meal yknow! Otherwise, itll be hard to perform with a stomachache! ”

His sister got mad at him and started punching his biceps. Caliber acted as if it hurt him. ”Ouch oh ow. Relax, alright? I won tell you how bad your cooking is. ”

His sister got angrier and started hitting him harder.

”Alright, now eat fast or youll be late, ” said Calibers father.

After that everyone sat to eat the food.

”It isn that bad I guess, ” said Caliber, appreciating her food.

After eating his meal he left for school.

”Bye grandpa, sis, and father, ” Calibre said while rushing off.

As Caliber was walking to school, he thought to himself, Who are the people in my dream? I don remember seeing them in my whole life. Who do they wanna kill and why? Is it me who they tried to kill? No… no way.

He started questioning what he saw in his dream.

Wait is this the reason I don have power? Imagine I have every power but I don know it yet, thought Caliber to himself excitedly. Ok lets try it umm… lets try to lift that trash can, he stops and puts his hand over the trash can and tries to float it. Umm pyro- no wait thats not what its called its called psychokinesis, alright…

After thinking that Caliber started focusing on the trash can after about 5 to 10 seconds it started floating YESS!!!! YESS!!! I HAVE SUPER POWERS!! he thought to himself. Caliber started jumping out of happiness.

He then heard someone chuckling a bit behind him and as he turned around he saw a girl of his age who has golden eyes and black hair.

”Really? You know that wasn funny. I thought I finally got powers. ”

”You should have seen your face, it was hilarious, ” replied Cidena.

”No it wasn , and how would you even see my face, I am wearing a mask, ” said Caliber

”It is a phrase, and are you sad? ”

”Not at all. In fact, I have an idea, ” Caliber said he grabs her hand and spun her incredibly fast to make her dizzy.

”Come on now. This isn funny. Now my head is spinning! ”

”It is for me, ” said Caliber as he smiled.


”We reached the school ”

”And my head is spinning because of you, ” said Cidena.

”Not my fault you tried to prank me first. ”

The board of results was right beside the school gate. It was very crowded, but Caliber was easily able to see the board because of his height.

”How much do you think you will get, Cidena? ”

”Probably 96 and for you, I think 50. ”

”A perfect score? Nah, I don think so. ”

”Its not a perfect score. The exam was out 100. ”

”I mean I don have powers. Obviously, 50 will be a perfect score for me- holy- how did I get 59 marks? It has to be an error. ”

”I don think so. Knowing you, you probably got extra marks for breaking the exam. Nice, at least I predicted my scores correctly. ”

”Come on now face the truth there is no way that is why I got extra marks, lets leave that Ill just ask the teacher. ”

After that, they both started walking toward their class to get their teams. While they were walking a teacher stopped them.

”Caliber come here, and Cidena you go on. He will be in class in time so don worry. ” the teacher waits till Cidena leaves and then looks at Caliber ”You have probably seen your marks. You must be confused. And no, it wasn an error. You were given extra marks as you aced the exam. It was just outstanding how strong and intelligent you are. ”

”Thank you for telling me, sir. Now I should go, or I will be late. ”

He then rushed off to the class, luckily he reached just in time,

As he sat down, some girl threw a paper ball with ”Weirdo ” written on it.

The teacher soon entered the room and started announcing everyones teams.

”Whoevers name I take, come out and stand here. The first team is Caliber, Cidena and Cymbal. Neart will be in charge of you three. He must be waiting outside. ”

No one was outside except a note saying ”From Neart ”

”Caliber, Cidena and Cymbal, come to the top of the town I am waiting there for you, think of this as a test, ” was written on the note.

”Already a test and in my favour. I like this, this is too easy, I do this daily, ” said Caliber happily.

”Easy for you, not for all of us. It will take half an hour for us even if we don get tired we gotta run a lot, ” replied Cidena.

”It is easy, just time-consuming, ” said Cymbal.

”I guess Ill just wait there for you both but first at least get outside. ”

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