Yeya dreamt of counting sheeps that night. When she woke up, she was in a daze as she stared blankly into space for a few seconds. She suddenly spoke up, “Uncle, I know what 5 + 5 equals to.”

System: [?]

Yeya drowsily counted her small fingers. Her voice was sweet and raspy, “Its equal to ten.”

The system was pleased.

It knew that the host it selected was undoubtedly smart!

It didnt choose the wrong person!!

[System: Yaer, you have to select todays task. Once you complete the task, you will receive x10 watering points.]

Just like yesterday, four options appeared on the panel screen in front of Yeya. The options are:

Yeya hadnt fully woken up yet, so she groggily selected the third option.

After she accepted the mission, she yawned and laid back on the bed. It was then that Yeya realized that her bottom felt somewhat wet and cold…

Yeya frowned.

She pushed the blanket aside and got up as she stared at the large dark patch printed on the sheets.

The system is a professional. No matter how funny something is, it will not laugh. It just reminded Yeya kindly: [Yaer, you wet the bed.]

Yeya stared blankly at the wet sheets as she silently nibbled on her fingers.

[Its okay; its natural for human babies to wet their bed. Just remember to ask the nanny to put diapers on you before you sleep tonight.] After a short pause, the system let out a muffled, [pff.]

Yeyas self-esteem was bruised and the corner of her mouth twitched downwards slightly.

When she saw the glass of water out of the corner of her eye, Yeya suddenly had an idea.

Yeya picked up the glass of water, took a quick sip from it before twisting her wrist slightly and accidentally spilling half of the water in the glass cup. Yeyas eyes widened in shock, “Ah! Oh no, I accidentally spilled water on my bedsheets. Brother would be angry if he finds out, so I should go dry the sheets.”


Yeya put the glass cup down on the table before pulling the floral bed sheets off. The bedsheet was a little too heavy for her, so she could only drag the bedsheet towards the balcony.

Yeya had just opened the sliding door to the balcony when she heard a harsh scream from the floor below, “I dont want to eat——!!”

Its Ye Ziyu.

Ye Ziyu was wearing striped pajamas and was barefooted in the garden. His eyes were bloodshot. He was kicking around and throwing a tantrum like a young beast. The nanny and Ye Qinghe were blocking him from leaving the villa as Ye Ziyu tried to rush out.

“I want my dad!”

“I want my dad to come back home——!”

Ye Ziyu screamed, cried, and made a big fuss. He was tortured by mania and has lost his reasoning.

Yeya stood on her tiptoes and stared at the scene, but quickly looked away when she realized that she still hadnt hung her bedsheets yet.

She stepped on the small stool and pulled a corner of the bedsheet to hang on the railing. When she finally managed to hang half of the bedsheets on the railing, a gust of wind suddenly blew. Yeya lost her grip on the floral sheet and it slipped down from the railing. But the wind didnt blow the sheets far, it landed right on Ye Ziyu, covering him entirely. The patch happened to land directly on top of Ye Ziyus head.

Ye Ziyu was dumbfounded by the appearance of the bedsheet.

[Ding! The task is completed. 10 watering points rewarded.]

The small leaves that sprouted from the seeds on top of Yeyas head grew slightly.

The system was ecstatic: [Yaer, good job! Youre incredible for being able to come up with such a vicious plan of attack in such a short period of time. Even though youre still young, you are indeed the daughter of a Corpse flower!]

The system felt like it was one step closer to victory.

Yeya didnt understand what the system was saying. Her eyes revealed undisguised guilt as she stared at the railing.

The three people standing in the garden fell into silence at the bedsheets that unexpectedly fell from the sky. Ye Ziyu, who was throwing a tantrum before, miraculously calmed down. He tore the bedsheets off his head and stared specifically at the bed stains before he lowered his head to sniff the water stain.

Why does it smell a little weird…

Ye Ziyu frowned.

Ye Qinghe had noticed Yeya when he looked up. His pupils constricted with fear when he saw that she was standing on a stool. He quickly shouted, “Yaya get off the stool! You cant stand on it!”

“Nanny, please go and help Yaya down from the stool.”

The nanny didnt need to be told twice. She ran all the way up to the second floor and picked Yeya down from the stool.

“Ziyu, were heading back in.” Ye Qinghe took his younger brothers hand and entered the living room.

“Yaya, how can you climb onto the stool again? Dont you know how dangerous it can be?” Ye Qinghe lectured her sternly.

He began to ponder whether he should arrange another room for Yeya. Her current room was put together in a hurry, so there are many dangerous items that havent been put away yet. Children are playful and curious, so Yeya might easily get hurt. However, remodeling a room is a big project and it might cause his father to become suspicious.

Ye Qinghe frowned and stared at the wrinkled sheets that Yeya was holding, “Why did Yaya take the sheets off the bed?”

Tears filled Yeyas eyes as she played with her fingers nervously. She was afraid of meeting Ye Qinghes eyes, so she avoided his gaze. She stuttered and mumbled softly, “I…I didnt wet the bed, its…” She continued in an earnest tone, “I accidentally spilled water on the sheets.” Then, she emphasized again, “I really didnt wet the bedsheets.”

——She gave herself away immediately.

Ye Qinghe and the nannys expression changed immediately.

Realization dawned on Ye Ziyu. No wonder the water stain smelled so strange! It turned out to be urine!

The nanny touched Yeyas bottom and said with a soft smile, “I was just wondering why your bottom is so wet. It turned out you wet the bed.”

“Ill go up and change Yeyas clothes first. Qinghe and Little Ziyu can have dinner first. Well come down after Yeya changes clothes.”

Ye Qinghe nodded his head and handed the bedsheets to another worker before leading Ye Ziyu to the dining room.

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