The Unknown Shadow

Chapter 4-Interrogation

”Now, only one thing is left, and that is to get all of you registered so you all can take on jobs, ” Neart said and they all started walking to the forests gate.

As they left the forest Caliber asked the name of the forest and Neart replied ”This forest doesn have a name but people call it ”The Hidden Forest ” so I guess you can call it ”.

”That is why we never heard about it. ”

”Who is we, not me cause I knew about it, ” Cymbal said looking annoyed.

”Sorry ” he paused ”I guess….. you didn have to be so rude tho, ” said Caliber sadly.

”I thought you would be used to it, ” Cymbal said.

Cidena got mad and was ready to fight but Caliber stopped her saying ”Don stress about it Cidena, I mean is he lying, ”

Cidena was sad to see that even his teammate is treating him like this and she looked at Caliber. He responded to her by smiling.

They soon reached the location and Neart told them ”You all just have to fill out the form given to you all and if any of you have any doubt just ask me. ”

After that, they all filled out their forms and went home to sleep.

The next morning Caliber went to exercise first thing in the morning which consisted of a lot of intense things like running around the town 50 times with 300kg weight which he had on during other exercises as well which were 1000 push ups, 1000 sit ups, 1000 pull-ups and a lot more.

After that, he followed his daily routine, and after that when he went to the top of the city where Neart told them all to go to the chiefs office to take on the missions for them.

When Caliber got his mission he was surprised by the rank of the mission he got ”A b rank job, is it mine. ”

”Umm yeah, whats the problem, ” replied Miran

”Nothing, just surprised that I got B rank solo mission. ”

”I mean it is just a stealth mission and you do say that you prefer stealth approaches so I figured out why not give you this mission, and if you think like your life is in danger try to come back as fast as possible and we will send someone else, ”

”I don think that will be necessary, also if I have to kill someone can I or not ”

”You can kill someone just make it silent and make sure no one finds out about it because I dont think anyone would want someone to steal their private talk, and try not to get caught because if you do the two towns whose message you are stealing could come for us. ”

”I will do my best, ” he said and headed out

He reached Charsey town in less than a day, he went inside the town at that moment as it was night time it would be easier to hide.

He searched everywhere he thought the messages could be hidden and soon enough he found it in the chiefs office but as he was about to leave he saw someone enter the room, so he hid under the desk and waited for him to get close. As he got near the table, Caliber got out of from under the table and killed him with a small dagger, he then picked up the body and carried it on his shoulder. He rushed off towards the forest so he doesn get caught.

When he reached the forest he dropped the dead body and luckily it wasn anybody important he then as fast as he can so he can reach his town. In just a day he completed the job and returned to his town.

When he went to the chiefs office, Miran was surprised to see him return so quickly and asked ” Did you get the message or you returned early. ”

”I got the message, obviously. ”

”Good to know that I can send you on more B-rank jobs and if you can go on another job right now tell me as I have a job ready for you, ”

”Yeah, I have no problem, ”

”So this time you have to go on a duo job. I will give you your reward after you come from this job. You will go with Cidena, you have to take down some people as they are going around attacking random towns, they must be coming to our town next, they attack at night so you can sleep right now, but don go home yet just in case they attack now. ”

”Where should I sleep then, ”

”You can sleep in the room next door, it is my room but I don use it that often and if you want you can take a bath, I will provide you with fresh clothes, your clothes should be here in an hour or less, I will send someone to get your clothes from your home so don worry about wearing the same dirty clothes ”

”Thank you, I should go and take a bath and then go to sleep otherwise I will be sleepy when fighting them, please wake me up as soon as they come, ” Caliber said and left the room


”Caliber, wake up, the people sir chief were talking about have attacked our town, ”

”I will head there this instant, ” he said and grabbed his mask.

He then headed towards the explosion where he met up with Cidena. 7 people were taking some civilians hostage so Caliber told Cidena to go and he will sneak up on them to take away all the hostages. Cidena tried to convince them to leave the hostage but they didn listen so she signalled Caliber to take away all the hostages.

He whistled to take their attention and instantly took away all the hostages.

All of them were confused about where the hostages went ”Looking for them ”. Said while standing in front of the hostages.

”HOW DARE YOUUU, ” one of them said and charged in.

Caliber easily dodged him but the others also rushed in trying to attack him, Cidena took one of them down and Caliber dodged all of them ”Cidena you take care of them ” he yawned ”Tell me if you need help. ” he said and kicked all of them away.

One of them sat, closed his eyes and started focusing. Everyone started glowing and attacked Cidena she tried to attack as many of them but wasn able to because they were all a lot stronger than they were a second ago. Caliber grabbed two of them by their skull and said ”close the eyes of the kids Cidena ” as he crushed their skulls with no mercy.

”Three down four left, ” he said and walked towards another guy. He attacked Caliber but he dodged it and grabbed him by the top of his head and smashed it into another guy. ”Two left ” the last guy got scared and attempted to run.

Cidena picked him up using her power and separated all his parts at the same time making it look like an explosion. ”One left, ” Caliber said.

The next second he was in front of the guy sitting. Caliber crouched to see into his eyes as he opened his eyes he was frozen in fear as Caliber looked straight into his eyes with an evil grin on his face.

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