Yeya exited the bathroom after she finished washing her face and brushing her teeth. Ye Qinghe was still standing in front of her closet.

She stared at Ye Qinghe for a moment before she silently put on the small skirt she wore yesterday. She struggled with the zipper for a few minutes to no avail. Yeya pursed her mouth and gave up. She walked up to Ye Qinghe, tugged his sleeve and said, “Brother, my arms are short. I cant zip it up.”

Ye Qinghe snapped out of his daze and when he turned around, the young girl had already tidied and dressed herself up.

He was surprised, “Yaya, did you wash your face?”

Yeya nodded.

“Have you brushed your teeth as well?”

Yeya nodded her head again.


After a moment of silence, Ye Qinghe reluctantly chose a small white flora dress from the closet and dressed her carefully. Then he carried her downstairs proudly.

Ye Qinghe took Yeya out after breakfast.

The scenery outside the car quickly passed by. Yeya obediently sat in the back seat as her short legs swayed gently.

Her hands grabbed onto the car window as her sparkling pupils reflected the scenery outside the car.

This was Yeyas first time being able to appreciate the world ever since she first arrived here.

This place was a far cry from the peaceful and beautiful spirit land. There arent any divine beasts that Yeya could play with, but there are many rare things she has never seen before. These things were easily able to attract the attention of young children.

The car arrived at the commercial area forty minutes later. Ye Qinghe helped Yeya out of the car.

Because it was the weekend, the shopping street was crowded with people. It was no surprise that Yeya attracted a lot of peoples attention.

She was born too adorable and lovely. Her facial features are perfect and she looked like a surreal painting while she stood under the bright sun.

Yeya wasnt used to being stared at, so she subconsciously rubbed against Ye Qinghes arm.

Ye Qinghe raised his arm to look at the time on his watch. It was fifteen minutes till ten oclock, so Shen Zhou should be arriving soon…

Just as he was thinking that, a voice could be heard from behind him.

“Ye Qinghe.”

The siblings turned their heads at the same time.

Shen Zhou was still wearing the school uniform, standing not far away from them. The young boys black hair was neatly combed and he was holding a five-year-old boy.

“Classmate Shen Zhou, good morning.” Ye Qinghe held his younger sisters hand and walked over.

Shen Zhous gaze was lowered as he looked over towards them in silence.

Although he was young, he gave off a distant and aloof aura. As a result, both adults and children of the same age rarely get along with him.

But Yeya was not afraid of him. She raised her head and smiled sweetly, “Hello, brother Shen Zhou~” The young girls voice was warm and sweet, like honey.

After greeting Shen Zhou, Yeya turned to the crow pecking at Shen Zhous shoulder and said, “Hello, black raven~”

The black raven stopped what it was doing and its beady scarlet eyes fell straight on the seed…on her head.

Yeya trembled in panic and hurriedly put on the small hat that Ye Qinghe had brought for her. She quickly shielded the seed on her head as she stared at the black raven both nervously.

The black raven glanced at her before it withdrew its gaze contemptuously.

Yeya sighed in relief.

Shen Zhou and Ye Qinghe both thought that she was making things up again, so they didnt pay her much attention.

When Shen Zhou saw that his younger brother was hiding behind him, Shen Zhou gently pushed him forward and said, “You should greet them.”

He lowered his head and shuffled his feet. It took him some time to gather up the courage to raise his head and greet them, “Hello, brother.” He glanced at Yeya and immediately lowered his head, “Hello, sister.”

As soon as he reluctantly greeted them, he hid behind Shen Zhou.

Shen Zhou dragged him gently forward and lectured him sternly, “You have to introduce yourself properly. You cant be rude.”

“My name is Shen Ran.” He wrinkled his brows, his introduction was rather short.

Shen Ran has the same introverted personality as his older brother.

Ye Qinghe didnt stare at him in fear of scaring him away; he merely glanced at him carefully from the corner of his eye. But he immediately looked away when he saw the red birthmark above his left eye.

“Yaya, you also have to properly introduce yourself.” Ye Qinghe gently squeezed Yeyas small hands in reassurance.

She didnt immediately introduce herself, instead, she stared at Shen Rans face curiously.

Shen Ran felt uncomfortable being stared at, so he couldnt help but continuously lower his head.

The system was excited and exclaimed in excitement.

[System: Yaya! He is the future male lead, the target of your mission! From now on, you have to suppress him, bully him and make him hate you. So that he can grow stronger under hardship and develop a strong sense of justice. This will help him develop into an excellent police officer in the future!]

Yeya is the key to the male leads growth.

According to the original plot of the novel, Yeya looked down on Shen Ran. She disliked Shen Ran because he came from a poor family. She began to bully Shen Ran from kindergarten. After every time she bullied him, Xia Qing was the only one to comfort Shen Ran. Due to Yeyas bullying, Shen Rans disgust for Yeya grew exponentially while his love for Xia Qing grew exponentially.

It is without a doubt that without Yeya bullying Shen Ran, the male lead wouldnt have become as bright and outstanding as he turned out to be.

Yeya is an extremely crucial character in the novel and shes related to the downfall of the other characters as well.

From this moment forward, she is the villainess!

[System: Yaer! You must give a super mean self-introduction! You have to shock him from the beginning!!!]

First impressions are very important. Yeya must leave a bad impression in Shen Rans heart!

[System: You can do it, Yaer! Uncle will make the seed on top of your head grow once you are done!]

Make the seed grow…

Yeya grabbed the brim of her hat and trembled with fear as she walked towards him.

But just as she took a step forward, the raven on Shen Zhous shoulder suddenly flapped its wings and circled the sky a few times before landing on Yeyas head.


Yeya completely froze.

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