“Heres the money for our portion.”

Shen Zhou took out thirty dollars in crumpled bills and handed it to Ye Qinghe as soon as he sat down.

Ye Qinghe was taken aback by this. He smiled warmly and waved his hand in refusal, “Its alright. Its my treat.”

“No,” Shen Zhou firmly refused. He stuffed the thirty dollars into Ye Qinghes hand.

Ye Qinghe was surprised by his blatant refusal, but he didnt force the matter anymore.

“RanRan, this is your homework.” Shen Zhou took out a homework workbook from his school bag and placed it in front of Shen Ran.

Shen Ran is assigned to the regular class in school, so the kindergarten teacher would often assign some simple homework for the students to do.

Shen Ran obediently took out a pencil and started working on the problems in the workbook.

While the three of them worked hard on their homework, Yeya crossed her legs and sipped on his drink. Ye Qinghe was worried that she would be bored, so he took out his phone and opened a puzzle game for her to play.

Soft piano music played in the air while the scratching sound of the pen on paper could be heard occasionally as well. Even the short conversation between Shen Zhou and Ye Qinghe could be heard from time to time.

Yeyas short fingers tapped and swiped at the screen. After a short while, she easily completed all the levels.

How boring…

She looked up at Shen Zhou before turning to look at Ye Qinghe/

Im so bored.

[System: Yaya! Shen Ran is studying right now. Why dont you take this opportunity to knock down his confidence by a few notches?]

[System: You have to give him a psychological blow! You have to make him doubt his own IQ!]

Yeya has been studying all week. Although she was a little slow compared to her classmates, her intelligence was more than enough to suppress human children.

Yeya blinked her eyes innocently, put down her phone on the table, and approached Shen Ran.

He was working hard on the math problems in his workbook. Although his handwriting was somewhat childish, it was still very neat. He would definitely have a bright future.

“Big brother, your answer is wrong.” Yeya pointed her finger at one of the questions Shen Ran completed.

Shen Ran paused for a moment and tilted his head in a puzzled manner, “How is it wrong?”

Wasnt ten plus five equal to fifteen?

This was what the teacher taught him.

“Its wrong. Wrong!” Yeya shook her head. She raised her two donut-like fists and then stretched out the five fingers on her left hand.

“Ten plus five is equal to fifty!”


Ye Qinghes grip on his pen loosens, causing the tip to glide across the paper, ruining it.

He and Shen Zhou exchanged a glance, but neither of them spoke up.

Yeya had a serious expression on her face. She put her two hands together and confidently said, “Look! It is equal to fifty.”

Her right hand was balled into a fist while the five fingers on her left hand were stretched out. By putting the two together, it was indeed fifty.

This was how Uncle System taught her how to count and calculate math using her fingers.

She is so smart~

Shes the smartest little leaf in the entire world ~

Shen Ran looked at Yeyas fist and then looked at the number fifteen he wrote neatly in his workbook. He pondered for a few seconds before his eyes brightened up, seeming as if he had just realized something. Shen Ran picked up the eraser to erase his correct answer before writing down the number fifty on it.

“The answer to this question is also wrong.” Yeya pointed at the question above the current one and said, “Eight plus two is equal to four.”

Shen Ran suddenly spoke up and asked, “Why does eight plus two equal four?”

“I read this on a book the other day. Eight is shown like this.” Yeya stretched out her thumb and index finger, which looked similar to a gun. Then, she stretched out two fingers on her right hand.

“See? Four. It is equal to four.”

She was extremely certain of herself; she believed that her calculations were flawless.

Shen Ran scratched his head and silently stared at the problem for a while. He was then successfully swayed by her logical thinking, so he erased his answer and changed it.

“Yaya, you are very smart. When I was younger, I only knew how to do simple calculations like one plus one.” His tone was filled with admiration for her while he praised her.

Yeya patted his head with her small hand and comforted him, “Its alright. Youre still young. When you reach my age, you will be as smart as me.”

Shen Rans brown eyes filled with confusion. He tilted his head and asked, “Yaya, how old are you?” She looked no older than three years old, which was just slightly younger than him.

Yeya puffed up her chest and said, “Im one hundred years old this year!” After a short pause, she proudly said, “Im a mature adult!”

Shen Rans eyes widened in surprise. He had a look of amazement as well as admiration, “Wow——!”

System: […]

Why are you wowing?!!

