The KFC restaurant was only a block away from the drink shop. Shen Zhou unlocked his pink electric motorbike and pushed it beside them.

The color of his motorbike was gaudy and bright. There was even a little Pepa pig image printed on the rear. The pink motorbike contrasted oddly with Shen Zhous cold and indifferent expression.

“Your ride… is quite unique.” Ye Qinghe struggled to find a suitable way to describe the motorbike in front of him.

Shen Zhou glanced at his motorbike and said, “I won it in a lottery.”

“Eh?” Ye Qinghes eyes widened in surprise before he sighed in disbelief, “You sure are lucky…”

He had participated in various lotteries before. For example, at his fathers annual business meeting, shopping mall events, and playground events. But each time he won nothing without fail. Even in events with high win rates, he won nothing.

Ye Qinghe couldnt help but become slightly envious, “Thats really nice. I wish I could also win a prize from a lottery.”

Shen Zhou had been dubbed as the “God of Bad Luck” since he was a child.

He had always missed the bus and when he did arrive early, the bus would never arrive. When he ate instant noodles, it would always come without seasoning packets and when he go out without an umbrella, it would rain. When he took exams, he would always get tested on the topics he didnt memorize and when he didnt review his homework, he would be the first to be called up by the teacher to answer. In addition, he would bring bad luck to those around him, so no one was willing to be his friend. He had never been praised for being lucky.

This was the first time that someone was envious of him for winning the lottery.

It was such a refreshing feeling.

Shen Zhou subconsciously straightened his back and his voice carried some pride, “Im only occasionally lucky.”

Ye Qinghe didnt respond, he merely looked at the motorbike enviously.

The rays from the sun were getting stronger, yet Yeya took off her hat and hung it around her neck. She walked very slowly due to her short legs and because she was distracted by the various guardian spirits she passed by.

When they were merely a few steps away from their destination, Yeya suddenly stopped walking.

“Yaya?” Ye Qinghe looked at her in confusion.

Yeya raised her head, “Yayas legs said it doesnt want to walk anymore.”

“Then do you want me to hold you?”

Ye Qinghe was about to bend over to hold her when Yeya pushed him away, “I want to ride on Brother Shen Zhous motorbike.”

When she looked at the pink electric motorbike, her eyes immediately lit up.

Ye Qinghe pursed his lips, but before he could even speak, Shen Zhou picked her up and put her on the back seat of the motorbike. Shen Ran also wanted to ride the motorbike, so Shen Zhou picked him up as well and placed him behind Yeya.

Ye Qinghe was worried that the two children would fall, so he hurried and stretched out his hand to protect them.

The restaurant was crowded when they arrived. Ye Qinghe went ahead to order the food, leaving Shen Zhou to take care of the two children.

Yeya sat across from Shen Ran and was busy playing with the toys on the table.

Ye Qinghe had helped her tie her pigtails this morning, but they werent tied very neatly. One pigtail was higher than the other and pieces of her baby hair were sticking up.

Shen Zhou had obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), so the more he looked at her hair, the more uncomfortable he felt. Finally, he waved at Yeya, “Come here.”

Yeya was confused but she jumped off the chair and walked toward him.

Shen Zhou took off the cute hair clips on her head, then carefully and gently re-tired her hair.

The children of poor families learn how to manage the household early.

He started doing housework and learned how to mend clothes when he was five years old. His mother was mentally impaired, and while she was alive, he would comb her hair. As a result, he was able to do these kinds of things with ease.

The young girls hair was very soft, so it would slip from his finger from time to time. He skillfully tied up two neat and beautiful pigtails in less than a minute.

Shen Zhou adjusted the hair clips on her hair before he patted her small head contentedly, “Im done.”

The small seed on top of her head was accidentally squashed by his palm. It took a while for it to slowly perk back up. The small seed seemed somewhat unhappy by that as it swayed quickly from side to side. It seemed as if it was scolding Shen Zhou.

“Thank you, Brother Shen Zhou.” Yeya touched the small seed on her head, “But you squashed my seed.”

Shen Zhou was surprised by her response and he quickly looked down at her head.

There was nothing there.

He pause for a moment before he sincerely apologized, “Im sorry. I will be more careful when I tie your hair next time.”

“Its alright.” Yeya dangled her two short legs over the chair. She smiled at her, flashing him her dimples, “Yaya likes it when Brother Shen Zhou pat Yayas head.”

Brother Shen Zhou is a good person, so she wants him to be lucky.

Shen Ran stared at Yeyas face for a while before he summoned up the courage to ask, “Can I touch Yayas head too?”

Yeya pondered seriously about the question and then shook her head, “No, you cant.”

Shen Ran was disappointed by her response.

Yeya spoke in a firm tone, “You will mess up the braids that Brother Shen Zhou tied for me. It wont look cute anymore if you mess it up.”

She fondly touched her pigtails; she loved them a lot.

Shen Ran froze when Yeya refused to let him pat her because he thought she hated him. But once he heard her explanation, he relaxed and said, “Thats okay. My brother will re-tie it for you.”

“No.” Yeya shook her head. Her expression was serious when she said, “My current braids will be sad~”

Shen Zhou had been listening in on their conversation but when he heard those words, he couldnt help but chuckle.

Just then, Ye Qinghe arrived with the meal they ordered. He put down Shen Zhous serving in front of him, “I dont know what you like to eat, so I ordered the same thing for you.”

He ordered two family buckets and two sets of childrens meals. It was more than enough for the four children.

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