Evil, Vicious, and Merciless

This was an abandoned area compared to the bustling and prosperous city.

The narrow alleyway was covered in dirt and littered with trash all over the floor. It stank all year round. Except for mosquitoes, the occasional stray cats and dogs, only a few people would come thru here now and then.

The night sky was dark and dense when out of nowhere, a small arm slowly reached out from the trash can. Followed by a childs short pair of legs and torso could be seen, as the child tried to crawl out from the trash can. Because the childs hands werent holding the rim of the trash can steadily, the child fell straight to the ground.

The white hospital gown that she wore had already been stained and wrinkled. The gown stuck to her skin like an old worn-out rag. The little dumpling was barefooted. Only a pair of bright, intelligent eyes stood out from her dusty dirt-stained face.

Yeya was dazed and confused as she rubbed her eyes. Her eyes widened when she realised that she had a human body. She wiggled her toes and pinched her cheeks, acting as if she had just discovered a new continent. As she tilted her head, she saw that there was a bunch of weeds growing in the corner of the wall.

Yeyas eyes lit up as she crawled towards the weeds on her limbs. She lowered her head and asked politely, “Hello, may I ask if you know where this place is?”

The weeds swayed in the direction of the wind and rumbled.


“…I dont understand what youre saying.” Yeya pursed her lips and asked, “Do you know the universal language for demons?”

The weeds rumbled for a while. Theyre rumbling translated to: Little demon, get lost! Dont bother me.

——Due to the desolate and cold environment, even the wildflowers and weeds that grew there were unfriendly.

No one bothered to spare a glance at her as the day progressed. Yeya wrapped her arms around her knees and shrank towards the corner shivering.

It was very dark; the moon and stars couldnt be seen. It seemed as if a dark cloth was covering the sky. She couldnt feel any familiar spiritual energy around and even the grass that grew here spoke in unfamiliar dialects. It was strange and scary.

Yeya pursed her lips.

She just turned 100 years old this year. But she was still a little demon of the Plants Clan. Since she didnt have a physical body, she had to be accompanied and cared for by her parents every day as she absorbed sunlight.

She didnt know what exactly happened, but she remembered that when she woke up today, bright rays of red light filled the sky. The divine fire wreck havoc through the land, transforming the once beautiful spirit land into hell. Her father tried to protect them but was swallowed up by the fire.

Her mother hugged her and her last words to her were, “Yeya, you have to live on…”

“Mommy…”  Yeya was so sad that she couldnt control her tears from overflowing. Droplets of tears continuously fell from the corner of her eyes. When a drop of her tears hit the ground, a delicate four-leaf clover slowly grew from one of the cracks. The green four-leaf clover was the only vibrant colour in this dull and dilapidated environment.

[Host Yeya has activated the system. System 01 is at your service.]

The sudden icy voice caused Yeya to stop crying immediately. Her eyes widened in surprise as she scanned her surrounding for the source.

[Host, please familiarize yourself with the plot and complete the given tasks. Current mission progress: 0%]

The mechanical voice sounded emotionless.

The moment the system finished speaking, a transparent panel appeared in front of her eyes. The panel was filled with small and unfamiliar characters. Yeya couldnt read or understand anything because she was a little monster that havent even reached the age to attend preschool yet.

It was chilly at night and the cold breeze made the wounds on her body sting painfully.

Yeya was teary-eyed and her voice trembled as she asked, “Uncle, do you… do you know where my parents are? Can you send me back to the spirit land?”


Yeya held her breath as she carefully asked, “Then my parents…”

The system responded coldly: [Dead.]

Yeya burst into tears after she processed what the system had just said.

[Why are you crying? Calm down. Youre a 100-year-old adult, so act a little more mature and stop crying.]

[Why cant you act more like your mother? When I worked with your mother, she had never wailed and sobbed like this.]

[Stop crying. Youll attract the people who are coming after you if you keep crying like this.]

The systems consolation didnt work instead, it made her cry even more mournfully. She finally lost her strength after crying for a long time. Yaya leaned against the wall gently as she sobbed about wanting to find her mother and father. She looked extremely pitiful.

The system realized that his method was wrong. In the past, he had only worked with adults, so the system had never encountered an obstacle like this. This time, it was different. Although Yeya was 100 years old, she is still a young baby who needs to be taken care of by her parents in the spirit land.

Realizing this, the system immediately changed his approach. The system changed his character settings into a gentle and kind uncle character and even changed his way of speaking.

[Little one, dont cry.]

The gentle and tender voice resounded in her head. Yeyas tear-stained eyelashes trembled and she stopped crying.

[If you want to save your parents and clan members, you have to listen to me.]

Yeya carelessly wiped her tears away. She didnt fall for his words, “But mom told me that I cant talk to strangers~”

System: […]

“Youre a weird uncle. I wont talk to you anymore. Ill go find my mom and dad by myself.” Yeya dusted her bottom, getting ready to stand up. She propped herself up with her hands on her wall. She looked at her small feet and gingerly took a step forward.

The system was momentarily depressed.

Thats alright, he has other character settings!

[Younger sister Yeya.] To get closer to Yeya, the system changed his setting to a child character who was about the same age as her. Even his voice became much gentler, [Listen to me. The divine fire has destroyed the boundary of time. The three spirit land located in the boundary of time have been destroyed, including your physical body.]

Yeya stopped walking.

[Your mother, as well as the three thousand members of the Plant Clan, exhausted their cultivation to save a wisp of your soul and send it into this body. As long as you follow the life path of the body youre currently possessing, you can return to your parents. I can also grant you four wishes.]

