This was exactly like the story of that her mommy told her.

Yeya found the experience to be quite novel and continued to paint enthusiastically.

While Yeya was painting, the teacher began to instill the basic skills of painting directly into Yeyas mind to develop her brain functions. This allows her to learn the required knowledge in the shortest amount of time. However, this type of education is only suitable for non-human beings.

Yeya wasnt satisfied even after the three-hour hobby class ended. When she returned, she opened her drawer to find crayons and paper and continued to draw.

This was the first time the system saw Yeya working so hard, so he couldnt help but look at what she was drawing.

Yeya used various crayon colors to carefully draw on the white paper.

[What is Yaer drawing?]

“Daddy and mommy.” Yeya bit the tip of the crayon and said, “And Uncle System.”

The system was very happy. He only exists in the subconscious mind of his host. He has neither a physical nor a virtual body.

The system was very curious as to how Yeya viewed himself, so he watched Yeya draw quietly.

A red exotic flower took up two-thirds of the space on the paper.

The red flower has five petals and the flower is shaped like a growth ring of a tree. The petals of the flower were spread open and had a unique shape to them, but despite it all, the flower still looked delicate and beautiful. After she drew the flower, Yeya painted a small four-leaf clover next to the red flower…

Yeya looked at the drawing and nodded her head happily.

“This is my mom.” Yeya pointed at the big red flower, and then she pointed to the small four-leaf clover at the side and said, “This is my dad.”

Then, she pointed at the smartwatch floating in the sky, “This is uncle.”

System: […]

He looks like a watch.

[Wheres Yaer in the drawing?]

“Yaya…” Yeya pondered for a moment and said, “Yaya is not there.”

[Why isnt Yaya there?]

“Because Yaya has left her daddy and mommy.” Her cheerful voice suddenly softened, “Yaya doesnt have daddy and mommy anymore.”

Her voice sounded childish, yet her words displayed how much she has grown. Although she didnt appear to be sad, at the same time, she seemed sad to the point that she didnt know what it feels like to be sad.

The sunlight from the balcony lit up the young girls porcelain-like face and her clear and bright pupils.

The system was unable to express what it felt, but he knew… this was all too cruel for a young cub like Yeya.

Before she came here, she didnt even know how to walk properly. But now, she has to learn about everything including math, the human language, and human society.

[Yaer.] The system called her name, [If Yaer doesnt like attending online classes, then you dont have to, okay?]

It only cost 5,000 points. He can earn it all back at the end of the year during the performance review. His old program can still bed used and as for upgrades, he will just have to wait a little longer.

“No, I dont want to.” Yeya shook her head as she continued drawing, “I want to study. I like studying the most.”

She has to study hard.

She has to grow up quickly so she can go find her daddy and mommy.

The system merely sighed in response.


Ye Qinghe returned home from school in the afternoon.

He deleted the surveillance footage of Yeya and instructed the nanny and servants to keep Yeyas existence a secret. Then, he packed Yeyas things and carried her to Ye Ziyus room.

This is Yeyas first time in her second brothers room. Ye Ziyus room was extremely large, warmly decorated with toys scattered all over the floor.

Yeya held Ye Qinghes hand tightly. After she looked around the room curiously before she looked up at him,Big brother?”

Ye Qinghe crouched down and fiddled with a few strands of her loose hair, “Yaya, can you sleep with your second brother today?”

He wasnt sure what time his father would return tomorrow, so it would be best to settle Yeya in advance. Although he would have to wrong Yeya, it was better than having her father kick Yeya out of the house.

Yeya squeezed the Japanese-style emoticon figurine, turned her head to look at Ye Qinghe, and asked in a low voice, “Is it only for today?”

“If were lucky, then Yeya can come out tomorrow.” He had to test his fathers attitude towards Yeya first, and then slowly soften him up so that he will have time to accept Yeya.

“Okay.” Yeya nodded, “Ill be good and listen to you.”

Ye Qinghe breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that she didnt throw a tantrum.

“Qinghe.” The housekeeper knocked on the door, “Your father is on the phone.”

Ye Qinghes heart thumped against his chest. He turned around and left the room to answer the phone.

The room fell into silence.

Ye Ziyu sat at his desk while glaring at her fiercely.

Yeyas eyelashes trembled. After she pondered for a moment, she walked toward him and offered the figurine to him, “You can play with this.”

The small toy was given to Yeya by Shen Zhou yesterday. But Ye Ziyu would never hold any interest in a cheap toy like that.

He grabbed it and threw it on the ground. Then, he got up and stomped on it.

Yeya took a few steps back as her eyes widened in disbelief.

“You broke my toy…” Yeya frowned and complained aggrievedly, “Youll hurt the toy if you step on it.”

“Then Ill continue stepping on it!”

Ye Ziyu was in a bad mood because he had to study, so he let out all his pent-up frustration on the toy. He continued stomping on it until the toy was in pieces. Afterward, he turned around and went back to his desk to work on the homework left by the tutor.

Yeya stood behind him, with the broke toy at her feet.

She stared at the toy until she realized that the toy was beyond saving. She was extremely upset; Yeya pursed her lips, took a deep breath, and shouted at him “I-Im angry!”

The young girl was very angry, so much so that even the baby hair on her head stood upright.

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