The homework was halfway finished when he heard a hurried knock on the door. Before Ye Ziyu could turn around, he saw his brother rushing in in a hurry.

He panted slightly, and didnt even look at the mess on the ground. When he entered the door, he grabbed Ye Ya, “Dad will be back in five minutes.”

Ye Ziyu was startled, “Didnt he say he will return tomorrow?”

“The assistant said that his work was completed in advance, so he is coming back early.” Ye Qinghe opened the door of the secret room, took her over, and put her inside, “Yaya, do you want to play peekaboo with your brother? You cant come out until I come to you.”

What is peekaboo?

Ye Ya looked at him blankly. Facing those nervous eyes, she nodded lightly.

Ye Qinghe touched her head, turned on the light in the secret room for her, and then closed the door firmly.

“Ziyu, lets go.” Ye Qinghe stretched out his hand to his younger brother.

He stared at the unfinished homework on the table and did not move.

Then, he lowered his eyes in disappointment and walked out of the room holding his brothers hand.

There was no other way. When his father asked, he would say it was all torn up.

In fact, even if he actually finished all his work, there was no guarantee that Father would bring him out…

He had been used to adults breaking their promises.


After the two left, the world calmed down.

Ye Ya stood at the door of the secret room, patting the heavy door with her little hand, “Brother?” She yelled tentatively.

——No response.

The corners of Ye Yas mouth drooped, and she turned her head cautiously to look behind him.

The small secret room was completely sealed.

There was a slide bed in the middle, next to which were books, toys and photo albums.

Ye Ya bit her lip and slowly stretched out her little feet to step down the ladder.

She knew that she shouldnt touch other peoples things. After playing on the slide for a while, Ye Ya gently opened the door and carefully poked out her small head.

No one was there. Safety confirmed.

Ye Ya walked out, pulled aside the chair, and climbed onto the desk.

There was the homework that Ye Ziyu hadnt finished copying on the table. She counted it carefully; there were only three language problems left.

Ye Ya picked up the pen and copied it carefully, answering the question from the beginning.

There were ten arithmetic problems, all of which are very simple one-digit addition and subtraction. These were easy for Little Leaf. She finished the problems in an instant and turned to the second page.

Hoeing millet in the midday heat, ()

Ye Ya wrote down the answer in the blanks: Sweat dripping onto the earth beneath.

() Till I hear birds twittering everywhere.

“Spring morning arrives unnoticed in my slumber…” Ye Ya held a pen and wrote the poem neatly while reading it outloud.

There is still one question left.

Mans nature at birth, ()

“Mans nature at birth… mans nature at birth.” Ye Ya bit the tip of the pen and thought for a long time, then with a flash of inspiration, she wrote the words——

Mans nature at birth is evil.

Mister System said that mans nature at birth is evil, so she had to be a bad baby from when she was still young!

After finishing the homework, Ye Ya closed the notebook and hid back in the secret room again.

Just as she entered the secret room, Ye Ziyu stepped inside his room.

The little boy had his head lowered, looking at the ground. He didnt seem to have much energy. He picked up his homework notebook and returned downstairs again.

The huge living room was silent. The man sitting on the sofa had hair as black as ink. His eyebrows were harsh, and his aura pressuring, making the air dull and cold.

Ye Qinghe stood straight in front of him, without a smile on his face. His entire person looked very nervous and serious.

Ye Linchuan turned the exam paper blankly, took out the black fountain pen, unscrewed the cap with one hand, and dropped a vigorous signature on it.

“It looks like youve worked hard while I was away.” Ye Linchuan handed over the paper, “You guys can go out with Assistant Liu this Saturday, and tell him to get you what you want.”

“Thank you, Father.” Ye Qinghe took the paper and retreated quietly to the side.


Ye Ziyu raised his head and met Ye Linchuans gaze.

He was naturally cool and thin, and he was always cold to people. Even as he looked at his son, he didnt show much warmth.

Ye Ziyu clenched his lower lip, squeezed his homework book nervously, and moved to him step by step.

A smile appeared on Ye Linchuans lips, and he rubbed his big hand on his head fiercely, “Why are you so nervous? Father wont eat you.” The mans low tone relaxed a lot, and he looked at the homework notebook in his hand and suddenly realized, “You didnt finish your homework?”

Ye Ziyu lowered his head and did not speak.

“Let me see.” Ye Linchuan pulled the homework book over.

Ye Ziyus scalp was numb, and a sense of impatience sprang from the soles of his feet. He was short of breath and his pupils tightened; he tried his best not to scream. In order to suppress this anxiety, Ye Ziyu raised his hand to his mouth and bit his finger.

“Its okay, Father wont yell at you.” Ye Linchuan took his hand out of his mouth and brought his youngest son into his arms, “Let me look at it, alright?”

Ye Ziyus eyes were red, and he hummed softly.

In silence, Ye Linchuan opened his homework book.

Ye Ziyus throat and eyes were aching nervously, but when he saw the content on this page, he froze.

His work was finished.

Every question is finished.

Is it possible… that Ye Ya did it?

Ye Ziyu was speechless in shock.

As time passed, Ye Linchuans eyebrows lowered, his gaze stayed on the last question. His eyes sank, then he closed his homework book, raised his head and patted him encouragingly on the shoulder, “Ziyu is doing very well.”

Ye Ziyu picked up the book and left blankly.

“Qinghe, come to the study room.” Ye Linchuan got up, and his tall figure instantly enveloped Ye Qinghe.

Ye Qinghe didnt speak, and followed Ye Linchuan obediently.

They arrived at the study.

Ye Linchuans deep gaze fell straight on Ye Qinghe, “During my absence, did someone come to our house?”

Ye Qinghes shoulders shook, and a cold sweat suddenly burst out.

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