The systems voice turned serious, [You have to think carefully about it. You are the only remaining hope for your entire clan.]

Yeya tilted her head, her voice was filled with confusion and a hint of the doubt when she asked, “I can make any wish?”

[Thats correct. I can grant any wish you want.]

Yeya lowered her head and looked at her unfamiliar body. Memories of her relationship with her parents and clansmen slowly emerged filling her mind.

Her mother was a corpse1 flower. She was usually fierce but was always gentle and patient with her. Her father was a four-leaf clover, just like her. To help her grow up faster, her father gave her all the nutrition.

And her friends, they were all good people…

Yeyas eyes gradually became more determined. She nodded her head vigorously and said, “I want to save my mom and dad!” She quickly asked, “Big brother, what should I do?”

What should you do?

Naturally, you need to viciously and mercilessly suppress the male lead and bully the female lead until their relationship becomes more solid than gold. Once that happens, the vicious villainess can just take a back seat.


Yeya was currently too young. It was too early to tell her all of that.

[Yeya, the world you currently live in is a novel. And your body is a cloned version of the villainess in the novel. Because the original villainess died in the experiment, you have to replace her and follow the script till the end. Do you understand?]

Yeya was lost in thought.

The system sighed softly. He had gone through many hardships and worked with many people who transmigrated into a novel. But this time, it will be the most difficult one. After all, no one could have imagined that such an important female supporting character would die at three and a half years old!

The system recalled the plot of the female supporting character Yeya possessed.

In this novel, Yeya was sent to the cloning base by her father to be secretly destroyed not long after she was cloned. But the doctor in charge of her transportation had evil intentions. Instead of taking her to the cloning base and destroying her, he took her to an underground research institute and used her as an experiment.

After two years of torture, Yeya escaped from the facility and was discovered by the female lead who happened to pass by.

The female lead, Xia Qing, was kind, intelligent, and came from a wealthy family. When she saw Yeyas pitiful appearance, she asked her parents to adopt Yeya. Because Yeya was a human clone, she had an innate advantage. Xia Qings parents appreciated Yeyas intelligence. As a result, they ignored Xia Qing to focus on raising and cultivating Yeya.

Even though she received numerous rewards and compliments, Yeya still wasnt satisfied. The complications of being a clone had always affected her. She hated the healthy and beautiful Xia Qing, which caused her to vent all her frustration and resentment on Xia Qing. She was destined to be born with a vicious personality. After committing countless bad deeds, she died alone at the tender age of eighteen…

After re-reading the plot, the system wasnt sure whether the little four-leaf clover, Yeya, can complete the task. But now that things have come to this, there was nothing else that can be done.

[Its alright if you dont understand. You just need to do as I say.]

Yeya nodded her head obediently.

[Head towards the intersection now. You have to run straight into the road when you see the third car come up.]

Yeya nodded her head again and stumbled out of the alley.

The world beyond the alleyway was bright due to the numerous lights. Even though it was late, it was prosperous and bustling with activity. The sound of car honking combined with the roadside music made it both noisy and lively.

This place was completely different from the place where Yeya lived. The unfamiliar scenery was intimidating. The tall buildings looked like a monster with an open mouth, threatening to devour her.

Yeya timidly took a step back in fear.

No, she cant be afraid!

Yeya pursed her lips. She wanted to save her parents and all the monsters in the spirit land. She wants to return home!

Yeya took a deep breath and gathered all her courage to rush into the road. But just as she was about to rush out, she suddenly stopped and asked awkwardly, “Big brother, what is a car?”

Yeya lived in the spirit land, so she knew nothing about modern life.

[…the thing with the wheels and makes a rumbling sound as it speeds through the road.]

Yeya stared at the cars and started to count carefully. One, two, and as soon as the third black car appeared, she rushed towards it.

Her body was nimble as a young bull.


The systems electric wave trembled as he hurriedly called after her, [Wait! Stop…]

But before the system can finish shouting, Yeya collided head-on with a black bicycle that was passing by.

Bang! The two people as well as the bicycle lay sprawled out on the curb. The black car that the Xia family were in gracefully sped by and disappeared into the traffic.

Looking at the car disappearing into the distance, the system could no longer hold back——


For the first time, the heartless and mission-oriented system began to doubt itself.

Yeyas knee hit against the hard stone floor. She was in a lot of pain and tears filled up her eyes as she held up her knee to check the injury. Fortunately, she only scratched the outer layer of her skin, so her knee wasnt bleeding. Her mother hold her that a monsters blood was very precious, so she mustnt get hurt. Yeya was relieved. She reached out her hand and patted herself lightly on the head.

In the past, every time a mischievous bee bumped against her on purpose, her father would gently pat her branches and leaves just like that. Now that her father was not here, she can only coax herself.

Yeya stood up and she brushed herself.

There were several books scattered all over the floor. The person she bumped into must have been dropped them.

She picked up the books one by one and then politely offered the books to the other party, “Here you go.” The young girls voice was gentle and sweet.

The young boy standing in the shadow wore a loosely fit school unicorn. Her body was thin like bamboo, his facial features were young yet delicate. But what stood out was his eyes. He had a pair of icy dull eyes, which gave off a gloomy aura.

He stared silently at her.

Yeyas hand trembled at the sight, causing her to drop the books she had just picked up.


1 Corpse Flower: A carnivorous plant that mainly eats insects. It earned its namethe Corpse Flower because it smells like rotten flesh when it blooms. It also literally translates toman-eating flower from CN to EN.

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