He clearly wanted the young demon to use her genius IQ to attack the male protagonists self-confidence, so why is he worshiping her?! And where in the world did she learn that math? Is the online teacher even reliable?

The three-year-old child was confidently teaching the five-year-old child math. The two older brothers standing next to them looked at each other before retreating silently.

“Were you the one who taught your sister math?” Shen Zhou lowered his voice and asked.

Ye Qinghes face turned beet red; he was very ashamed, “No…”

He continued, “Yaya hasnt enrolled in kindergarten yet.

Now that he thought about it, it seemed that he should enroll Yaya in school. If this continues, she will be ridiculed by other people.

But he didnt mind if her math didnt improve. Wouldnt it be alright as long as one person from the family excels academically?

Ye Qinghe was relieved by his own thoughts. He looked at Shen Zhou in embarrassment, “It seems that your younger brothers math skills have been led astray. I think you will have to help him correct it when you return. I reckon that it wont be possible for you to correct him right now…” He glanced at the two children.

The two children were happily whispering to each other.

This was the first time that Shen Zhou saw his brother actively getting along with another child so easily. His expression softened at that thought, “Its okay. Ill have him recalculate the questions a few more times when we return.”

Ye Qinghe took a sip of his drink. When he saw that they were almost done with their homework, he wanted to take Yeya to a nearby restaurant to eat. He gently nudged Yeya and asked, “Yeya, what do you want to eat for lunch? Brother will take you to eat at KFC, okay?” All children love to eat there, even Ye Qinghe wasnt an exception.

But how could Yeya know what KFC is? She merely nodded her head obediently.

“Shen Zhou…”

Before Ye Qinghe could even continue, Shen Zhou packed up his books and stood up, “You should go ahead with her. Shen Ran and I will head home to eat.”

Ye Qinghe glanced at the time, “By the time you get home, itll already be around 1-2 PM. Why dont you come with us since youre already here?”

“No need.” Shen Zhou picked up his schoolbag.

Ye Qinghe knew that Shen Zhou was worried about the cost, so he didnt persuade him any further.

Just when the two brothers were about to leave, Yeya tugged at Shen Zhous sleeve.

He looked down and noticed the young girl staring at her with a pair of clear bright eyes.

“Brother Shen Zhou, can you buy a milk drink for Yaya?”

Shen Zhou was surprised by her sudden request. He looked out the shop window and saw that there was a convenience store across from them.

“Okay, Brother Shen Zhou will buy it for you.”

Yaya.” Ye Qinghe awkwardly pulled Yeya away from Shen Zhou and said, “Brother can buy it for you.”

“No.” Yeya shook her head, “I want Brother Shen Zhou to buy it for me.”

Ye Qinghe was about to persuade her when he was interrupted by Shen Zhou, “Its okay. A milk drink doesnt cost a lot.” He let go of Shen Rans hand temporarily and said, “Ill go buy the drink. Help me look after RanRan.” He jogged towards the convenience store with his schoolbag after he finished speaking.

It didnt take long for Shen Zhou to return with the milk drink. He unwrapped the plastic wrap around the pack of milk drinks and gave one each to Yeya and Shen Ran. He forcibly stuffed the remaining two milk drinks into Ye Qinghes school bag.

Yeya drank the milk drink happily.

“Ill be leaving now.” Shen Zhou glanced at Yeya before he held Shen Rans hand again.

Yeya tilted her head and stared at him, “Yeya has to return your kindness with kindness. Since Brother Shen Zhou invited Yeya to a milk drink, then Yaya has to invite Brother Shen Zhou and Brother Shen Ran to lunch.”

How does she know about the concept of returning kindness with kindness?

Both Shen Zhou and Ye Qinghe looked at her incredulously.

Shen Zhou held back his laughter as he asked, “It cost money to invite us to lunch. Does Yaya have any money?”

“I dont.” Yeya touched the empty pocket in her clothes when she suddenly had a bright idea. She looked up at Ye Qinghe and said, “Brother, can I borrow money from you? Ill pay you back once I earn my own money~”

She looked extremely aggrieved and adorable.

Ye Qinghe picked up his school bag and his younger sister. He smiled and said, “Lets go then. Yaya is inviting us to lunch.”

He pinched her cheek. “You have to pay me back once you earn money.”

Yeya earnestly nodded her head.

When she makes a lot of money, she will definitely pay back her brother!

Shes a little leaf that always keeps her promises~


This is the milk drink (aka wahaha) that Shen Zhou bought for the two kids. It usually comes in a pack like the image below.

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