The Valiard

The Contract

The warm New York sun finally flooded the whole of Gabriels front room and reflected off the computer he was using. He was looking at news reports from all around the city, as well as conversing in a couple of chatrooms frequented by members of the Neighborhood Watch. The glare from the sun caused Gabriel to end his morning research. He powered down the computer and stood up to stretch, his back was sore from sitting too long and he decided to grab some food. He walked a few meters into the kitchen and opened his fridge. In terms of food the angel didn need to eat, but in an attempt to feel normal he did it anyway. He grabbed some jarred hotdogs and moved on to his cupboards where he found some buns. Perfect. Hotdogs were probably one of Gabriels favorite Earth customs, other angels wouldn understand this but they tasted good.

He threw the hotdogs onto the pan and turned the stove on to heat them up, he then placed them quickly into the buns. Turning the stove off he squirted some ketchup onto the hotdogs and sat down at his dining table. Turning the TV onto a local news channel Gabriel grabbed one of the hotdogs and bit into it. After swallowing the bite he smiled, the thing was just the way he liked it. He continued eating his hotdogs, keeping an eye on the TV to see if anything had happened in the short time he was making food. Luckily it was a slow news day, the most interesting thing that had happened was a guy who got his head stuck in a washing machine. Gabriel smiled while eating. Humans and the things they get up to, he thought. Just as he was about to grab his second hotdog he heard the distinct ring of his phone in the next room. The sweet sounds of Elvis Costellos Waiting for the End of the World filled the room. Gabriel sighed in frustration, he willed himself to be across the room by the phone and as he blinked he was there. Picking up the phone he glanced at who was calling but when he saw the name he was no longer mad.

Captain Jane Cooper. Commanding Officer of the Central Park Precinct, and Gabriels partner in the police force. Being a consultant for the NYPD allowed the angel to do everything he was tasked to do on Earth. His task was to watch over Manhattan for any demons, which being on the police force you tend to see a lot. Demons love causing chaos, so they possess someone and force them to commit crime, then the person is arrested. Its Gabriels job to make sure that if there is a demon, that it is destroyed before it can harm anyone else. Normal people can see the demons of course but an angel has an eye for it, thats why Gabriel is useful to Cooper. She is one of the only normal people on Earth who knows of the existence of the heavenly and demonic forces operating in the mortal realm. Due to this she is able to cut Gabriel slack when it comes to him doing his job as an angel.

He swiped the answer button and put the phone to his ear, ”What can I do for you Captain? ” Gabriel said, his voice calm yet somewhat stern. As he was saying this he willed himself to be at his wardrobe. If the Captain was calling then it must be work related which meant he had to wear his suit. He looked at his collection of bright colored suits and decided for a white one before Cooper even uttered a word. ”We have a situation. A guy just robbed a convenience store and we can find him, we may need you
e expertise, ” Cooper explained, her voice sounded stressed, something that Gabriel found to be common these days. After her promotion from Detective shed been struggling to keep ahead of the workload. ”I am on my way Captain, i will be there in 30 minutes, ” Gabriel concluded as he hung up the phone and put on his suit. He left his apartment and stepped onto Morningside Dr, then began walking towards the precinct briskly.

Ever since Gabriel left the his apartment he has had the overwhelming feeling that he was being watched. Despite how it might sound an angels whole life is spent being watched so he payed little attention to it. Instead he concentrated on the people, he loved watching them because they were funny little creatures. Always doing something you don expect of them, today for example there was an old toothless man screaming about stars falling out the sky. ”ITS COMING I TELL YOU! SOON THE SKIES WILL BE FILLED WITH SHOOTING STARS! THEY WILL FALL FURTHER THEN EVER BEFORE! LISTEN MAN IN WHITE THE WALL ASCENDS EVER FASTER! SOON THE SECOND CITY OF GODS WILL FALL ” The man shouted, his voice crazed as he made eye contact with Gabriel who suddenly stopped as he heard what the man said. ”What did you say? ” Gabriel said walking towards the old man, who now seemed to be ignoring the angel completely. He was walking away, speeding up every step and before long the angel lost him in the crowds. Slightly concerned he put any thoughts aside and pressed on towards the police station.

Walking through the main door Gabriel greeted the security guard and entered the bullpen. A uniformed police officer told the consultant that the Captain was expecting him in Interrogation Room 3. ”Have they caught the guy then? ” Gabriel questioned after he received the message, the uniform stopped just outside the bullpen and turned around, ”Not sure, all i know is that the Captain isn happy. I recommend caution Myers, ” The officer said with a slight smile towards the end. Gabriel smiled and thanked the officer before heading upstairs to the interrogation room. When he reached room 3 he tapped lightly on the door of the viewing room and stepped inside. ”So you finally decide to grace us with your presence? ” Jane snapped as the angel walked in, he raised an eyebrow and was about to speak before the Captain cut in. ”Damn officer brought him in because she thought he was going for a gun, He was pulling his ID out to show her! ” She brought her hand up to her face and sighed.

The angelic consultant looked over to the man and frowned. Something was off, he couldn place it but the guy made him uncomfortable. ”I would like to talk to him, ” Gabriel announced looking over to the Captain, who despite seeming to be having a moment, nodded. ”Maybe you can knock a confession out of him, ” She said waving her hand towards the door. Gabriel nodded exiting the room and walking straight into the one next to it. Immediately, he was hit with a sense of unease, in an attempt to get to the bottom of it he quickly slowed time around him. He didn use this power often as it tends to drain him of energy extremely quickly. Walking towards the man at the table he decided to introduce himself, ”Hello, i am Gabriel Myers. I am a consultant here. ”

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